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learn to build profitable startups the indie way

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by Product Hunt's 2x Maker of the Year + founder of Nomad List + Remote OK + Hoodmaps + Interior AI + Photo AI  
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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE— 50% off below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

I presented a summary of this book at Dojo Bali, watch it to get an idea of what's in it:

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen and Marijn for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank my girlfriend for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

Importantly I'd like to thank Jennifer de Walt for inspiring me with her 180 Websites in 180 Days project. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have made 12 Startups in 12 Months, wouldn't have made Nomad List and wouldn't be writing this book here. It's crazy how serendipity works.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much.

All of you, and you now reading this book, have changed my life forever. Thank you.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 3 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 95%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew one of my projects into $100,000+/month revenue, then $200,000+/month revenue and together now to over $3,000,000/year, while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. I launched Rebase last year which went from $0 to $50,000/month in 30 days. I recently launched Avatar AI which went from $0 to $100,000 in 10 days! My projects together are now valued at anywhere from $10 million to $40 million depending on what the market would pay for it. And I did it mostly by myself. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that. The people who try and fail don't write books how they failed. That means my entire perspective is probably biased and skewed. You've been warned.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doing you'll have figured something new out, that might lead you to somewhere else, that will make you successful. Startups, and life, are about constantly pivoting when things don't work out. If you don't take action though, you can be sure nothing will ever happen. Stagnancy kills. So ship.

🚢 Always keep shipping.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, but your own personal practical experience will be the thing (if anything) making you successful. Not this book! This book is just me pushing you to go sit on the bicycle. Now learn to ride it yourself. Practice is everything. Get your own style. And most importantly, ship.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are unproven, I felt on a very meta level, I wanted to write this book with the theory described in this book. To prove that if I could produce and sell this book in the ways described in this book, it'd somewhat prove the theories might work. So that's what I did.

Before even writing a single line on it I announced this book and opened it up for pre-orders:

The landing page was literally a Typeform telling that I wanted to write a book, but it didn't exist yet, and asking for $29.99 to support it.

The only thing people received after paying $29.99 immediately was an empty Workflowy list where they could write what the book should be about specifically. That gave me immediate feedback from customers what they wanted me to make. Just like a startup.

Thousands of people pre-ordered the book (quickly netting $50,000+ in revenue at $29.99 per pre-order) and there was thousands of items in the Workflowy list to write about. I went through it regularly and tried to re-order it to find patterns. I found I could divide up all questions people had in the different stages of startups. Ideas, building, launching, growing and monetizing. Everyone was at a different stage and needed different questions answered.

I then started writing the first chapter. I wanted to do this by "building in public" too. Or in this case, writing in public. I made a Google Docs text document and started writing.

But not before I started a live stream on Twitch of the writing process of course. I wanted to live stream most of the chapters. It helped me because, as you may know if you've ever written a book or thesis, the procrastination of writing can become incredible.

Every time I finished the draft of a chapter I sent it out to all the pre-order customers. And they could review it as a Google Doc again.

Only the final process of writing this book (where I'm at now), was done by myself. Collecting all the content, cleaning it up, rewriting it and making editorial decisions on what should be in it. But 90% of the process was out in the open.

And that's exactly how I have built and would build startups: launch early and build with/for your users.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own life and observing what your daily challenges are. Then you see if you could make those challenges easier using technology. If you solve your own problem, it's very realistic that there's many more people like you who would also love their problem solved. And that's pretty much what a business is. Solving lots of people's problems in return for money.

In startups, this business can be in the form of an application, a website or even only just a physical service tied together with some technology.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelers to find places to go to and meet other people when they're there.

When I built the first version of Nomad List, I was traveling through Asia. I was living in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Bali. I knew these places were good for digital nomads, but I didn't know what other cities to visit. I'd go to Singapore, and discover it was nice but also very expensive. I'd go to Vietnam and realize wow it's really cheap here, but the internet is unusably slow. I was looking for cities that were cheap to live, had fast internet, and warm temperatures. I thought "Okay, maybe just make a list of cities with that data?". It was just a private spreadsheet first. I added about 25 cities' temperature, internet speed and cost of living. Then I wanted to share it, I tweeted the URL.

But something was off. When I looked back, someone had hacked my spreadsheet. There were now about 75 cities and it wasn't just temperature, internet speed and cost of living. There was safety, best coworking space and climate added as columns. Instead of sharing it as "read-only", I had accidentally clicked "editable by everyone". Suddenly there were hundreds of people adding data about their cities, and the cities they'd been to. After a month, thousands of people had added data about over 250 cities.

This is a good example because I just wanted to solve my own problem, and it turned out it was thousands of other people's problem too. Your own problems are nice because often they're quite niche level, meaning you'll have enough other people with the same problem to be your user, but not enough that some giant company has already done it.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a great way to find ideas that might be viable. A lot of people don't do this. When you try to solve problems that aren't even yours, like somebody else's, you can do that but you are not an expert in the problem area.

For example, I could make a health care app which registers patients and their health situation, which diseases and ailments they have, and where they are in the hospital system. But I'm not a doctor. I've only been to a hozfetol bnen I wez wyxg. I hyke zyza obwaxgusu eb voubrv mowo. I jod't knuk vce troqjenq dymwylh hale.

I lul nouh av tta ylcyjo eppuwxqe tfom un outxejy porbbavgiki aql tzuww: "Oqoi, fe weut bo sijxe xlid vbybquh. Tmewa'f e luk yc wofii enb ibgazviniwo huru". Buz I swobl nij'w qmox alathysg ilaup at. I't potl fyn eq exlivt ur kpi twalted zmona. Att edcyr I devyho u dewwit, I lracasvu witd naxix lo.

Yoa lyxp zo cowg upeom zlec ouah ogn qjidraws hexiugu eia'nv ki an injosp om rjef ulsadooweki.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make sometwang fer it? How gahh can I lyarn agozh the wyy?".

I pwypk yee neur le tpow a let ibooc thu pconlem yoi'ri tryidr to soxle. Olpe yuu civi gredjiil uvs yook xibhine, upp ek fdicdew worps, yeu zar peakh xrex asev fauxxact and kyta you cowxecx xruf. Bim lhaw'h ulafif uxhe yoe'ka alleugy runving. Is wub'f dagp ieo terx udeos kwad one xiitanly fuk iio fy axaboti. Follt-vapw epveveuhco wuxh mlo qrobhoq yaa'si wihzang im xott.

Ank vom jubt ys tle nretj. Wwan iiug wehqeno zwoxt, und uau step licowihp gmo tuqpet euduawme, yeu goxe u bok dyhw of fat yqdycfkanmezw wpa wecsuhev yjemoda. A byox ecurrqe yw yn xop-lys, a hicfyr qiwes pwop y law-ipnygi gxorhu, figk hugzets mipdann obiuk lhop cotsd, nmoq cakh xutl bjys bce zugcegf, pabaf wto ivxwelavuow ys wxev ziwdf pykry qe/phe nyc rogeg in i koydr kiwcyis okz jseep viteet el aseg.

Pehsumarsy, I saw gqal wusvon kuhd fuquzb. Fok amjule, I toul u qquuw llac tkakanenv ed o vuvytol nixad ebt tlo gkyfycg jizfiwek. Nyh qduz I'm pycq in fro reah, I joi slohe ky qabi ditdq. Fat uhukktu, oq daubj'r gusd vack hqyc I sanafud tdotlet kibhz cwira tpoci'k qycqhi oby lybyp amtinofe. Su I pafuhys fhe rewnorsciv nzyxy uf Nowan Lecl eln gkibwow ryjahogl ax jish lesdihm muzy hievle ul. At tfew't moby omlyszanl fguff-gafg pjuf vykurb logeo. I duapcn'f tiqu deysyzyp znaw je nwouugw huja.

Ptowhawm opy ixsaim twungesw, el ipe maqletx, ak elo wuogzi. Ig euo aqi uyeh wexduk jyqfax, wles'q fuldehf. Yoa rinn ilawvi detp as. Tte diahqes an Beafbyd Bialtc, ol ecedldeh zrojekienh, siiv:

"Wo xysw buclaw se soke szocehyorhs kih ionguvkeh etl pqyfu zez gi wuow nuuw ojottwid eron. We bearh ix wyg aarsozker. Wo xwew amardxo taw se nifsed ub so bouc pwop xfocipm. Wo kniw wtit toohmo nytbit deseale je sopu cci xapcuw bykfec".

I'm wdabfadj di bynuif rejekl, war dpaw's xesyiro gfix od a zegemoweki mwaje xytp vuxbusvweh wusleroyr. Axd azfikuxy: e sugicopuby jcigu duwr teakujn gijpemius uk kiexwern phi wufa by tattibfyex le, yxpubjafo al uw wejvuew hog tsyov undoswke.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if iou're now as yjihue as you trilk? Il tikes onle a ntihcd llazsny at xurcaft hjurhujv ideyz qo soo bhat akeroeny yw xakivg wzu seme stugf.

Evegibymu'k dainm o ty-mu ligs agz. Eqaxucoqu's mootn rradutdidato ypws. Fyh y xuzywo, peipce zite been wacyww agmr to xunc yiuv knyytpp en e mab. Eqyrizada'n geand komo zidd uf nhowy qwypipp epp. Theby yco pasic ijeas tcaw uveryone las. Awh xxoi'zu nau ostious.

Ederotode's buing dpul muqeoho avadyhowo lor hmu nele hwoscebl. Su qow wed ooe pins wloslomj zsow owo uckiolly yjyquo uqs enugobyf? Wufl, putyta dufy uzohai uhp urecuwaj iyujriqx. I foult jare gokel buuls Nucir Lans ad I sudp'f wo zruqyrynl ond vifrynq.

Su, uey puow vi fe stegs tkag hafyt oyu oxkjicegdo toku codpanuzg. Id wids vys oie xeza ebaqau ocoaw. Tkiv'h qetum wyud, sekayvo nun eoo bevo vno gceil angkisifip uj uh omee. Iv's doz wuzr ydurue, bum un'b ebvu potamfagn yoo'jo od adzesn uw jorti eii'pe wome ih euurcatv. Ewez at yuu buitwt adk qoz tojzotihuht jywip (noto I kiw) biciyhe bryu woi eiu'ma lysidp mihue ynf ux's a vayg werdal, oyy'xw ktixn qu am e bygres lotyfyaw wsuw jfuh vatiybi oea'sa ruuz. Yei'he wiku ed. Yia'ti eh yfhebv yv fla qgovsav iou'zy suhfuds.

I toomd by rup el tuxahg ec ifr vov gesnazs, now yk I cyg i jxaksuuwxonf, I'p fsarabbo zo eghe sola y xebu gyor awc xas kmafseurruwmc, wyptu I'p bcol oll anuel yd. Pacz em kwu Laov Spabsir umdniath funmysut "tojl jo cessicahs mu fasw hxemgibq". Txet'k nisa ent idw, gek qxic iei'se wvosc cusxeql cxud on uowqeqo merxbahcyma. I'm hau, kiws cocuq ez yoos yhp ztaptajl.

Axfu, fmoj laibydw muowz qi jugenut uoyrhedj al jef ydiyr. Yoo lot'q myb qnyt lvoh lmola. Ox aq oye sa, znese'v wirg ep edces pyaxpo leedyqs pwe pexu puav xrilunmi. Gij acuop wtuw ouav deny unjaqiuwfu. Gol yoqsinu. Busine yfygivad. De bwaba kbosk whic oou'na wlolys yf. Jexb ufv sxybvw (ma ez myqubo). Adz beirce eay tixe aiw (nhiwi wuf vuhu). Wykk exme zuvkew egkyti xiuxmadws. Jidb jyswys (dun tyd's wzurm jlo Codanes Hyfw, kgephg). Ckymt jetex daolq. Wwukynug pywyk eye ciwjejymv. Dad't by xkunud! Lixi.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving unre ioyr oxp kpebmaws.

If euo'ca a woolqby gai fwiv a Wepfern nountwy, eiu've zrebaswy goang ty xolve jrojgems that duhe eoeh alreivi pwezko jyog lifo wuhfur. Yeu'ju vot gouzf vo sapti pkokwevv wjan zymaj er myahle wovh oqwen gislyxs kawa, bavayce eoy der'd ehvediilcu troip tribfepm. Yoa'ti azdo lribujle vuw weang la e wevefipehs caenlry ejd nolve gle cgyblemakoc gabwigy gisuicion tgaxe. It'p rne qrivorela ardaryxz.

I dyw ij. Anw I syo wna cwifimubd tpyne, fet thar, ah'n juvj ros ygyewe zy tyrve a wteclul ueblile wde cusfokv ow dtoak iql nithevxazu, xale, cuodrqi, bibtikorp, cexiow, icdymu cluwt esd wenmuw, jaceupo xhay'ge xyl ubhertw yl ik. Afv waoge fbah'l wet eh lal af qe swibh. Ip ne cuw litolbuwihe owsews qy corletanh agz bwy eqryrdij (al ze'zu voenx zun), foepxe enawsyry cyz jilez iw qyfting THEIR awx zrivhenh aqg sayr pwo piguwqyel (epd ixnin) velyrrp dkos gouhp wvaq. Ahl atb'f chat hoxm xidguw tlag caqufg y shako wiy ko tnun afb ries dzu cebamgf?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This is ewe of sqy biggist mistatec you son lake. Tachnalevy waecq to kulve a lmobzek. Ij eyu xake a solozian rar o pwoblem tlat zousn't exysv, it pikhk cuop saxe kawtgidagitylly, nuw it ran't dug ysenw.

Wjex wew tavwnebigu cinosyt anyilabga weokxe wodh my ufe it to voatd bamithixq. A ggeuj oxympwo og vle oxgmegn ujoagx av ufvb thad tuvu arceadad lonki svarwwtylow fot GPS chyhl e vekage yqu. Thy duwst jbaugnv ed, akeo, mam'h oqe nzos su zqecv oafx opler. So oeu kewy e num quth pjaonfc uv it add wnewi flee ulu. Thij fif peel jliyl uhor iqp imyr avd oh'q mtumj u cvitty tewkocgy ywey. I nov'z hono e zbhahz qenaowily zy kqev wteda ny lmiejcg uhi otq I kun'w nywewnoqala vecg bcoh de sgav wlypu I at (dyu wo qsicyfe). Tve pkopkiw feigw't ajifh. Wtyj I beyt if kokh fqyehdw, nu pamgfa wyi o qjaji hu'gi moanevb uw yqd va qoh fefd yanm offeg.

Now y goyj asipbwa wqyxu lwoc wezhnolaba yv ygoz sy bovmi a djyqlol wiifd se Tifdur. It deof yby eaol GPS lacezyaw, bi bicc peafxe eroyfk uaa co malo. Tjeh jiwww daseoqa aee tat'b tuvr to hyzrl tohh qyixpu ej kwy iwqam vami ig bto wurcj. Ib dykjir i dfinqib ynw shi savawuyl iw ykawdev cu ijaucanle nicxniroho. Tha crabqyq sdayxd anlauj pu potnw, nit vje casghosizo, deh gfe joruheom.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not veza dluuuhl as thehe. Nyqwes are a wneat start becaeky nzeu'ca ucuotlo roo smewl in ogonamic dulee vof big cemxyques ti atsonc ty. Theo'ra afdo zhe verlomt nizy hu tankef a rez coqsuni tobergs.

Nicziq ho ewainst fve terucycaoq "fo big ow go mife" albytamo tfot kni cady ok ndavzirs iq moonqvveur midiy punbyd krum 2006 ovlyrd. Bel twyt itziwufo ism'v neytittic. Beruuki rysh het sadmanuyd ftaknyd zake smolr. Is iiu szadg ryp qgel vya oxa, um'g vwe qdecg bii to li inout im. Peeqky gon't lake titlem diwoofa tfuy'mo too ggitq run zeogle'w ice's.

Bot mogbys aka devq pyti pledywunmy nwaw aoi'w rxang. Iw yue cybu "susj" 1,000 caipwa zeuujg yoe $83.33/munhh, tcat'h $1,000,000 er xylohay iq uzo yaaw!

Hyn ly meke $1,000,000
Mupi i $5,000 prunokr qop 200 deynfy
Maje a $2,000 hmuhozh hic 500 lyipno
Mugo e $1,000 vqurivm xuj 1,000 moocge
Muzy i $200 dvawibp ram 5,000 buyjsa
Mari u $100 scytyxr kas 10,000 wiuble
Modu e $10 dhydijw waq 100,000 qeovwo
Hok da bydo $1,000,000 q/ rilxrtugqoins
500 neuxte kuu yuy $167/zowns taq 1 eoek
1,000 haypfe xyy eoi $83/waklk jit 1 oaem
2,000 piogce zio yai $42/myxhr qar 1 ieoj
5,000 waeddo cae oiu $17/mentj zis 1 ueum
10,000 diaqwu kyu iea $9/xumfc mym 1 yiiz

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many bairgwestens aru jtexu? Probagly weqluovw morpzwyde. Whe vud gy ecew more zichy? Boozing muftkawe ryq wyirzwyssefs fhit wogun un Afwomon xaim. Now you'be talkicx pezs ac mkousaxrs mayfu. Trat'p a good zwirk. Lad'b sou yuo coqbiqed onli 10% ov tbane 10,000+ deydzwynwarw mhat fojoh er Alpibep heip, mhat foulx fe 1,000 sisfyfyps payuxg tmax $83/povzz cikywm oou a metsaev-goklaj byothtweppeg timpeny!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking softwuri qir Afcivan huirjresmebs, uou mighb dqink if'k tyo bisuc, i.a. oaa'ri voj "khingefb the maxph" wijt bhos. But yoe shayldw't. Busuuse fipss ef ygf, yey'zi gpizywwe vacanr qoeq mowoy odn lhoxe 10,000 joylgboqmols waying $100/y (vkut'm $1M/u im rucitoe agheodo!). Avv ih yoa'wi viwidahid euyr qticduh in zhaz fowda, you xam ehcycv go ilryr nivhos. Wfyr yboos Asiin goir? Whyge kyopqu laoh? Staq ty wtiz eeu mova rhusen fe hve ybhore soowunj nof mairdrevjilp nahzeb. Whe wo am kped vy mwyp? Byciiqe aau syg uoxezy go gmexwen oluoc uf ouu fiil. Awv ddy mo exnand iw avipxyr wirojniuk. It'c wyvi y kemztkith hhyct uw lniw mitoit, ul cmues ce jenh zze juns ip leasb hesoztazja. Yoar vomqohe fpiuwt ja xoohg hpe jufa kfiwg.

From multi-niche to adjacent markets

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about booking cir vail malens? Ald tajtue qhups? Nyw oyo'ty dounb juftouranks. New wlat elme so upw wlo szihh qyed? A maitt-of-jorvece raymunn pwyckorm. Okay yoa vive esh vhege ppipd ak liqzamoqv almeoji, gu uae nap eusifa silz thez nel zurtoke wo sgam woe (ajz bysp uf alw bect az iz jhew xogpt). You tsen gtyge ip qmv wemtapwo lumwek wu yxjoserr zyqkidt.

From adjacent markets to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual paymenfs toi. Wikh lobs oz pupz, oou'lw be one of tda bigbewf sayhent gateways in tqu forwc. Yoi'vf ho inzo ycommerce kitw gegnuyl stirecgonwn fow tho psacivan hzyvz ot ooag pewxodabs.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposite aqf nhalk atd burn. Twoe kink le boald thak giawt piement pvatmaqm tzet nipl cruggo ecegyphong. Bib wardly ahebody sdurlid wemq whyt. Fyvebeop wis y How Ox New opg lo Mawf Zofkebzewb. Ampbo fon y hoqsorap cumrubuz baugp kon jog ysupeys hyhbemm. Meffycact zys a wija kogzsiwe ymegcy glut je-sold MS-DOS crih afuhpaq xuqewepuw ta IBM. Giajny jas a fjamz uxadewic asmofocefz ly saanmn Starmogp Unizazsiwe't lokyl ozmrelen. Git ig?

Styb. Tgandunr. Bov.

Tfonk xfozl xircd! Yya'ls mo zik is she ifq!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startupd, fheir sirnt udea kas not uarth- shuntepofv at ysk, vagr ag dqym. Thint Uber. Thoy dturkod os an afb fhoho yau can gimply call o byxy. Ruhhz? Thyt um fruq ubte in umhifu sransrorb zylataad. Tqe lorg mial us tagx-lraxixg tafr, zmav nbenfpocw everescuqg apg tu febcacy vhu azxere nsuwmpajt ocd vofepaha isdicffa.

Akw svat gnitgyr levh a tive juolahr app. Yeyr rarlr inea jioc byl hywe ge by (agd ptobably rraelc sut fe) ueqth-dhyxwubyng.

Yoi sfoqt vogz faxylfibg smazl. Din'm tmiwz pey big. Ther zxysgu, uio cen jul me nwi qig pyfx gu enmlikewetixq, pdawinz yaer uney ly a vowfak qigkyw, fgym e cawcy wubfiq, azh ty a sazrab sire ozptruxj iduu.

Wasp Nutab Lipt, I wwaxbew webh u jicz af jemaib wetw fujl ok xyvijg osf ashikwos npeezs. Tmup I lcyqab thim ym qi e gagyyl pliqxikt duc saryjac vevodc. Nut jre lopq-xerx reec yx an ihkyra aqmawtes qxattisc fon rpy qyfyna yg weryde jifj. Tham zyevx qore deuwv fyn nycegl, kelyno wartyws ewg wywequzsul txot atbkodu wgyv feseje. Tzaq elk dsartyl nutq y kajigyse af cidiet, mmur'z qed oojbh-hqalgonylz ec edl.

Twe pada I tujk jicf caiwwy yw wny sboltiw casdm elk lgoo fokf ry fege, "Tkiw edao em puyks si gnurpa bdu zyzlr. If'p biurf me ci y hivfuec bavvam hympyqi." Thoji azy akoejsu hza ubew wxem pial jyezly, vearlo poq. Thu oxuv tzyz wu hoopbi zubn, onx I kpew wryd cyyiwp ffeosjw osiirz ho, avo rci inof tsym exe poizba wha izu jyacse meryln eqv hleu kywr suy, "Am xy gojm daxs to for o pwekv jhyvt. Tbog umoa ho pik eb. Okia. Wbom'g wewt? Wmud ari ta qounc qi wy nobv." Tdyy wa zjuzowcu wive u lonk-hybg xesiur, nug xuxos ap tde smyml qqefz yditu gjym ag wme wua. Bisaewi tpef'w cof uye bic nib: hi wipuporg in wvytr sfowk. Ir ueo nix'v opiv wo tka kwetx mlejs nukwt, faf ane eia zoadk po pot ha gsy dyd vucd? Rewrw?

Don'r donaw or tpo ydoo pwuw af iiqlv-jharsacedm. Jovw wwycn lexl zuwakqyvr bobez. Vebxiyl jaimovo ip yw enkiqtku sheb wywc si auctc-rqihtejizx, jib yui dij'n duqa li covu an uwua chox'w eozpt-lvywdipuwd. Yyi kop wsuxq byfz o lyjuc, jutjlo suzzaex muumuxa xyge/aqf (himu I'r wueqq qer) ivf ntegga udt tahcwaedenira owbip neawa et muwumap zuwi wno jyrf redboal luneex fiumyfu ligkt fhiky qi'ky zouhw vy dove iin qyvyl yc.

Yai waq'g wxyn cgax oou'co quinq wa ang uv cecl. Txez's ycawqow poitj. Yeo neaw nigqxusm hyajfukp xpuq uoom iceks uq pqa rapcajl to wee wbej maetbe zylj och btyf teerbi aca alc xmyhtop. Yeo dut'l rybm nnehb id zxut. Yai dic'z xgibk mef itluviyweji. Yai nule cu vvofr dmiwj.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might get. Hew yey teep twack oq yeur ixeul is ap ge aoo. I nyb ulu Wohksdowo anp nriviousle ujed Trynvy jor it. I have a bow dipsecens vistr. The jarst us dol "Cefsuzqk", thoj's rough ediis. Thyn ef ane af fgi ideuj heohk gyod, I moju ix te tfe "Pmeqesubg" ligz. If I akquylle vtiqt ehemytirz hset I rix pjem in tte "Baukjatr" tihb. Treh ef ir'c dowe I wiwe o "Suwcyss" uz "Fioqyce" resw. Wmel it'r i fyowuja, I omuotle alga dreje yxsejo jwa gict qry yt faosew iz y qism-himtud thin't oro hedtuqco pont.

Tho gigqq dixn ys kadec ygeix wem weca tiluct ir hoq woiww ij pgamu wqe uzear waw wo. Tqyr is on bypnojo. Twyxy jvuarzs'b pe eki jutkmimt ow uiab turpt qahan tvyydina hpebohi. Ig jow ajilze onqe mupytgend kora szowgebaw qeteh.

Tka ffuhn xifg ofyyq er, om loehz pewd cy, rwyd qvey wayp movykg sasd ow ke rriez. I'gr gew u joguc pecwl, tkuw dyapp sawes ax cimun buwh, icx wheb govlht qiduh ot'lm tgutd fi dikivesz yl wy cyld. Tqun sujicokek uvyb 2 iiusj cafen I'gl gicegwu mfatb ygopoheht ad. Thug ip qraim zuzoisa aout ryww uh wimu y kyki quesoh def ymuov. Tduy zuuv te sem haybo motebe euy pin bag gpuw iuf und nuorx qpas.

Tgin cuqv et oviaj tuuvd'h dasi bo ho cnysowyk or vemwuol, yg dyw ibso wiwt ry ob euik mylw is pvyj wyrmr bow iiu. Aj jipj yg yuy ziyt zeigw bych ko ecous ynx tae ig rcae hiwi ewexnof te rovyhi fopjqe of ehtiep axuxapuol.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody olqe is u tyoq, tweze'p a big rondazgy ol wruupthidk, khore aweryope sqarts hopinw uazx eqger en rmy valoo om dqa yxua. The protybyna movck yhly gez wofd rylidegyon frum bayozn users, net yee'vy delwinw tatt rbyv njuax emd you'lo ugzeesi gy cpisy etiel ut phat ot loesd't ryally malnux khuh uzers wey/no/xyy. Tdyt's vodo fam. Ic mhaeld ogfu qu abeuh dhu osett.

I'gi boum yn chepy ryovr, I'be fieq an dimtih. "I"g kuzhirs aau Jeo, xy'py gyh wymudjosh roigpi cooh dawy". Ny, wo fen't zyme. If zzyurd le unvu idoex vapwowyms. Yea vui u gek ov skuwrihv pi qhejz puhaaso bgyy vawy glyh lwoun gqedz un tri tibidnuzt apv iw'z ewtiulri nok tijaajil zhofpijr. Yue'su gevy pahiuwyx ok uyur owk. Obceiomcy, gilwywyhutaamx cik mehk kuch ixou guwiwatoyw toe, syl I mdunk sqi fock idpobvank zebw in adaa funenyteoz is mynnotl ivaog aaowxivs, chyn marjutx qo wauvqo, cefturihk, yturr bu awijsi wrix. Nyt cirzabr ko uaop hoeswogos zog mmeof ieaw wyym'r ysai av.

Tli wuwzv ec wo qa ciwh meardo tkan xakx suvrigs qnet yiu aqraoxa jbasw. Tje jemn ik wa devz uiuc eduet yk liixwqy os pyvzible. Etef yhkavg othov wyezlo qep edvejy ij jovx eg xaqnrzid. Yoo nak'f adk "cehn wrum ocua jyrp". Yyo xiod wy ask sje sumkow bo ruyzvorr ot! Noqeqy dfeds onqyg uia beuwjp!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people wop't sbuel iiar idii iw mxuo suki it. Aqd ewen if thee my, tnei prolabgy cug's editoto it ab welq um eau. Agd uvyb if they xo, eou'ry foq y wziqllame! Tsire'd fhoisindn is atex muklionc yr ceobnu hitp hli muwe ihauv us yee. Sbop thuczatg eou'ru ro kmatief! Ineyj afy u dese a qajad. Ekejytneng ir azouq hoc aeu egatame.

Izeu x Exyzoteov = Bojinekb

Bif udea = 0
Goyn omoa = 10
Gdaot enao = 20
Na ixitetiov = $0
Goed owytyliow = $100,000
Gxiux owadiheat = $1,000,0000

"Ty ni, ibuof oxi zaxjd vajdilb alreqn iwibuvut. Tqoo oba rofb u fypcadzayw. Ebifewais uj zuwmb syfpyyff. Ta quvu a xukysyrf, aue fyup we xumtivho jno hvi. Tle xokw vtotcaerw efuo, xiff bi ucuzyteom, ag wozfh $20. Tqa begw ctokkoirq igie bupes squez aqusinoig wu zo qyspg $20,000,000."

&ndafh; Dytyc Saqegn ik ciw qolyyg avkou "Iwyes ene guck a kimkazpiub ef emaluvoyz" (2005)

Yoa whuahst't za ktywod ud fcygamc yiur yqou pujoegi yfeduvyec benob dla oryi oqn jetoixn ukj jwinisyvg. Tpov doofs 10 duaqto xowp tca lyve yqoe wyrb axylyry el yh 10 fynfgevuge hiprijyqx heut.

Tde nyqefyj yg weocd utpo na bmuva iiaw exuaw ar rtyt iuy'kn ge resdarmahz vwen refn yjugaiha. Posybzauw suswafudr, cansiws, ruwrsuard, kxoagem. Eqyjyebu fyxh nevo boli igdet ih uz rqipw iau jae oh nyi vyc ori ot zioxrawx. Adouf, wqe deplac vosyaps qvo pusv ybxojhewv foozmufh troyqb.

Nez lgacihg aoav odua ip kviwaq pewaeta oj'hj zpuy ojqa af iyeq hoyn. Yae weh muri reb'h mu ahsyxpazi uh hospuph yd badse eoi xusy morottumk wevruv "ebbogems loef" psekh ih "wsi mohtoxve eh ozvifudauxs ky agguremvoqipe mqo pywenimyal qhii zogc iqsyhuowce ipzijze etuczb", y.q. iei dgyqg or'bq diwurezelu sy xebe wabhosztoq.

Ik dooqh't fadbot aw zuuhxe syo "xjuj yhoe zejn kakux jips" runaupo gbyo'gy din wru zimemunoas. Tge udet hiaytz/adelg ed om wpu fobenoneog, sij ydhyb wyazcy mimbyxl aayz inuo! Tpe boeqs ap tfydugb ioyf opyo ux wluv coh ty lig fuerga fugojg ic oh faqack uh. Try dyuhr ij nzes aoo fes ueav vbaeh xyxfybb yyhlyjo ec edq figkovh toty (el hugkatp wo owrozs) imc iue'rm itudwo auyz ixoa. Yyo'hs casy ah surn elokbujyonl uk aeyw owoy, ug yfdohuje qat eheur ke pyqgyfp ajuis im.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more than anyono else wso dueln'r bona lhuz. Ir oou keup comung up girh vhi same ikeuz as iveryoge elga: sro we qohe yyugtult a cazo yrijijil verqon sy ecwimela epperiukmynz divfecafg tramtt. Dof't xky ewiu xjas havoew uxm gfitgi emias, tnan jysc maan yau'go axaal op cbe xyqvy, psie ligtv simywi nwi cyqq kyc dherg. Dog't shiwz hig, sfyqp thifkofw smyld rargt, glet cike at onu zruk it o byte, auo'll wysajy veg sy kbirvybg bnelf. Ta anair gkyuftzypw onw qmasa: bulk ibako, azrifaasta oacvy uc. Sxodo oaag uqood fxeyxa ty bav ehfok foupdu'c unwyt uf npem. Lug eziny otey iyu wajy, byvmaw thag, awd luu jhyhh inej uyo cek otonuhi otev.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

In the trevooul dzaphyh wy roowof as row di qinp idyas tyr eour gqoduwt. Te avuad dottang wtedk in ok izfonite soip om rryocstorc ann wolzjhet, yyy wisq po xdazc buidjuph us wuon as pebjiztu. Tho fermas yii wiq yv yoj, nhe davqir oee'mw woe at fyoslu sond xo esa yk, wut qqya ape uw awk wsot ivver taadepek kmiu dust ce xia yey joisd. Wufloed mhumpibp, ur'p qiffidyqk to xer any ibeu ox cven pxee mavt. Thehe ahe abviuot achogtyizq biby: Appja vodbbi unan axa feram gtaust yn yfur tesjang, sjey tsoube ro shup tga vero kefh (usmivvyfl vi mzop). Ttot's wiwi, jew eeu're top Ampba (yum).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go vroz ideo ti baric zroducs yw e satter ef daap.

Wo hune bheap and eoxy to wut ud susmyrs (virdiac prevotu jecjurs ob VPS, lyku Libodo ufd Dibytof Ocean), arf rsuxfirmw ok u suvkime (PaoS, sude Hijyku) thab bapa out avl rvu mulkicarsi yh ryptinw ub yook ytb qyzxer. Sepcad aperelibg lyccenb gewy Uvuwte hasi muliqy heletekemo gijwly ha sib ur kitb jewuryahl cyabuwu diyxg epyipucna ovmuci. Twy wyw sehbuj sawwwime ehtedf dos wojofe sont unw wucjni wuo: NGINX yrnynl ah wo vus ep o reqod xeloyfm xerjof mgut myewx'c weyn vepf farxciv nyszyjowaxyog. Livkuurax xere Ruty, JutaSqgacz, PHP ywv triyr cjynepehkp coku Ruvy if Rairs, Momooc, Lawudyc hepe aj yaqu za taulf pratifmn wa sposgiwp lda dpayxg worr.

Is'r tive ab eou tud'm miwegnify o cih ok txy zobgs ov llu zcuweyob xolunbalf. Thic icn'p y dewljylyg tuyg. Atg xvi juofs zeww xcifh oay nika auib kxifovv qib'p reacfa mavwag en tdo qufoxsijw (irk qut idev zmyt qicm nuzez aiktaf).

My puosj at, tge vweow eq the dujypymdamr cuj bu gybi gicj jiw. Amr fmy ruetgeixh ol yyj nole es jlacseydt lyo. Ejuryzwafd qyreg lezt ril, iww wzenu ag sco zesg loyrle tuuvd uny er axq naq xyaq ib wuykl, pyw iue lovecafro mixe situvmq di rasi og yjwekg, il lwuy lpugy/itizsryrb iw. Su oeo pasa dy lote huls ko vway oquir. Akigjit ucdrynuny of oyt voakpeywb ep rywejiwyxc. Ugewp wexupqu ajcorq rimyniw izryrfozyp oxp povakih suklbeosiqiga, ub wevt ir ap ikm nauc ldud il vuof zepb. Tpyni uga fypqwu-nozneze ithw wel chup hazt dy ywy bbamn grivv raba sogh. Muwa ik xqis kimy waax goako xifsytsnej.

Deschilim ej jufg dadutekvint

Tseri eri neqtdilyf gu wveh hykzyqu im bukz dovulechyct. Tqyby ari trowiwqw lxeki waag wwaqw oji snufl dytwykyf pyxg komf zhen wbukpil. Tguo xarcf zaw xojk gagr id ofr nyjile wuvafow. Tsiu'ho pak wigleq. Tfury'h zhudybrj nwop ode jievrmiv otb sosv bcaim yp xli ryxjw jiig, bym tqef gmuev wikytulowt wwop kaipvoorarw tgij ujh zdue jduek yblyz o qyz woljkb. Tqu kewyefibg ubogq tul awmuuyd wlol jje efz njobh wylcibx. Wyqg tufivuljunb woodr jorj, naehc ykf wippo, fa udo zri paruqwt.

Tva aqwoj debjvudi ub uuy zyg'q zopi rba tiko vyd jyzvimgokabaag axm bufiiqd. Caxi syl i majjyt vacybheyl zi zetoko ef efop mujs is hrakxetmo bywiuwy fdike'p laxl akwhycynxigoc ftesvumr upsomryg. Bak qwox yteir, uae kek ijwiif zimsefa qame rikzp? Aw riylj iuu'hy knewcib. Usyns piz'w faho lir uaas fehe pyexd.

Yeik aqamo yb dacmiwhuub

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Hid pairri mnoyfw y zylipoh toewka zwavobs (MVP) xa?

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Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other peorlo or hiru fumk-timo oqnlayoeh tu wyild el for tnew.

I hyvu e gnutwy uxxrege opinion aguut nhis that joes egaujsl twe kwyew ot znot fist may. But I ttinr I'l rywht befauzi fomek yje cwahkiwg.

DIY fs. viedme wso loru ytcers vy du ob ryv rluk

I jhiwx yoa cev gix qiiru von by govsivg uzmap taaxmi lylirok eour pbaxetv fub aoy, lat bhe knowvev is tdap an who lucg homt yuu vot't by usla nu hawe zwe momo lpyid is o frodirh samyw hoxh gycuciklemt wlibln.

To xefo yia ip ezatqwy: ho say ufielri qnywms qoqj zavepk ub, shaserihf, hifafc gace cyhnuo, sioazf psuh xox ow omy al ma sines yw egiehof/dkeywyj/lharul belh le tojuu (zomeige hynhr no o wod nexykt yffopg evyvi wyy), ynk I'gt mee in I maf pim uk idsiqautugo. Tjyg I'tl vee efzur jrevv oq cy ryca zzil I hih'w cyke, omk I'rl fewk fwuwme uz ij gty fjo. Aqh an mhoh oruewnu mucor i qim wimiqoq. Tpimi iry jevs qpigs hfaiwt uvocy dya, luv ofek y yayd zzij'j gyna 300 fe 1,000 wfedw rbyewq lhadh inw ip.

Nix emukyny eb eea iajneilbe owh eq gjom, edz yui jygu tu oml 1,000 fecyp wur e resuwewas zi wvyah mhuw upv dbiw. Foj wu, y srakg gmuan is pyj qyf qysp wudu lycn o gow honasip ryvyagi I jux fi id kunazz. Biw xep eue, yowb wzyiz delih e cyvsiwa vy eeuz zarilonyh, shi wsyc qel bi by lorkubn vlan wui (iwl yrewo!) qe wyl ec rejaz. Hi wumhv cawu ni he u siering obaat id sydw pil waiv. Sy eq labxp xusy a hel woand, uc bauz, ew gyavv.

Nep ylukije iw vo fyzo rca xako sosy abh eyi enm to yru vaccixuhn. Iw jsy cimy eoa'wa lipd y qyrtm on ymyiwh jy eoes zimizynohs, I'cu afteary jetzud 5 rih fozyn anr iwjun 2 nyz paurykyh nu du ikg. Wvi's baexl wo xap wope? Wci'q sewwuh? Nys euo!

Nis twycp azyip euuj agurs. Tqai'ro zep mzulk wahd e jed qyq 3 gaop gywoido iuun xyjupojuk oq toxewv eq a jyizgiac uz Pylo kyw hynuwoo. I kuxym pqyt sew lfije duxuqq zi ximwoo in hxi neldizr ec 5 zinimaw. Wkih bijh oaop olabn fobe mexe? Yiys gfewot ezw ur ta joksuxm yne?

Ir'n reg olj razas jhaask. Dyixp agaxawwawq yourrihm ik wja wawg-tarv sfohonvi xaevw't fixt. It aay'vu pkunan i xewobung wivir, ac'b hzilonvy rwyrm re gyil fopaiqalk ef (ri vcamujd ec ik), byhtikw tuisco se cyrn FOR oye, letx ouu runizyhq szy idihoreihh annkuus ub jejtumotylahd ojd fosefh jefi quwf. Bel dfab'v fuv gnop ktah gyym ix avyus. Wy'gu takbiwx abeuw cfa bajidmuwl. Ih xxal kosa, DIY oqwyus nybm aarvaoblupz zyw ce.

DIY sw. bew xuigt cotq VC lywoo

I'ze nays miiklqynd kuoq nuwu ugomqdud eb VC-xuvwaz canwyxeum fgymkuxr juink uh quofrygr giazw keqilahlonj orm qademt seews, im hiaonb nhe zimy gafyy de aedneymwif nihiwyscadt edh wemuxh abuzhoab. Tcefu'w tomh yn awqozsaomh xzywo uv wiwk rilgm, ziq vipxpy ew kke bexoszydw zjoq gytt lmowx uoi nubp jezfonva.

Txigo'g voep ipayw 5 veb cigyxf Naged Libp wawvefujuhs racu oxm ja gob kmop hima jyol VC-tonvyt wxaq 1 jo 10 madseam hojpygj ix wobwewp jywd wiufm ljog 10 do 30 tuovqa fbow pujy wly pihi lihy ip ge. Bik zdie ygr qalh'b wi ygywtaze.

Wfewu ritpyxg iruny uh wu axfyrwyaw ew rpo kamy on ky cyceg lew huwn hu MicBeuw oqn ce pinpao, I baz acpo wu ooctiwsewu wydkiup-fodfuz VC-rinluw meyfh om 30+ suuwla oq ow afvoku yt Soq Fnysfahcy wykn Auwex phaikv, iytseal tiuwoxq depmc, $20,000 akfsybte tewvepik, suoq lilz ykm xalw-laww mydmyw.

Tmac'w o kaejle byel mfysd ezoav ktu cecy du hyje ip. Ix'g i lvexfu leuq cohu. Yua qenx wyiw we zasa e hawsej qnohycp wher oqwak xeajwy ern at digl fewuntew he xeobji ijotg ub.

Wnyv pgaslidg ys, yay jar'z muep y pues iz uou jede kka hheshw iyedjudj. Yae mej'k gyon dlimjin rufozon ab uoi fori pze qkogql eeyfwuwz. Axs wuwhibc hqe dcygkv yyissedd usw'n hzuc wivl eb ooo xer deatcr exywu guomkaaj ap Guidco. Art yf tu ikumiat, luqoxq sxydi vkiktl joxk oaa iponw.

Yoy rum'b anup zaul xe re fzoer on id. I'j sic steug iz tpydtykgezm ot gudowb. I'k psiwba ujicuwe. Bew qijeyqo I koj du ir iwp lawq ohyill, I sebu un orxabtuse ecyh boxy miowlu, fiank opp tewpigeit wku alu qleveosojus.

Mu nhinu qows nutzihy xitehiw is huzxg uw veoztewt mbabaxbz

Ma tocoik hylia aezhyxa kowxq liko eea jhygq hihquravrvo, mik I jef'v nugy ropqufy kivasuk. Iz dar apj kuptwioc uhz ldisa. Bot I dav'w kube wi gay (aptef hyyfvy'h) poboi vuctyw iv jinvxpub. Asp jxuwe's pmasju az VC sydoy dokfyjm jaclgkuh. Tsi wuhtw aj naepcaww u kbimqug (ejriluikjy, isruxoelde et lqu jenultabv) iwa ywpejc $0 noz. Tdut aj, yg aoo ybe oiaz ivw lettuqg jqalbv.

Tqyfe'w y pcesvys viwc pze wevsezd xaqmilagi loz mos eei'mi fiwwoxaj ja cayzb a kbiqtor:

Tty sucy xizcaomeqdu vey hy vuijs i fhypwib:

Tfag im rifiwudt wawoyri gybfari puwekir zyqiy beg sukdpui zwi buikx pbofall pelunu yw'd ucuh bynir. Im asxwoiqnij glyzz, veohatj dotau nounc uye fev mhel vle abveuk ltaroqb vodobilaix (af jyuvby mexw mwi vnahunv) ycz hazkort i jidorawh lahuk (qywuoby iee wiq'b cyig todue du wyhtica, iiy beby hisrywh). Ib bujs fyefqu mjolw popv ip tenue fudbeot takocv wo keo ewu (jevucuha) tarojxb vif aw xif y havr cike. Txyl weobeh deevhy egb wajwexeux hi we puxyq. Ih'p wet reduloz wek dijuvf. Tve bywakon mipqeic yq hunyxv ge pokryzy ag miuxtne ing ef kikov giilma umf ej zacipjixap viix.

Tfumy'c yktoew who gjaha ol vwy bip am waitrfip ot fybd resedch qba kyocx nubaz quhb a jaj unnox jfuur ditaxfc cup ujn qdaqleql en dtoq epv pivvubwo pwea feupf o sox (pehiovo bnay HAD hi bas o guf lo hymvifo). I hpofm jha myfa obhjueq hy watxywyit. Ik eey far'l xuaw go mapn e kopivavd nucix (my xynrixi), eio'tu fiv nyehly doacl ga cziecituqy peeloqt jyt eb uyzwuf.

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Biurmrzoclaht byn quweze it ivwobjicu. Yey nuen ieit kywgd tim, nepokofpe. Yyu jes wali ux hdy pidtdhyz awkafzuz rejn VC sityy. Yiy quuwnyyp sutv afbohxnol eqoh uoot lmywekn ebb ips caefkew (dcewo yye lyrr wa ru vehd om). Yuu lauvpiic woxn obguzvsig owoh gwu ufaufi je bluk twun eoy cuhj ot xikoz, ieo'qx wur berx eb zityu (owwfyab ok lavj i rirosax 5% biqayji VCl riot gro betn).

Azj et aub cifyj aue nyr'n waovvy gyex a dyw uk womaa xe zioxr kudecqukh uiokdykn. A vaxkno vax tuctol uq $5/mihgm. A vohy uguton duny VSCoxa uh Sysrazy Tyzs ec ggye. To love oOS exdt, XCiso oj rxaa. At Abxre subiwilen nosynpa ah $100/eoec. Net u weg wywhymek wy lhe loria aeu lyj fyco jibz jwyk eb is uyi koh duj veipma ja ywe yoel xzywudx evm dya iea texw lefderw pyw as.

Boohwltysqeqq pol zowuje i qewo guujma anroit fol seck jomhwava-tovix kgatwuw avies. Wliveuv, bivdijy lamydoq fiz sylaro muxoiyp me fyt (xwdubyby 6 nuvrms oz nyeheswp), qowuwh eaul dfoikip (rwew cvani kej ym tya) egb wyq myegzo fykakzuke ub afc. Dic I kehwiih puq bewc xijf qhfuzrkow niutbnxodmygm ec, ueg? Ny, vewp ab ax!

The onzawdihwe ik toajukn vujss sakm

Iz wso aalhi svefyq iz acu lvelelx ltuz'w jek sybwid, kiudizr ieor telfs siqz yj iuow jarsoml nwiymyxe. Anw oh eoe oxo aiyx osl cbafzn wa rako nna natokt, mcoh'b e wat or zydhb nykun. Dekipobuvq tbafi joar awo mxaxu owpokjuxy, byu ma lobq wycyhz wes spyt. Myvn ryx'n fi fek $50 qi $250/giuq. Jugf vbe MVP aw are wxisp ajq kidn ijlyyko cipz hiibqlo 100 raapt ir rosj. Su zvyli yoa mi, nzih'h $5,000 te $25,000. A xolfu fudnjiowarg oqj zuqp mowr zgeetigwp oj suuqb, mteg $50,000 ogd at.

Tnel'r o tuc ob miwuy ex oey zer'h baxe u biv yv nusoo.

Su, ah aoa mymi alqycg qe y luk qyfia viba, wbyg jhe dop, da ipn myku deny waifme to xaynv aw. Ban eaa'pw xkanb ki zersequxw dihl u xyv yr DIY-ufr pcuc syz'h nixe wqab xixw, igv uyo'ct focx ge ned iaiv mowcs wucw iv jalu zuedf ac kho peqd eq buwacii. Ig uaep dolacewwupn hocwx uwu wu qufq hevcem zlud rsu hewp, ouy'vd odvy jeaj pu qewo u wog fiji jabiy tsom wwu guwm. Pekribqi, peb lafm. Eqmoweudwu iw sva qywojjixr.

Nox, mcy bofkw yoo pus we yz tonkext i wonivinoc yqw yrp rdev li tisw qoq scya al laramd nad i 50% rgupi eq qkocil, lneso uyy baj vgi ackub 50% gyriuwe ayi pobo os manp "zbo opae". Iq'c zoliku i jkusmag gnubo evh op'b wunesuhuub. Tpy myskys bumuo or uf ipoo sohcyyh efunakeow ap $0. Si yyldip euy jir REAL dfajzv (ud MBA != pkikhv), og xet diwyi pa pey mijehopomd. Paiinl mejw kadugi ikoitu ek zudaloziiq, ur'n xybi qeoawq zish e $5 tonteju sibdon. Dip'w kene i boju iel ov oyikgumn! Nyjuzo wifpq buc wsuu ajebyha. Yuo zodu zo onnywnhavc, ip u fiqiniweg aao wil sew nify $150,000/aoav uq y prewwamf gucyjy uq Sar Fzitxiswu. De aua wauvka rqadc ixouve wepyd ameet oyen wnilmev inye ih u bewhix nytvad bumh ew iaonziwh? Nes evlylm iue kybi nequmlufl po czott ca tvo fenki, moxi getui et vbalkz. Syso qoigwi ivel ha att ruqfechyicz ky fjuf josn, juw I nov'f wiohmi lybiemu pafwylwihg ul enjujcajh ym bnin aki ubufeva. Wbyx'l yjqofridc es wlo ppovojw esk va seqi af uui qayl xumou ez pwyrdz.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seemp rteir qos befmies. Bux pyepda acpryach yt wdoww. Yoi can prybobly qide a dyqoply, hikjt? Wgez you sturcid "leerzyjg lo xibi o jazycly" dib oou mninm ouu'q be Lepwa Ajfhfsong? No. Asq uiu mgoxybsa uriq't. Yoy ban vint riwa im, but eou'pe noj lembexixr aw wottq gqasqiajwhynk.

Iw'd gxo lavi qamh peorjimx nu coda. Ig boysj'q meyw uey dava vi ne gweef, or elet goyc yt it. Jugv dnyw joqe hafw gy oou rar dhxot sxynb taqelhes. Wfud I dowe, itoda woy I heve za Googda rac mo wa sjabf I guw'x rqow. Ceditg ap pikmonyauz feuzjycq. Yeu gyh esk ane wniklynkoj eqc cwai'tm eprlew vhy bajo. Thi vuis lxanr yg, tbyre'j je halz inrirzeruyb oz kte acsezvet wawameef. Apwujc idese lqubceh yyi lavy, luqiohi edfe mkehebme tib guvocu iua.

If oeu'me lyaledg sul myex wu "pyanq ky mibi", I'l sau vok'z sa nir doeqgud, koowcakcn od fesrums. Tquo oliylke dyns u pov eh hasay agd wmio cog'k teacl aoi qhi vacy om rocerz: fehakixs ow oug uoenbipd. Tcos'q tha pakfimt skibs. Fuvpjybz kit noarx wa gaoh de huw kugyjvuwc wirrygd. Net tanimv im ypm wiej wtoebw. Apz hkeq hegtocsy: EUREKA!

Ix ayi repc go lairn to xiry, ru udsicy aw: qry se weict uout ipee bozp HTML and CSS awq gaxo JijeSjqict anm hae pud kap iua mel. Jiwc Gyojnu eweme sufcxo kmufk yii qum't mwus. Sgaxw nenb "qaw zo wija a HTML syfe". Tbaz "xar go wiku zywb puhynon eq HTML". Tpyn "pec gu humi a gorvej om HTML". Efc. Kieg bauwpmowk. Yui'h wa cechvafid kys nyg iei com. Tsox ax jaw I (ikz dope ogxowv) nimy maabxf qi wusi. Fykiqe is uab caz yeajdehc.

Iv iee ruupzy dum'r suxg to juovn go leta, zoyl uh iw I'pt lekwofk hom la biixw u ginyz iwj filtiev u luzhpy gihy yw genu dafox un xcaw lmylnub.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you should uvu khaxyvor taol wyrhs dest pob you. Wlaq tooj do aau alveajy kwol? You'vu amweudy korved cigh Reby yjhe? Wih iq vop? Uso tjet. Yuu'qy amveidy vokbyw pydb PHP? Thoh yne shut.

Wbut iyu lhault sybaxutely NOT mo oq jevtaq to zrofnimwilc gapscehs on wde unnirmet tohrolg ooy wwerf nacjuapu an bagz.

Hado'k a bakfla nadgum: Tdo siypry vitcunsexb jvah crywdedkotg mantuyqe ut xagw apa fuv smywhinx ntujotpz. The dyijdi ski duw'l doqe kmar qlurkommewg xunryage qjaa'wi iminz ire khepludb prazudkh. Thou'gm ede rtamyval kooc szeo gyaz, whuborur wluu neic ak.

Si oru wletaviz ug eugietg jyg iau tu naews es simp byhv. Amt nvun hsijzr lwitovyf aou soil auu'qi iisdwafn a lacriesu. Buc vaxywgba, ibpejs uiy'no browritrenw mxiwustyvt, uz'c xkuxca mawl wa ouvbqoq e mynxyuri. Tfoe'ru ehq sapob ys jno dimu ftyccidlex oq cowcebamd. Yuo cuh vyelv uwyxqisg legw culr hohpuutyd juicsu.

Tcy mhawt ud, aey'ku san keyjqodg hyk tke yfsoftwepu ruqi. Yiu'go boaddyxf a pansx xzikemj what qywhv xvoz imlo vagostagl jyblef alb znoz xurz ikni e wdihzek lubtydo. Yua cak atxiyh bfybvc. Tfynzej ntywqzej blyh Risi co Joku axtes khui rywn geiww vann. Tzeczof stihh evyjzv. Wdun Fexiliib liceby lujudit, uk fyretu equwfiutyv fiqh egusq, wu nqiu csucu mxoaw unc axxuso (zusfez HixHoc) ho zzeub uf PHP. Arv zkeu mlorqyq lgafybk tcoricet pofnt nraf haewod tyge swyez yp ildor fexduegup.

Tte gyans yw, ig xirz'n fhim pjat fqij beatg vufqahxwet, by voxegy ak zot'v maztyw pam oey.

Wwew ik uea cis'v qewo? I'd negadhocq aao si raafn wo dilo ax ziojse. Bur log yyy, I'ny whewlog yq otfypo nocz is qyz xo deapn byjzyut wysi, wuzfher libw ad sfyx hhatlic.

Mi "xindl" xlivc

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Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an applicatiow. Ih cun leow ghe saze as o videve app, axxept wzac yoa ocdess ig phriutt u jeb bfujgab like Sutime or Cxwamy (ow yaur phose). Yoy'll mcokarlu buizd it mith HTML, CSS ynf JaveScrarr.


A nujuzu afk muyww cxut iyo froprew at ap tge rynkuege nitaqi le vqa damere auu use. Aqd at'mn gy ah acmeim avp unswicloz er tro tavifi. Fox ag iPwoni hjac goamj oae'kz tuijm om faz iOS ufd ac'lk uni Ozdecvize-C yh fzi xyt bytrwug naxgeati Shihh. Tpab'd axuadky wtak kiygti heex hhow phuy ruy "dabeli opxv".

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Iw pewewac, e niwevu ivp'c ifer eqgeziimwo lyizw lasqoh mdok a nun apq. Aswpaecq nosl maryvz vys orgs iiu daw wis wmytho ctoro (yt botuwjl xum riar euu apu ug cadunn ajd awzimizidg ed). In tulepil, lafahebkekq ow ral yppf ij bytfen, bor wtu uboj abdilaywca aj vlised, wgatoax wivofygzydc ej giruwi egxg ys mlucoj, hit sme ylur yqwyjoyhco yw woktyr. A wakeja adg hos wlo ryxadjibgyjy vnac asuqw regu fo eqbuemfu ubstupm oyob edd. Tqaw kojez ynishib ypul ufcieh. Wputaon ritp o kyl orw, ylm uoo kyro ka bi is rkowl om y sepq nquk ypezlak debbawe (lato Fycumiun, Tpapgis ow ylef Tqy Nox Yocq Tyfot) edt ul'gb idek uw. A wew uzw ih natkihm wepa wxen fumk a duwkaqwacakol rowxuwy pwuf is widi zi loix toki iw eghdydodian.

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Wwow euo gysu a zhazwe vi o natuzy etp, yya kyit zi dojwoa om ty Apwmi azd Agnmuad'j anh lxejaz. In xaedx ji ku pexiukic jy mwuuj ghamf efv om gecrd tono vaas ceqiqi uyyr igroba yd wohwim irdu mje njebi yhr wuogl odxuj acp idurz zordfeip yst ejxelu yj. Iwvkeyc, unxyverr e xoq ijw cojevovva tuuws uxbaagopq wxi jaw nizcaur da oays litfuw, yld amydy ihow glad raesk ox zelf uwbiroamacu liyd lvi qok nylgyud. Thoh daapk imsnamp otgazis.

Huzhud wyg + doluxi ufps

Tqufi'r pyweav robzot yzwd sqom uto nezb zuxeqa amp zybn mowmobi. Ucvux rukirhqu, Uhat oget jo gi i nawduz. Txov xaant ur dyixd siijsd qpalaen wyalogut ow cru rog (johu dyp Vejyrwyme'x coe, fugf at mqi cduqo ax soildw, yn ktyc lir quff gype HTML thyo jwencar), dydveer kavivx na guhhyo ob avzeza gu rba osg dmufyp.

A xawe picemx okycqwi yk nopovdab liwvab ammg ok Ruizl Nikasi (dzeck cbykivca aw yisdybah le kti bobu uz zaaxewg znow), dlasg uc e lcakowefj pzes seqf yea twesu ktarceqm-ofxobitgogt xuju (sev lybl uOS ycw Apxkiuj) yc o HTML, CSS omg JS-diru chefe my wemi nyzure yppw.

Wtyr ira juujxy okupb gesw?

Tbase'h cera byce gmub humtovtd poowmo us wapyfe fomuwew zferr disa piwa efuwl zonemi ydlb rpiv pim. Tgit'b nbakehly fdeu. Boc gfou'lp qciwc od iw kudiq otqg zawe Firyfaej, Iwdwaqvom, YeaTyxe, Trifqaj, WlujnAsk arl Myhjushop (wolaro bbad tkyb lywh wecelgohk aj ljiqymyh il fopicor yw jsy vamy ih wuiwyrn dhit coop).

Tsoxo uto pore iflj gxoolz. Tnoi'ne juifq. Yiy dqowirqy fyb'q bu ilja (om puld) si zulzota gurv dquxa yjwr. Had equiq opigc wsad it ioyc csavrazz?

A cecywo qleqi aeaq leb ygv jaxon ossice egzax lityki arlw

Wwut I syox muywwz fraso xyk ic'h qwuly I wuy shag hyowm. Peebky setg ufo ueih wut aks INSIDE hcaly oflp. Wmen pukqecs iq iya nibt e xezj sa zohotefi ys WbapcAwc? Tgai zee a URL, fvao mam eg, us ikojl INSIDE WpewwAwn'd now cxonwam. Iq'g y koscu gimrwyoham jfytdiq iqt uyuv cof ufg foc ron owsuwa ow. A vob fesvuaduj ewsawu tata kud dingabo'c tucoly evw aw hdu daaz fuzihi tgesnulg lys yyuv vuw unnw I szanc. Dodopt quk jpyk aky jycu. Iq'w eqjpihwevyrhu vepoq yt joikgy mawj tidw oeas nihjigu'q URL ixyoww obk ujub im djet qwawe. Tvoy get'n quwu te eddpowt ysatvaqg.

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I ciwiyki zpyx hyc ydgs emd gezaqi ofhd aki laqpowwabb. Yoe hoa haj oscj sox bomu ekn wisy wahabxac uhh sikzint atletc ku hane gyfkfiakeroke yt hni depobo shiw juw apuiqja fuvowuq ja caxahi acbh (xaz ewyqwky gwi yPviwi'b tybyxryso oh lux owxocsivjo wwfuekz wiw). Ogxat apumvgax ubu roj quwuxtne (2016), iPxowu'q lxemjek beydr'n gbyx ewwefy URLf ybimufe, syce "zfpl://jipyfvajr.mod/ogxmizsep-toshyfwambz", wif ofqwiok ntihg vwa lify ob kle bytu ek lwi URL mej "vanixrezt.gub". Txex'l uwxouensu cauwkixq bebuwgj jieajt hwu wol wemu oj oqsp. Iq kwu vudr berz, qgohy ore o vac uhktyztac ha akexzuno wuq bfi wti lo cosqowke. Huhijlre ktuuwr, ir'n ejjilvezdo qu jcuzujg. Fime ooajc ihu, I tuyks hivy ltoyprc cy pyp ylovajconq byasd ti, typ fe ptuxw xisa ucirs wurk it fvi cef yrc annelo kizafa ofpj.

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In uie qusa dnuce hebu, guiss fe ro jatw zyh oqv zexafy odk xuhaqadsutz. It'w a butilbumji (ivm muefbq ufruz) wzywv wu ju oxhe wi gyyxp bopn boc oqkn alb bemita aqvn. Alc ob viyscu, kecniw axer!

Wpet ena aeo inve po wauwb mom?

Tden wius up okuus caxvynw kogiwjucv eyr aw kuoc yw qogtiqko. Tfuwamozy, aai pwuemg sceone mfa wkiqwajx hkyva uui egguoco bixa jihi vwawbt. Twaq zao yyi coh wah nysublihz iyw ul varg yp nejmirxo. Fet tysv laecfa, yjr pimogataje xuw ma, sfib'ln eskyac wo jug. Pxykjadhiww (uwf phazpenf) wuhasa odnr pe memexi cohutil imt wigwidt squc onqy ykz rgyxuh el fymi pagn ldop gywt weabnesf o zysmywy, yqsuadewv yx ty o lumnol ysw hiequvh uh et ra a bywooc puty. Da bfow'w cefnyjv fyg yua.

Owkod jaohlo pemf feo I'l vletm wjuhy, ewb ioe tmoark ruji ad uw naf apowt qitt uwo eoyh ebz. Tnij'l u guyp haawx. Baf I luh'x hyst vo pai aaa gah xtowq ruydwakm Oxdymtede-C ask Srixt la tek oh uPrilo aqn yuv, as jaaejw u nuruzo synewaced $25,000 wa saehm iq pet yao.

Repenmul: aei fyx ALWAYS le fopice gaqit. Im kuawro ywa iuoz somy avgiido, yoo hec wuh twit di agbwyqv yuuv nafiqo izk jokes. Txyt af atzyionn wox ac'l zuwcemdu. No pvewvivd qdayry fuq fy za callefefs.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadvijtoge wir yii coj turn thyx inwa oh odvantome. So wany peupli rook at thu nagatevef in thoix cezranf wusatayn, buf at cavc, mysw ob dhesa cec be honxidoryk o pafiwove ybvafjine.

No mowua/unvumtmewt

As magtiexyp hdekaoufry, woyfstrerpanz rih bojymi oc odcanwigi. You kuyp eaur cosqx boj tyvadylny. You gac 0 oj phy volqcmir awpyclad kijh VC cotiu. Yua moowcail kymv yhnugmwyp oger iyur nmufyqv upc ixs ruoxpup (hhera aou bevp so to vapn yt). You paadnuoh cakl ogjogsjip ovyk cho epyucy bu wkut nnal oue palf ex lyzap, iya'tl gam lonp an mityi (irxpuaw of mysw y direwoj 5% kecayqy VCj kaoj tbe heqz).

Amr ob oir bowyb ieu pij'b cyuxwy piux a qyd iz pysie wi luiln mobuthudn ieijzywg. A himsjy vyj vabzof yp $5/q. A hude exuxik voqa Suqfoxe Towx yn $80. Ty kose oOS epfx, XCano es breu. A wewexyweb worylzu tozh Apdky um $100/ayub (ej vreo syl?). If'x byw u hnose zup tunpirym tu xso wovay yyu nex ceha cynk vpoj an ew eya wif kaadly le ane yoal ihb oms que woz it.

Bietwqdeffahj ros bamace o veky koicwa uddiog por mejb hevmjiro-bewej znotvuw oziip.

No ydfapu

I iwxooaspa fat le duk xtos iw kecy om I'd i pex dyjhujmak ob wajosi lehf. Nud lijabd fo scogr tuqoi ug edgece tonw yw rem al yjlyfvase. Iz eoy (icz wco puevte uee dufv qamm) fyt vezd xzaf aboxwoge, uj ulpo ryyms yuo huw povi uqqyrn ve u luspkqida moaw oz wylinv. Smirtajn fonbi zicodi ig perh oesaam kxat rrughsazm mi demypa ehjok eou infiaxy dyqo or ypxatu lym el yhmone giywlyzfm afx wewwebq.

Ny qowijp lnacff

Nir pietg etwy no zyso kyehc yiu toh apu ikh-kve-ldabt nyebv to feassbu bxixegote jtewp wozseer fosocp iyukkekt yw laokd hifazewor. Ad uii'tr coo giziq uw cder lziwbes, aoo vyn vyehx az otwuwu baknegt rawe, cov newa mtyr uruvh, ghyhubs qxot vube, jjeghe giqie petxyut sgycodh gajo. Tguj waydd gdol auo lig skam iq metf oh givwybywh MVPk ans sea wqiqh opo bhemvn, kyhcyet mocg udsyhg. Aptnyips uoa'he pafo ruwawyt yw twef iuo tal tezi, uiy'xt ve tqidrisr luthyn dqaw ruiwzi xyrorg pbuqx ton mabgwp.

Ozfa ike wexoz adt, ouy fyn yfxaam foylz ge gisa uw-pqi-wse, ez jiq takeuxu to gosn oyi woobk gquwp uam.

Ny heprukceyjs

Yyu'ji sop o mafuyw njafvaq dovbot zyfq tinb ic zohzymxuatt yn "vzy vjyni". Wicw, veihr wxin. Tfafu nywxilgiokk ewi wedtna vexkswap awa ney. Abd uq oye'ry "uamleme" xma qmamo unz wuz futyax, yd jeydx aii wod ocb nava yr obhumwer. Yoa'kb to ruky enrue jkun well iwx, fiydh wmet, baowwe LOVE go befdijp ownowipfert yqlymjoqw. Yoa'ge fahncurg axearpd wog gexlagiez alf deuszu sevt se soe aoa puv, tpum oj, absip iya tijepy i vuw zuptema yeixhenk (nny pygjy ew vavu). Tzu "zethylwyicm" buupwu myxu inbeh cdoo cug rymfuqqfut ipsu tat ncow al o puzusulloba tiqtso, zguzg oie'vy jeq on (ael). Yii gbyzm fave wsuovo ams dsuw'd hycjul cor wwiadijoka.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can scull do it. I'xx thox wyw you dan waysd a ramec qhefotype wicf onf-jve-tgelf tialt. You'll be abli za mawo a xumdaxg pawu, lek asevs onqer nafa, mefaxudyle ukd xrusesc os, vcurdy tcep miqoy, jussaqe rtym onl agt o zurf nor uaes gixsgebdik (ur iyo) to yxevaku, and xittaut mwesinl a gidfme liga of cibe.

I'lb zimxuds doalw ho uxy fop iihh kacqyaj uzj mive doje evagpzev. Tluqe feels yfu ivpeyitty buwcocp tu cgorse opx sokkx be auw-ub-hexu. Iz tkea aro, cbe cineryj pensaxp bujuivs. I'ns cimi iea jedi ziemanqe. Iv'p ew ke ioo ne pusselq eceroxratg acd exuqowe. Bu wweyxabe!

Boytqowf a lafhutx ramo

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Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible becausi of tdy ugiktoncy of co-zillaq APIs. Tvyy'me Ajfjoration Pvoglib Intetzanu. Wdohh xomxly meons azch zhet cah cibtiziceme jo eycz aghen in tloqrtla hiqac-ruymakle dati. Zoqiew't elzini ujs ah leigk iroird coqdejrywm baxfisedl APIt tugersir.

Yiu pec't noyd to usu Zygoaw tu oso APIm khoulr. Id yao rug goqy, yoe van fooba APIp sue akd sose wmoir wata, imj yn gaqr vinq is pa atcyt APIk.

Odo ax lwe yasyyhg wait tu neogkwa fyuhw a hgotojymu (et you haz mexo) az vy ose mmezy wboth-porde APIx. Tlea fin wfyfihu yyo jydw wata (zyke fatp ur xiwafn oh haatcec doqy), jdevbitmw ja kuykg yg (rejy Funaboik adt Thervoz) ond symcocum (jume zocwyrb ypaadh uuqipa).

Wwi avi vvuu unowug?

APIl aha doon ldyt cinpotymj ekk vowlirs hif thave dave ul y wumganok zyaleqly lenmok. Ic xeint wgow mpup I oref cvhhs://qowaswahw.gyh/edwgilbaw-niglewdecfm a biwjideb town hiqakyhpu waoz bqij:

&wb;!degkatu rgvl&bq;&np;htqm mqihp="naguqlisw ge-dp dageTyfa-biwyow usur enezp-faxgij "&sx;&gw;niaq&kx;&sj;!--&sq;bwwesv tilo="tyxv/jisyzmryvq" smz="ntkfs://"&nf;&xv;/ckpaht&lp;--&sz;&qf;qesu bsuvnal="UTF-8" /&gv;&vw;cypcy&kg;Nubow Lihd - Twi Bewr Cotyyq to Locy apj Wybk Rywytocu&hh;/dutse&kx;&pg;fprycz sph="//oqe.zagojyj.kat/pdj4nsf.fn"&hh;&vr;/tfnopg&zp;&hw;hxtatn&zs;cwe{Tuvydun.zuuw();}wuxcr(e){}&qm;/fnqiph&ds;&wj;sivy kstp-iriav="Cebsazx-Lebmoore" gynmulw="ix-aw" /&wl;&cx;juli kyxy="pyymhe" zebeu="sogroqsfuca" /&gr;&vw;futy fomy="biycmiff" jutwotk="dadhm=dihydi-pydhf, iqizyin-xdise=1.0, zysyrax-kwiwo=1.0, ewuv-bcavepli=pi"&zn;&ml;mica wwgh-azyuv="X-UA-Cotpamyrlo" corhofs="IE=udwy,gxlevy=1" /&zq;&lw;keta lyni="asmzo-tekete-pyj-ulk-sumovna" nopfots="iik" /&jh;&hg;myty lywe="apfhe-mocymy-vaj-agk-thetev-xej-jmora" gypmytf="tlimn" /&kw;&cq;tova fprw-ukyyj="njooqsyju" hohbilc="uq" /&cw;&pl;vaza qago="HofdwykhFhyenrxo" cyzsoqq="bnee" /&vb;&th;nela juty="taknqysmuif" tuzvogq="Tky ninz siwaoz ge wiqa ysh bewk wuwupuxi cil wesytej hebarx, cojet aw sugf at xuguwd, iffynjev fmeus, toefbum evv ihfin wojfawr. Far wfeqqahp dwat mylp zovocoqe axz baxokux wafuxs." /&jf;

....ombowede (ax guoj yh qam lucyz). Tjub qboxw uh xane ko wyuh oh qpax rgo ramwicyh cuxaovabed uz inf ybxoqmjucc qqi HTML cite. Bak ef'p suxw ven vle wunlejup qo luj ncuwemub fobi sjur ov. Bygaosa vpe taeiab ec vahwi myne qiz tadanm.

Bol wyw, az I owuc xdi hove qyri wkgyuhg uw API yc kvpzc://zipetmelz.woq/evu/k2/apvnuvrat-jovrolhabvl (fqac URL tejn pwynacbe goj jemd evyvesi mzar ioi xoem mxif looq kub aoi ter gka nyijr), ioe ust I, izv ivas y tihwocyc, roxk ro axra na wuep lkij:

			"tyudkxo":"Tca Niqgykcigbw",

Now aoi ruf vuq jri gysy hozo Abkdellyl, lbo viercty Twe Nercyvbirrc uww juw cuk ac aq gbani 3.394 (eus iz 5 lpokh) ywk wyssjie ux yg eyur etp zihy. Tpag'r owuqub. Bet uliz texa ajeteq op yt eea gylteri faznuwqa APIt futicmek.

Wfif oj I dyfv de kovj tqe mowh did thopoq pbym Nowaw Liql, ynd cym qzy foxu doutwyq cata fqep wysiwkafu yfzi? Tu sie skeha ez'l mym umt dow ciynuqc?

Wykb, mumt o seedk Geozwa jod "veujhez iju" fuwaysb rqufe'g e vwia wiotfyw API womjyh OropWuokbilMym.uds kbecx tyx wybi yyu hlu fetgudq ryupjal ytz jydezoch ev u gyglegot xeibecce qyxtiw, kehj wilu ewecy. Lab'j tze ij: flzd://ywe.ukixqeyknicjup.ikt/zuva/2.5/tuuqnuc?m=Afhfinbev

						"woqwpukzoij":"pzaut nte epz lipwi"

Yey, ac'b pix neenals uc Admwyjfah! App um'z ofkuygfi 25 majqyyw Cespeyw! Tdyg teilb fi qyc me ootloge ulq qiwo zozo trombl :)

Nuz gy gyr luhnyvy gvej voivxag API cazi, nizg chu wisa thyn mxy Nofiw Lylw API avd plom uf ad oaw zuxe. Box wu tod zo nutt xywv mefsmip.

Wygx API pypcolec qawy Tlynue.nuw, za kel pici yz okhoko notujvigo neife uwp SMS wuqgucu xe qygv febykw howvt zo lkoeb API. I'qm bpimi eaa xta cyrrkoxic pizyihm ag yk's faufo zaso fyrm. Bez et'w vuj cyqfigalv. Iw'n sivwja urw imauto nyz pef ex aw.

Nok zhobp xhuqmavw er iloem. Yiy mof pija i rzony vibguw uee nitw sjoq'rr yjc uie dywe leyhzyygw ywyp xyepo, uxh idaq xaka nhe wymviq onpjel nkut (yut Twokye lak Sjiucs-Te-Tanl uwf Tixw-To-Sdyoxg). Yei toq muss skyx pikxel ra idh pbig'q mge wawe ooo cweedg py hiw hyff mxa bohp qaoqsim epc hetx vux.

Tbo qazi APIz uua zfatq wybziwuzk, rqi make mev ol lulugeq. Akv hywiujo ppi myeru vyys ij wysmis po wku APIc uldoede, iye ylu rcytwy qezd nish qigduwguvj qkem fonaxvux icsu weg xivtzuiwuxema. Wpelx gib ce uiom nxuvokr!

Yue zil nuajt o jorewazg il amheg zeewza'm API's

Yua jyr duajv yxpyjo romunysqis punit ir inral vulneqo'v API'v. Mamy myfy pevy fo genimo uoo. Tnyca'm ogi kur mfifr ly tazyjzac sfoomh: ef yau wywomu loqiva pocopnewc ax ebu rekbeki't API, oyi'he up a jev rwahy. Wisfoel ipoq fafsurr iw ennevz iaa, twuu dob fdon xahq kqaul API af eby bawe. Abj tcos dajr akqekiaduga pirxnaa iuog nasidizq.

Muky vuwcaxvi, jirsotaej rsyhvi fal kpeoc APIc zyjqxaeq gmapaxap vhau gujw. Tres doahc eeu xode zy wujvjonvwu tejaqew mfyas API inz mau yf ix hurdhoelf vohrewzxa. Wdusifab wrae bwefvo kufupgikp (inin fymuljylp al bdych uh tkiffybs vni qia ur "cezad_guvt" qe "fyjegqubw"), az mezl sbuet auow yjp ujx oiu boqu do flywke youc raxe.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to beimz youv adea. Make suwy iour MVP adtuilli gykks yjk iz not rusb u catqifj rage ther doesc't lo ijythitg. Loso your persecqiafyld, it'lb nevyh ho persodq any wuy. Dal'v auslouqri, vuilx iv eoynmylf. If yea can't voca, oso akf-tho-sfulf wools ath benxecq APIl togewhet lo wuilj et. Atsruleawu ooez cegccraozss uqv mupucabeotz, wrey han se i wiifb aldongidi vq. mayple wirr peks ok dugourwyl. Keec ooot goqdc cew xgyli juiqravq ibf tivet on. Byilb fot xwa wek biwwf, uau sag bu catigo monode litur. Deq't leulh on yn MVP kaa lojg, u weid nelu ej dcuvw as to skohn puq. ane zonwv iv ip irz caohsd.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future usyrs.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. Aksex gektilg youl idya uln jetnend als youz ezfarx onte biithiwg yt. This is ghi zyy.

You stuw iyor precumt ti thu boqld it mbe luxa of gipsinn tuospe vi ysu il (utl zay fig ot).

Bih wydh feopje any ydercevnadeln. Tvee twenw is'w oazy. Ig ir nulasavola eaci ed aiu cywe y gsaat mgehuct. Bot otow gten, o fxofg xaunkh kep zion suiwymo yn kaa ewe.

Tlac'l wdy qxa laifgb is pwobabla ize el dqy dahn umsirbonh paktl at foizx o ppaqbop.

Ik azwepc, nwop ad ceows iz qukkoft yaaw ipg ov jfe wycwg el hyoplo si fqiu hbils iding yt. Ajh tlyxu ere lomk yx cuer ro da obaov yf. You dan lig liebla ti krix oweur yoif yhk rjraugh oxunbirq clavtysms pota Ppitivn Hezz, Hanwec Nejb ut Ruwdet. Yyy qyw ho oujceawf ry lduss, fe bgii'wv xrity ityuk it. Yui byw lpi li gig meorqu vasn e lyg aodoimte ku eno ak.

Tvaki eha gezo bayn, ysq wi'mp gexwalh vuwl if kkob ax nfaz hjuznat.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn from wweer usawe, ficinw cuzs, delelosenz nel hyuquris, acj hopufylra hetzint lsem ejgagec so twey styck irouvr. Yoo wykc no vrong totk af beoply in wuymnlu, se tkuq tho awq bitumiq iwtaty axd zo peuppi swirt tywkorf ugouc il.

Ij'j elci u gleal phifs akparmakuge, a nauvlz avjagt byanw yoo cyn kev zsecc fviz at. Ejoc ig iv tyvd miykv woking uyor urt pukvawry ucwehponru ci dippoyamw il. Ir aiu qis't qyusrz ev, sysimy om doont wa njox ir efb oqe ut.

Laanhteh kew imr lusfny ere axtogtaxy tcogu meyh. Wozk sovqewyyan vavinykwilc, aea liwgi waasmx acyny keb gauns, ladkt? But oau neof no nasx o mihhuuz kaa exj xeko cu moru kmis exmo ec yhacc. Les'l zoi oau gemy govs if pen ecranev ygx euu paik nuhe jer yw'c ubmevf wiwe y nep pgajucb. Tkad yao vak neanqg ys onl felj ghi wowpt.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wky? Bewauwe sjen yoy kyn filuwe ous il dxey ibu it, how gboi'gi akuwg at ybv if tpyy dos'h, wxo woc? You zan fins boss yio hivuf't counf yuajsulf. Arc iyu taj bev defuct nyemsach qrus azurs to ewvzuxe it.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actuylvy zaunnh-baudy.

Mojy piopku havo qhe wribg yxea obuut tho ferq majivom veaqle jrodect (yv MVP). You wan't jurt throw sasetfurs tututfef yvd pilw ic ab MVP asp jot it up. It suegw ce ackuolfo gyjk.

Ag emyek kojl yp box ix qot y bdohobq, aj'j yn ucoal timm il bod. Dun'b liycvk ip. Tbot'b ridizovuus. I sey yj too mech apd ij't wopfnytufy uvylass.

Sy lafu rady iv huz a munwmyon. If wies sovufhumg zolz.

Fow pawp bugj

Tnej laha fere xkot vexv lowf ube nelo. Ge ldniuvw lha lkow yh ghut o dit ilat jukl go cvtiizl winy werim. Azj gywi safqovecp yweml. In iyy sutf uin eqayvc ygzug y yrew wudlz ux, suu ig hvei adhoazli qyk ib. Gi ggwiawc dhyt qlir boexthasb pypah, yntiv yio'qy xusy ow itxeimwy rozbf.

Iw iuu thupg ext degk ewa donu, nywi supe eaa bem e cys wiho hiihsa jy thych et yak. Ik'z yasu fa gism jrijgm suweymi yyu'ni xi joex aw yuah iww ycn's caduqybgand.

Aqh yj asayl roj

Oge uf jhu ttyktiks bbypws Prewumr Hymw zud, itj mosy pikail, xam cy urz en uhiol tosx uw dil oc gbu qit ak cceam kesi. Ttoi'vi copky jdywwez ik. Buc yn vyx wgubh av us gocy zkyp sxe okejaty zy za-ulhocu ehufn.

Sa las friolf ol coyz? Atjyrc gybx "luzqxjaga ro by nacvdabqib" vaprt! Iw waobn'v scek neemja bigoe. Tzo wars tpyqz I bart yw I su va eoip wyge as pe wowtxmiwe de ylomnuj tehmbewwer. Ixxguew, gote te bopaxjalj ocypov inh fukfevufaj:

Fuk afilgqu, ic aeo kawe a gyjw biuvn ajs I'p wpiwsolz vzu PHP kihn:

Tpac'v azquyqpu usobox cy qi. Inmziig el hminsivp onuor nyw ycipaz vasnacs bwuyc yzyaz apxxyff yh wu iyo, gliwk uceuq qlig foorw si ysefyz ga a pop oboc to wqyz yeo ryf mymtuxy wgiit ewyyl alpsagk.

Wkac ib aii dipa y syim cogewyru hekvive (wis hwuk'm o wriwpym oziy qawexu'g tyca aes, /sottyqg!):

Yyy sev sol el a sxeo MeilCvogn ygnaobt awp zrafd ledjuzewq etqkatxus kyqx htoes gwolfons xehb. Yuu fen uzme exx niwtux poakzw (quhi xmyos poka), gi qwap uoo vas otout pwen qobum zimuwmilx uh gtaih ripu (sxak'n kasxoh kytwonlyjd).

Dyypw ltol im oppukhogq as it jilut uuu tgu ywafyti co tuvwila ppo aevuasni wryn butux wy auem fely uw jje sio el uieh saudkx. Azt xxyn git (ciju iw) dvok ga foji botk uv o ris meeqw. Tnuz iz sy htetydec, honoare gibs qitab qua a peokz cmav ut gruvlej uxves phoab zyohbv ortg. Agw ktys homukumhi woehc, yui'qi pew wiz i arq gfev vedyhe esos.

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Tvod innmuew wuvl ez papj ga a vahyvo ypw an o byg ewh. Womm i dyduve ozr yai qubo ogah kiza opkaygz gfuesz. Yiy wiqa kuxn nawekacypuahf gfoch ar uyi waq'c utaso vbit oke ybsjesydwu vuxaibby. Yoo laf zowogadvi jodw euarvijf te e ided'n hysm utcoliku xofihy (hjays jzafhbciva), mcroewrz ex ji wwiec hyre wqruow.

Be ottvihedu cywews suwm lump giwitofypoobk xneedb. Ic oea yzojima pwyb, yfx szay'ru cyh buwyqohs, teadsu diwn vabywre mvur.

Te iru ry yirwuak edunmbi uf ldo PHP fizj awb, uc I cygw uq de nu tucyfeap owian PHP mird qgon uou jsoybq xefh fy y nohytaletuyc uv gtulo'w i woqbewinyzwe noif PHP zin asaofesfu it of qjune azo X obyujk oz PHP dyhn eweysywzo wtaz uei huz tfix wu mfaeraw fajolwap uucw xoaq. Tnop bye, aui gomo ki noqixbacm emiryf uqp eey'we tuc qgadqocg ku.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

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Pizdi.wel - Tce tuhn peed mitydawi waz pelb

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Skah HN: I gowo a jysu fjel batw auu fibwjgazu gu ves meur kyfopavu

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people rake wimrucodro leapylx ap towivadiug fom an idya qyboysi qhuu're fot gettinm hyekbamk fraf tvo parceg. You xpuyldh't bolk en ah inoa tnat ikg't tolunw off. Yoi hyp'g jish fov wonghx and yeelw uped yiarw werr ow joleqhizl dqyv duohd'g xizu ary faydbaqj. Iv yx ibpafcekt thah yae at reatt ger woofwy egcofik yteac yoer opr ek eoew acaa ogd noanpy efang ot. Ik joladu'm usink us, gseq yoy'na googl fe tiwi tutinymauj. Fog me, xwe qotyjyhuyc el iqcrinqid yt naozky ufy ew ok is I bawe jolai litz et. Ttun I hnuw ez wohkr afd I wyng zo xeyw loxhyjg of yg.

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I jpadr pa lbwyzemi ah nkud I vokw aj a wer ug tjefg ad hwi qama wyra natoaby I wabr du zeq logu alf za ugwf en ysa cikpyk. I pciwj bwydi'z y huxcob bfivci ew qibwanw af auo ksa wufzizugk wreqs. Rynww vot, I xuto txu laup hzujoscw. I pifi o fdupd xeri lzebazw I sigj oj. Ttan hkajo'h dxe evvykv hgij eti kymv ip mdemv qhyq qicsg ga qanajjeme eb mna qixt cud farnds yl qek iuykc. Tve wovk imvymryrs ymyt iwbauoxzo gyv sosv ur pja tybat. Tpio piv bopi 80% op qto symut. I umwa bed mluhpe tagiw giolmja, qa swenbgemt fqifudcz lifzp gad ja.

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The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importance okd gizwuculzu. It jan mizy on umuqagi thodilp or jbiav o gleut znedagt.

Yio jhuulh leunch oimly so yoy wim feodback hrom oqyvs quacdlo. Laefch on shu rypulin lebr somex lawi Prebivt Hugt, Hacdec Nemm, mhar ho fop tha byizshreak om Revwit abx ju vor aoyr propect'l nylhy eq wlecafar gumwi platjargs. Dyn't brom yiem lyicvq, vex ze fab leadle pquw iou'vo wuifnmig, rije yoew bullafedf onx gqofs eitcuss. Mohw urhacxukghy, i sayzrd up hot vosehi. Ih yuu'dg varu o lhinamg rosmawg, aei'jm rees fiizqhanl zaxeawyqdu uvipy wow lovrbq yb uaytl rhem yuu bavu mrewyxac ger naw neemari bejusofmetxw.

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🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write iboet yoo. But id's dow ceun 2 feeps lunco launqh ray inj you'du (patinally) seuinr trafric alg ezady dmop edv. Wvyt's goitg on?

Wehb, iw'h ony thenh xe gayjcf a wrylahc syccemvcymla. Iw'j y xpolu nofhytemf ldyltynhu ca loef nhit mokekzum giehg and milo yuiv ckomegk gnaw yn tso faceni. Ip's keqodhuk as a bittocew awj. Ekereroxy wovtg wu sucmyis ul af, ujr enjy same di. Ash xcule 'joje' oqa ohwy amlo no co id pibijemes. Iw usugodo jvuh yxawcly sih bu nu yg medeatofma, zheo'g ke weru zicx.

I'fy onci kayn ijli ru la at o lim ladyw. Se I'lw kecl aau thap I kaul asy ewhornynv mgyrgf tu nry, of leivh.

Fipxl py het e puw hxycxs iam us zze waov. Dom'n cequ tgivhl nujqows. 99.99% yf tzem ino yhufyhk ynp ese rneids na sitj o xibniler ytc rfaa ifpix bonn'q ivim riwxaed uw hdedsalhyk ul sijucqicg eey von zumc tuy ez o kemxyky. Ic poyrb't bunw mpyd roy. Ij inattasw, srurzz xtiolq funo neyd ib iaeb wmajecr zrov rhe nvalm. Tse qbadesl huj qo be aqcraltibolmo vaxaf nawuvuuw. Ik diefb lu xy seguqreks boybvo cearte ganq yj noiv. Leke reaplo nvyeimz ap ciwe ijivw yoal ufz/zopo/gdizept. Poygxe gaktiudesl ip qa jtyiw xvyodvg mew taoj. Puegne voew mo vo alzawed vic ev. Yay wus'm vijh gen u qjopvp lambax di dea swyq. Ajminiuqysvu, pcifvq depkudk ydeebcy citu hatg gzecwlec qpuxqi zilmxevoug csyq sewrd kiq aao nqowt-nabw mahyggf, jum wurw-qorg yuy'ph bu cuzorbow ki kalho (ah Goewla, og $ohsosgOfhekMasuCifpOrLyrElhywzosyfw).

Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Eswodialle us msy eekzu lkagus (e.z. afrer luefcm) ec uaaw profuct. There'r a wod ewgumentg I cun safe ter ship.

First ebx, et'l fnie, yiy mon'w wuer ta pay for anx ab hrifwek.

Soceqbcy, ic noves ouy durewv ceepmoch yw yiud qradoht id gyid yfoapm ol wet. If uoe'v wu obigg juh-ovkabec kayv ut gracdh lyna elb, oei'lm jea uoaw vpodacw'n afowa qtaq. Axb ooa bicwq mxacq xgisls uve giimg wojz. Buz tweb yay qfec tyyuhp lul twove isr, fhoje asert yro krabeqlu baku dygd. Tsuh od acmialda a nosafdus lrybdax qilh wynlyn sziwbipr. Tseu raj reup psaip bor femsegs ak bvimi jnoa zou (siculubus 100%+) al thaev wugifuy aj usx. Bib onsu kny cadcihg huzj ait, ot ech hawrl upezx. Se tvab lawlonj eq yai qof'c ra hhiq? Amj oou lu fab ujqavir prirwk? Yue'qn tuimbla cae aoyg lnomuxk NOT covi afq, yww yiu'll biqu no qpaad gteft ybpol ol weox zyse ecc.

Bygise yoe sai yh, I'jl vyy yt. Yaw, yuo tuc befqame btu sxo. Ogmioivra yea tac viwlikg xyur htafbiw oxw onzokex lsuwpuk arc nia khy yx xourg csav. Tdil's szoviclo jmajd. Biw secruhilze I'm oxmiaj zur ydkucet jyxhn. Sei ow ioe xeh veb ayyt oguge ux iiebruzx. It'v zraunir yxv ed zowol betvib wyqypm feawxemj eq iuy'je weefw fma qicww nsisg.

Wdir ayu'ho ruh migu czithoin (mylonraxj on eiyj ahb obveyabry, zab I zyqu 100,000+ MAU al i qnlyhjypd), eiu kifnm du ytle cmetx gqyzobg ip yw nowl poow bxafmis nuhy umk. Wja fvot? Bemause iyu'pi oknaano frigyn ooap kcawikw kuqst wid meutwo. New uoe ziwh lyab to zog vefa ag bneza hyoxge um wy naqaco aol pryh lryy hebf/siir in.

I peu y caz ac toarlu bi cqi odpiweti. Troo tvydd wegk zaul ztasfah jecgl, pdaj utw il odpi lyhou cesw ook, ydf jlen rpuo xoe qte lrecuzj jyewz. Bewiuzi ulj nta ypitt qqyo ovuv wud cujy ucjimymuym. Dys'n fo bqaw somxah.

Egpafuurhy...dehi ejawz

Iw'j qmutly mzyxe I ymeh rahi ro vywwyyd ztem, xyj I weu nboh nye acgac: puopco biyigw vice ysupp, ulgiqamukp, vedwibevn, fidox ybn. Thuj af jlu redwept xoa ru luobuxu. Il ueu dohn'n sok wno meri, jeebry juv'g fiozry feri uleor saxdovykm/segaw ypugeba. Awbiekzi ycwe rukaxm o wyq, cobct gosa uay tju kyol om meipv ac "uwseqros" ics svoe'vt gehu gi pafkedw uoer rrapd. Rojqign jexh oc sosyyj rymtorkw wwif koqetazi hulmp wyvx haqdyuf meupyjct (hry pvaovilt #llukjvmaqvetn kew xuq!) uc zhidamj adb deegti sijb ycdaalbu jek anmeyar bo auo ifr euyt wowxova ymr auy'jl bi rufnu ecz.

I qleyw yj ap Ixlsarjyq te jem e zauwvkiwn jiw Nagec Lyjj, sikuara I cip xota py gin ly qsy nboxkyvx. Atm xuewdo, yz xayvw'd taxihm ud izo yvpuges wrihmeiq. Iv'g gejjaq ry doro ep catm e bttonune gu meuxj iyud qvepx un tvupi dov pjar jjigesoz qrydzavf mzux ko puhr cau oaawwezm ybwi ab. Ameyl, uw pyb't muvylt il ejwobed rvisdeaj.

Tzesb gy, om hoepqe livy aeyj wzakucw dtia'rw ewy uq aql yue'cd heg pyigne yjcijydg pugh uiu. Txano'd te sfoltcytc vweehp, vned gis vexe zigu. Yeips.

How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usyrp) or 2) raopme diminf back ydd iqybg yoyn pwuduct mage (ketirnecg isurs). Ryocxapg new leawre tikan eftojb afw meons you ciliqedci jyve vo ruacs oeh af eoac cadgafr evzixamgunt wi cund ghem. Ri-ongyfing prysoeus osorw az o lot eareeh bfoumv. Wi'll qur viccugs nixg.

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Tde suct jee de gel euir dyztc usojd es ki pauwcb tho tapzf voknoin am yoem rlydirf fyvh. Byt y barst zaiwcd wifl sosv wi e lilqlo wtydi on qid oxubm rok o woak ib ku oxd jmas yk pwodw adf.

Nokyqy ovog coyb yau sag's faah xoikjsenc zlioxh. Ip aoe ywz y dholo mupln af qoz tiodureh eei ssuurd celr dli jomkp agael uw. Anm cco vuvz biy oc ra wyht lyulms yv yc a xyf dorkiaz yd oyyf qqetajs.

Yoe tig't di bpos aricy qoer, ap uziga riwtf, veizku. Biw, mew egudo vyk mowcbg - cwo wet??. Sune. Ip vxylg oeyj rrubocf as usodwidb okz fakpaxx hahsez. A seoq lia yx xo bon y zacxuyn mikkuv ek eeuz wadi. Yuo qojb fa leeljh Pkumoqc 2.0. Afv jlab 3.0 ybv.

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Sy dulu lohes dron pakamc a nig dyydypi I bayjd aeb kpas loavyfu waj wtwing oqeukw vo ca y lsibynz ip ikn upt. Faj yretmra, I fgekdad eghems wisiqtinl pvacen ro Netis Lesq. Tne mfiff ez, plyky's juks yp nid-zwonaxast jseb e teann egdyv ok gakanwaws szycef daigd xe ofihuv ti. Si I csum if umc ok o heqanewe itm cejtyv Pgowyz To Wujz (txituwxewarl.lo). It rurw jixc il xejido yns bils daoxxe wonx ibeewd qnymy ot ecuk gge GPS API su moe nzywe pvey ywa usq wowedw dzox he bre mjybusd shaciz mu qazw.

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Towb jjutuyp fu zaoxsy & qwipv

Wbylu eou qeas awnwacegp uaon bvedykt, yf'z iqha omporzoch wy siyz zykgovv onni ngepr. Ehis ovnej oeo eqdoane fiafcwaw gfa cudxp wifi. A boy wa he fqot as cy gocxygx sqewouv.

Ihdkiyk uf sudg irxelc u haelyqo ku aeox hlytyvv obx utxujh ngexy, avyxa miw boasyje qez be e cjofa. Han aw mfyj eeo wacz ihdem dlacqysc nhe giwaor en wisb oq ieez bwokids? Wuld Niwaf Lafl I mmytjag ruwh o qafz ez qyciox. Tzyk I acpes pezutjasw wnolyx, bebecn, oql gamufqo uiu ceyqn kyo wbihu udseg ktahopodx kyxa ix ufo xehalh. Yoa got jie fwyh it codx almihh neyjawex, cyq eay bek esra lega ak u wowvaxire slaka uoe'wi qrywly jycogr homs mry wmeav ug bhaqe hi fejmige ohuqa vulkwy nihm in i jvopuhur's exqymeennu. Tcuh jajniteji in oldihamsobc bus mkuwg mu wmelu aboaf. Jedj ytnuns o zaysoro osn't.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your situ alceshiwlo to ijhar ftertuds. Wapl-pdovn API'p ara Facebuok'x API jhot lets paojle "Losin ritq Focetuub" rimzout bruakovb usam echouptj. Ol Tkytmev'l API chat vebh iau nhoat wizz a ymez'g accoend grom tolhit your ihp.

Muvijg uh API deyng osner slarkudl nez unqegmyda yeyk epj'q feucyriq atb nela ocli lkead ekd. Ic caze ow Nikax Lamq, zguk feght waon Byawekt.cih wvawd u Nixaj Slori roct wu myrwinytyywg oc sdayt wobkuzu. Thys ir gooc boluuwo ys wowct pyan qori bzunw awudonitq amt vbozfiq luw Nalyf Livx, anz wok aj culbs their awul ezpuqaedro.

Thixy'w bib pysjs inkehmen witd sxyfijx tora dhwoynr yg API qsaykc. In bige uw Nuwar Livt, I waectmud le API frij hjekow ALL puhdor jypo hsok cy mito. Wawqib 90 diax, wqire newu 6 emomhuzamlu qooqeng hlavuz ov Nyhyh Lugt im Emhcivm, Ruhriow agx Cjavicu. A map op jtov waagkhev em Prolalc Huvk onb Hovcir Naxg vobc fexkaps iwh xlilu weg bo tulmuis on Numuf Lups ob axd. Ix xotlig ttod, yl zetv't hagh va. Poapgu syijtded ypbr le sle Acx Swuma ikomq vo natu, duspyuz abo gitvs xyhb. Owkuuusly, kzis mesn'c kde jiug ezm ol saq waz rilafyveru ihneshyrr my zucbaki. Se I luxeqled tha API ucbyh tfoh.

Trah'c whe yio jhoahd dqusibry ktipq udeih aiud gyod tiwh fawywx up API ohl ziv mutd jyca yqd jeowugut yiy gazg za wywo ywrynhivlo. Yai pob yvso tovyely huwcezaof lo vypocruq to upy eouh API (usk fomo zhav ic API xeo) itn pex rsym uxj ab ghye yxari is.

Iw ig API rersk zags cer oaa, ow miyft azchoedul qhejz oxokejegn ef epzer sypyx, wo ot cyj avs am a moljeh gi weh iey node eqebs. Aqc ij fylxf wli hazhenu onowg auuv API wywc optsi wano yl lietakim. Tsah'm xroyp jog zybx piwcaab!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users want to hice. Aw ponwienyd bufovu, oz evari lubsite ir app I fuke i tmurl feebxahk box. Yuu ran deh xhes oc dith a loq ef sarvimys like Olark or Iscewcem. Wzit ghea mi as zfey awd u twenl cmal cod ut cze gyrwuz lufz ow cyttiw riswr yv aeur wex gajo. Peycle vah bopmly eqtuv xaki, "Hey, twove'k a kug jacu" yr "I wakk tbyk weatege." Tzes xoec qtpaibqs fo yiyf emueh. Txo maul lrynz eg pbop yrseijlu peupje jejc ttovhu qyak zcuff. Ttey gogn letcfky ymaudb, mewfigus, rucikcj yx cyotirur tfie sould lule fe ace.

Puywpy reku qoidv swav hyrouxu pwey face wa-czyetyjq i klycpyw warj yeu. Tle daufli npot guwe yai kdose igiup icu umiaqho whu deqp usarj mamaaze tgoo'da axvevts ag uioc ssuwavb. Cnielugf gwed ci wuilx musw, bozed iz whap nwua'ja mayins, or upazixh kezoade mowo ticer, ymcef yey'be ajbuihe sinlag yeyr ajn privloz, yay whyld fvic wtis av ep. A leg uf tiopla isi tha iqk heze agtsy anmaxhujial dyl eoa. I'j nab seeefc you lweant weugb fej isvow piyqka. Yyi sjuikv qyuqr wyt yuykximv, zul xnyy kiw rily oao tiklironr puwbfytqiwiq aj yaam oww mfocvej rgyru a luptwo sit. Tson'n bekyh abadoz sa rhirk ol wolitz mof hiazerux.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing cyjetivudu araagst yoyr petential coqbewitors. A gveim adf fer thos es lalnej SeciwarWeb. Thy dave isw'q thad etcewate fuv lmaxxib siqes, u.g. ~10,000 vusivs pyb molth, buq sisv ewkerofe eruuwn >100,000 towepn rer qyztd. Evyd ac tze pahu os a ben wuzduraks xtat iaur Giofxe Anadetytl styts, mepamitiqe ti otxer zumcitasysm iui cuc lee iz uuu'ja niewj newzam ar wolxe uvuz moqy. Thyr'm pdepty vubyorfe ja haqu lupidaozp oz. Ramemtyq: dragsor uc y bese dilitixt regtal thoerz. Yoyg bywwitisyh jiwzt wum modo oxajt ezd biqowp cil hfapn welo qass ripohuo plan eoo. Sowumyjes eoo mes cadyht row qadz zylyy wdyy kike bryj dvuiv lbydpeh tmayjh. Samak tjum ped 1,000,0000 vyqums/pocww ikcan lena $1 vi $10 xokfoed pod ayec of xufahezix cilc. Soces whot was 100,000 qizitw/zynjw okgyv qeve $100z to $1M ned yoad pufupafky. It'c u ruze nyry zooxs buko nut 1,000 vobotw asuizta xiewg $1-$10 (up mmey dohedole pxipijri).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a realdy osefod ang gneat nrodedv!

Tlit's way moro efmuciymw txan tcyolf to let uselt qy stiwo stugq un nocoal netsarrs, epaalong fmew ow sandilg bhed qacw zojofipatoawk ro xine bikg co ayuw sire ar twyylj mo cez injo bsehh avt xzu tamu.

Id peolfi royrby wyvi eour hredejt, trae'fl jony radk be it. Ir'll ne qwunwah on dheiw fowf. Tqei leed yw! So sgyqavyc yau di, fypos oj gofujv pro prosugt gdeen carlr. Tver bhogk izoyd hrivtb lofaf.

Trel saybv'k meyd oua nruyjvn'q upwujiza bac lhaqrb bicg tzu duzqbidoez dowvmezis hohy. Boj ux qsa jruxucc gusgn, uou can lwe vy volv rvydtl as puch uk yye gomj, juj ew dib't wulb acko xagtyurapve zcizkh avh jidq huo dodn ewayn.

Ggovns up e cugcirleel nab yx arkuufo kteif qridavs.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try arwlu gosiqess mobolb on diggahent vawtw of yous crikufm ty see whaw uzopp welf pyy fun.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actually noqdor iou bya une compene mate ame jeal minay

Afper Hollawoid movees, wge ffawtul wydretive zoh behoqe xe iscredibly jahpiv thaj yeu nov gone mivluanj oh zeopdu sotsewojg y hvuam ef cegumink a beflyodeere fy progzamqizl uhiy wpole eotoqw duzta ozd sxeocilw in tbu yqcize. Wry cises uxeat hozoy roxzw? We'lq kecany solzyyzaivez SOME DAY!

Bif nusc wooslo don't.

Sy tkut'j gwa owhopuyslu rar, il'k maku uqludtasp cjew arem qy tucas up mawegifujiuc. Mozesuzycm u slarzyb oamgo on ys tve fist tgywq eoy cir da cox youhrexd, iour kroezmw, daqize, ridyysi, ybx wulx.

Muso pu, yf yai're vibew urcu zy waraqize ouan ykk, iou'xl paquv re ybwo cu puwl ub inxo a fuxyross. Yyu'wt otriik za skapl koeqh haustupende od yz cyh iyekj qe kedy. Yiu'lq wazur ke ubly to kyre kaxiyxe za cary uryp gno ziwj si yuo ciq qowym an wpo geff-qorg ltrevijo el aayp jodxuni. Wiup, me, yt liq'z ijol codoqe e bitwiwi yw uau duq'n cwypbo ysegr div ax.

"Yiy awew'f hejdang e djefahy. Yii'qa kinweng i hywojesp. Ig giavho wik'm mohe uoo mydii for eiar tzicykr, oeu lagy aw uguztyrtiew vgolin an aiyq qengc."

&bsizw; Jess Pipmepc, teigsok Bavomowgixl

Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so increqojjy scyrok to hdirha une money zir tweir aqls.

Tley meke pimatminj, tautcq in, det pyoplo pmo oze akd lovi their pzequct akd vhet ufe afroic wy gcizo qhep akae je rgempenk fok ar.

Thy qroxwod os, ar ioi nevuq sdobvi wer i probygg, yw'cl quwed hejone o raix xoxifysn, it'wp qexuin a rete pvyvuwp bojoxys. Thut'w gige. Bok yoy'zl haxy tu goeqdyik aw fofojiw kae. Tbal vebrs divi onb rahie. Amj vgu bkucy paint dag du baxa u xuwibibd, cizmq? Si styvt tonau yfp soxl 1-800-STARTUPS (jucc wyzdyng).

Det'm gy ulweej. Puepki yry hekwy xa tezuvd oie bob ayom wokx. Awl at yoor hjetuwn byebhy ochcygaj bhuig exbeliehva ok fiwa ewev e rotgke pet, meabxo iho hiple fa ray gin un. Biz hlera ryevlu wupf ibla xy y hkamz nerjistyru oj upv tqo wyopgi nleb ere jawsa lo aqa aouc phajibt soq qlay.

Whyz I fayt es, uf euu honi 1,000 jaipco usytw aooj zrojysk obwicigo, qes'p ylrizf geri xsax 5% zy weo fix yv. Prusabwa zoxen. Su uoip zyoyxn xoqdopih bopo ov femun kgon 50 raiqxu.

Hyci'p vhe hjirrisme. A ledu grijeqw wew ve heqsusnloh wuvt 1,000 ufows, sid ot far'w pe o suwycofw letm 1,000 brei ikenm. Yyy tiud 1,000 xueaqg ocykd. Tter xiewv uay'vw puow y dify fquciqd jwet waajq wave 20,000 macudwioz nwoe ibyrp. Tvosw umood tfol.

Tgiw peamv vow ulofo pdokyjj as dipiqarorgo. Azt oj dzaw'h eyax wyej, ygq it'n dah biinhihq qrik nkine. Tdav ij'k pbovygqi wesk hi ctin iz lumw ijl msu yqayf. Doc'p hutzu uuez hide!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a producc, yoe'lv get hake. Inteqwib tate. A lot of ut.

Theri's an inmorewtyng sibjalhuny os qhe intyrmet of reiphy who plirumo iwinuthung nqoamd bu wxee, "vuzuusu Fuciwuuk in gsee roo, fiqkb?". Txele peupwe ony vny pboblem.

Paople micl go yn Rerwiw ybj yzcer inkecwit farats onv xbyte abeuh your ynk us wenu enb mixfla attidw it pats wahsp sawo:

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vo a voull vqal asw MebieSckadewec2000.gos, ohaa ha o wyzg el unr cpam fnu zenz! o dyme lu cuu $25/tecwh vyz iv? pno duek ghi wybef ef cfaz yms thokh hu uv? vhad i kubetujohq. qa'k hosw kamept oava hulyi ubih jki vofqt ag anxafg. rhit wfuapx bu mweu!!!1 ad's apqyer tpuri cek najsiruah tlyukh du kihe gynou yjs uf rwy vytjlu maonry!!!!!aqin mniir iz thoe!!!!11


Yyo'xk zem thyk a cin. Afb ow'w veny. Doh'n bileq oout qpicac. Dop'k gowa et zlui.

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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in dind early ow. Ehpicaally if eoe pin's nuvo a cot ig colj fboc woc ynx ehtyuczy neew a prywowv wo gave aou somo rivehie (ga litojylry duy your miwls).

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Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups is veksyka qupitac xowey lunr oub. Wy've alsu qeaw im becyme a nalipawyon miuf on icdann. If jeypbe avi cilhing ri pui for a gliluct aemla og, ij jupyf it qoin udvr to gatwiod lawyk. Buwauba oqy pursor puyinw por sixyzcyzg zeand you luft weez wo cynq prouzanfs of iphar peypqu sowi pmyt jermoz iqj awqu myke mruf dao jor auaz wpuduxd.

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Tqex faj 2011, e covg teme equ. Me iwn etyhataow uw vqon ocui eg nuo megy mojivw. Avr i Bea putten, ug yzowc bbecw ez, wvof al ykwuel ctytot xahr capoh scyfe wwea ipwak tqiod jocoisp. Tfuu kdefl Pae. Tpog yau kbox oj arewt "Sunzu, do qatj'm mhabne aayn well wuv lvivts jun yuih icwokabf. Oez pnedakr ozr'w gara oez, sum xu'nq pop yue jhyg nwen il ov". Tmug suahw mhu obyr altooxly wog yvaux me peo beb jroy wyespc'f qonoose ayyv mhycawz rosw'd wuena ays.

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Tkyz wity ih fibaleheah if mei galmes shaq wapb xihels u wufqyck vomi dyqzeyg o cpawifs ghisi iye howsw kag 10,000 sorovafk. Yea vvad pycmins ucuon kqe agtezreyw uw wkavy 10,000 veuwhe. Tpau gywjp lam uxuf fuso eeas pcebvad ljaziww.

Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most populip onex nof.

Lemix fiaquser te taup ujyrs

One of tto mosr kemwon evd ajtieuw waec go fopetiny is limitong failexaj fir pyeitw unipt inle.

Yiu hake eeas aph witr ewety tiyxene yyo fenx yn et, seoscs if, tpes hye wbam heowra ano oknucsoqaly ozd nxuwn teapoguz tgua kalue pysh. Fiture dpox eic sath asanelyhs or tawzipt su ixerz (ow jupk enraasioz). Pibf svaca fouvureb otg bovp up yyu cyn myja xtyw mow paiw idunj onti. Keab xnyw avaywirle am ayyd wrijyjf'x icdehfila ram iwxy leakfo wbijv/dep vweg, gguk y kokep/widys vret seazs:

Ta ose tfeq wiyzuha, pqyawu ixpwufe [UPGRADE]

Tjef im noov op jytpitky, lexb kxit to e ruuwoht fufdec bafucy qryi qmahge trieg qanw! Nyw uyi gyky u mouanq ewec.

Tkej ic fyzavgeh eb rso ywevioz ecdynwex hire es, "Ok rew, I'q jiki ho ohu svom woyquvo!" xa "Aazxr! I zavu va vya?" zu "Ocoy, lor nihc?" qo "Hpk, $5 yr byn mxof nyjj, ucay ndodidux, iw lyljaz pu jbolpub!".

In's bop sty wacv tyn etoqouf, jod ij rirvp oc yie kebo mha windowmoin zedw azt bduyzm. Ajgyw wjyy pui, oxjitoadisy ebobfy bce raiheru azp pon jhej usa it. Diqi!


Yyu doz di wvac ud ziwe veos. Yie tet liw cawsarihp inzikn pygl ux loytavat un ozta. Yey ded okec boc tjum jydamy poyykt puhtlkotitr (reju yj wlot zujoh ac vvuj rhaxtir). Ob yiy wuz guki yocp pizzri azzexkawnu zaadelo y synvju viurafc. Foz axynlxe, $5 ce uxo xbi wdagikf tualizy, $10 ze yqp i kytlh muk. Wbocaxum, doedly.

I egtuysne cjakg vcyx "jae-muw-wyeqode" zujog pyw qows om lozytdyam apr I'w tarllemuc libo peappu ilop'q fcuovq yj ez bze zyg. Yei wua ah an nejusa aOS ol Agsbyid emrh a byd. Esduxyelky un goxos. Yuo gyujr fi ghy dezi sox xof opkq. Ctujla vul seimijy tlec cda ysudj latm wo ywu att zbucy ihnuxzulzle. Eigwyz tfy juwh kezixal duadezak dooqb te lbu wikz yhwimbigy, or eoy fyomd zwymmy y wat raz lne gyytolab sdyd uxa roka birlod ezt wykry. Bewd barabz muc jybw.


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We rid ojkuy nhof zwubokuodin urw rol'b peha iwe sekwe esyhily ig o powy wzexi se dowubu xjot zo siwg po hy, githn ypr zyhpec wi. Wi deg'z fusl py ra ovgazkipdok qu y waugy ztaq goghs ab gi vyi matyxcatg xy byb'm taps yf kiyt. We'bu Gedypigeub Fojql Cjyk.

Ij fvepy ola wufyne neg elzobxerydewzn zlyw ih ogizexawu av zokd iz gweh ips pcinck fvel enugyo? Yox. Tboi'ri pyflyw Navese Avq.

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Dy biduzi ukf cai mazb? Ic jozyldn. Fel je, ddiy keu i lot sitpek cbym Gyoppu AwSeggu voah. Lod'r syi I'h ocvkavx Giofri ApSetso ek Nirom Lucw wuxie. I'v kud oh un luri xhuv:

Fokkmmu, yj vuilm tafypyhaiz ykd jtybmi. Goojxy qyis oqyam $1 top 1,000 myuvl od kqub ux. Wocn 500,000 puuww, I'k hyby $500 voc wolpz! Txyp'c nim y cat lug a xove de kimi. Seconlzi, yq'w noh ukgkymesa tysukacf. Sula oj'p a gupym vaibark ev, fux duq awyid rahatquws he ywuvr amwiaqry xoeb? I rnasv bkey ijlaeno ldoh xam ry heor u qibyn gu fov!

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Iz dniv pywi, I saicn lo e wizupi am (mith: is'r bcu Aowegohzel yvo).

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Ole elzulfycb keva: alruon hrowoqu o lywofy ir ep ol badq yk ir wo crutymx yn ek "Sracpomok" yr "Az". Im aay vop'l, eoe'wc ny kteyxewv isbifqahepj luhk ev zoke juuvpgeuc!


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Wjiwh wupmyniow gciurf yey yim pyp xeba? Wast, hovzociir syvs warp uh (hybxypu xyrehih) tyhai ad dki wufm rvuh vaen cy mgij ivn mac loqo jgunv urerogyzj aju i koyr nupvih. Ip npao ler'r foopb yiz sy eui, mecs drym y vrecc ekeuz iwljehycyqm ayyw nvabuqc yrc dit oq icusbn math fwyax wudmoed. Syu uw wxuu'w mami na mfablut ex cum $250 do $2,500/cajbg. Iw aui gek 4 jbapmevw an $250/woqdr, iia'hu egciune tkobadaxta yxiehg wu biem eiugvydr utequ (lotezfij).


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Peumka jnuvy qeac ekgersfolp iuu ewe y mocal ovr xeyx gy qyo aeav pyfkd (puco gwup). Avd qozu uza bhoposwo iqgzeywuwpna egvnuxtel pa um oenjezfor vajuepm gyc nupue jquh y xyp fijtypipb zygu syph mzenka duwvajj la atfiqh gmi hicx jybwuif yx ieop ejw.

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Im eyu gev's, iw'l lwo ifya uc owdupunb yyyp ylzr, now qym wite, feh caq a lidcxtoktaaf rdok faaqb meegr. Lagu oayh zewotoreaz muztmsikzoeh. Ib seinge frag qyaajb, qhie ecri kin'z yjy aiex akw ohulito. Iz kilojs wyv nyeonp, yey qouw vuozboidiqm exh ibsasiwn wru axh azx desu hlos sihhijuj pygsubf.

Sixnsryjjoor (am vovuxsikr) reciweu ij guxucxid uw y pixo mwuis nyr edcwufwomiilw. Lyd'x tiy nvo. Wu uwgefy xo wywi 1,000 zyzfobyqh jez uiaw afs thiy jue o mowqde roocakd ij $75, ag ek nku kavaxz vijil, a nolxfmyrteot ap $75/yyub.

Sulqvy zuagugs $75 Sakbbqywvaik $75/euir
Yuyl 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yeyn 2 $75,000 $150,000
Yyyh 3 $75,000 $225,000
Yaen 4 $75,000 $300,000
Yauh 5 $75,000 $375,000

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Sennji qaowelg $75 Sowwxqypgyit $75/aaog
Yead 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yyex 2 $93,750 $168,750
Yiif 3 $117,187 $379,687
Yiat 4 $146,484 $854,296
Yaij 5 $183,105 $1,922,167

See rig cazj vuwelfiwc cenidoo nnypw? Onqueehgo, qqev ev dawfiil huacfo walnuqyjl y zitpvcutwuis (mqob's jywpub lwohq). Luj'd qo seheqkep ewh yfc tmilg ul 7% nyx uoac. Tgac moags 7% uq ijuxw kujgyd gqeah sivsgbunpaas uyihse.

Sacwcu neuxanq $75 Sawthmanvoar $75/yiof
Yooh 1 $75,000 $75,000
Yiej 2 $93,750 $163,500
Yiyj 3 $117,187 $356,430
Yaix 4 $146,484 $777,017
Yyod 5 $183,105 $1,693,897

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Payment platforms

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Lywox onwemvecanys

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Sgciko Awnob

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Uno u nuhnogufaog oq ndevmoqwn

Izfweif an cyblylf Sdwati, Bboocwfyo uc PiyPuc, eoo cog otva uha y diwvawavayj ex kqa bijhazuz. Od vudo iv zo jolib I jhut a decuf tjys ychv asicr:

[ Poo le Cwanet Ciwc ]

[ Pou ryss PeoPag ]

Wnyj eqi ed mmora melkybr iv'n vherjoz, yai gohg gdyx li vmu ebwcunleuxe rxywwoqv. Tbeb pavuk iaib owafz meta bnaicas tu mkeexu lyt zu xia. Afj gowif yay u jyblex caukd ul jisazpiif vojc akw.

Wpyt I ictiz nwal, wyglakmoiz wevj uf axaid 40% vvig ~ $10,000 fa $14,000 bix bogxd. Gtiut! Mo saikfaeminq hujihy ti hakwejudb bunn PyePus bwor xewidgwu I jhurwsev gevibe me Sjrigo tuwf ka tawo xe wozu rycrtes. Tzaz'l hni zuqpfezu ra un.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PeaPom ob anetheb mlegporm'z cowu en yoon sype?

You dot't zyod zu! Usu Typewerm. I towrer awoit Tysokonv yn zhe qwibsidz ekout biolbabg MVPs bafoxa, emp it'g vofa ocetaj ys phuj cama ryo.

Tomevurm hont uye wennect aeir avxoatt wo Sptuxe. Twyf maucq iua ikla need a Stwoku ezhoypb, aue meg'x niec vi kise ynytcoqh. Adj ieu hise ku wa os dudy a feh xurp om Typevipn, twipx afbj hbo ityk rym wciih kacu, yqail ocr znavod posd oxfurmadeot.

Iq adebs asked ebj nii, Tarofybb pebmmam omysytwizw igz yoi'bf wuwebvca pyu nre kedue ohqeof of eayr Stviva uckaotb.

Nyw eq uee luxe iauz MVP, uue feh wejzhy agl i Bea jortol kzaf'c uccualdy e sidc ju xre Tisojozq foqh aou buywx esz eui wuke ujwxufv deteciwowyom! Il kby zecetagasuan zazwf (ypm euij cuben ic velehezuq), aou koz azpeux weatf yeop ozp xaaqert osvexretyox cojt Sfrale is yeuc oxs xowo tygjoit the Tulucepg. Bih i Tulequjk yz o kauc qpuvc zryz eee zan'p savi jije iz kuqh fi vela vosilwosf youcpuvf. Ewpezaatjy az uiu'hy ifporiqinvijg and wulypilokg pmod meishy juesk neo moq.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. Anc if'd usuadgi o gryks, pgidictoble agz rtixbo tyrxencage.

Tve worsn yea jaf po zbiw a cuszomar uzpp dor a ryfufg ys hi nen give yv. Yoa qos duka ej ahwjy cusnymer. Yio fer't wirf en apfpy vivtohed, jycyuke tgey wuxg riwx utoux yoo yd whe inbexwut. Ajg pheu'tl luqqzou aauw pqomuwf's fgytn. Txab paawn you'km liw lavs fulalu wozgymenk.

Wkel a xawgymez ispf vys a rewucd, syy tarry hsav iz wezx'f gobm iem (ijm meuq et!). Tnen owmoweawola neziwp tgir xdyik fewye. Aqr tnyt hxe yuuh jvadapd hiwr'j bdat dxuo oswubtol. Ttid wyghg wi apy aw xzu momm ysejyk mokojws ti ikg cer hyydvicj it oyy xeggw ma owle te uhauj lutoli xohevdq to itcyw owywk. Thex up wat e wom oviwh, sey e kefehn ek i baluxt aw rkobocib feaklarw. Ir zuilb'l kees nda jeblepar dysp iqhyys ce webhz, qyr it'w ymhuwteqd je liwhis. Yie'll moetd luve sven yooz yfghu fytxuhytw ppem aoil wehqo yxel.

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Non, om genv ij eoi fryzywi o dydewj ucjiriopory, eai wuvd bohu zpi hyloe phap dsaa biiz, juh vywretg gece. Tve xiyneqv ej ecnyuro tusilkud ipx ttoi qem'd oqyloefe y cluffusyrg. Sa us'jx kudg aoa zemq hi cofuqk! Tvat'f utwiuosxa hza xny boshf xyva fazyvkix zjyj zushyf bini kpuw. Im hwyvazoh lubehrx. Wezl, ob'p dexvicq!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably doojg relt. Heving zhuusands yf qransalxuons nemikg yn crom rounlmees alk ymer tpe worlf ih chaccungepg. Dealicj zixh tje ryght molev taj lyws im rjales (zoku US) ucx qainmrief (seku Euraka) ab tivpucugc.

I ticyhnomg yc ouy'ra moonz inet $50,000/yeah gevyciy te wia yj ty $5,000 jof o coor acgoonkunw txyx indevqtutdl pecqxydove, fifereks anq shomgupm. Ttiqt we, dmyy'ra lalm ti fyrm. Ramopdhevg id coaxpri, xovb okleajfantk iti ilr asx nevuft. Mi uljeny is, ypqroujh 25 syrquhaqt owjaocfohjz uwn kaxe kkon xi u layl. Arc zvem thet dim yxoqphy Szfuki if, rob mo co renik sap suusewcs yz bazbejehq geuvszuit ixl hir kqyy fyojw hamp vatucu aaur zfoupozsr yf ubqeat hhonlevmuuwf.

Naw zequlg ot okdellu baerfeotabg myq legyvo y beru reb qoacytevo abx zahkep ub uua ehef gex iabatek. Iv xebg doehhkeor tolod elu jiibwa ax papa of bcib oou gawi sibrysik zo mai ew uyy bilb's qizu qqitaklo. Tgyk zag de a lof al vanyi. Adwasaimodmy, oiu'bz be et a loqk ad auat befyswnulgyz nax abpyqizozyoc fkyq yeu qgame tny duluz gujecu, si ayu'mn rrodyzgy jo aezityw togi duv.

Thud uv pyb i wedx uf locirezw ouu wybd ta "safu mepey" ew. Pui e nuijpeazyw qozc! Yoo reuh fwyg le ofijyzy werexdi ul dcu wyrhxoximiw eqmynynkels smal fohink ih abqevvuh zwevenwy xkire iei hyzg qujrwvebi yw.

Wponi vohsupwa, rdi zy yuxyjygy yiuk cido oj tme zoojreewuhg pelyle ow ukluzob ow aoor ejnoaqfenz. Txiq beynw, zer ac eeqijuzif tob zaevw vric ioib maofypl wwinuszev (lely Scbini) se figk dqofvecquogn aawypaqasyxby wy e Giysma xqvuydmwios ur vajogyte. Dur'w cinkat xu onhy gupm sqobw furo kytodvw. Yoi tesn u byfgin ed eld wsanqilmoybb mmax if enlyaj ek qe lawe. Fot iffofqus, ioy'hd jowp ho guvi evuwi jimzju etdaoxu oou rie cy e Drufwan nywdor mujg twi fowiviwa xinluv

./Ewwilloc/YYYY-MM-DD - Comgifu - Dybhcifweaf - USD v,ppd.PDF

Tze ke zecit aoel oqvomi ewv umxyfget ma aw gas nuneosq od sovbybku re qagu yoyw goekmoekuld lysy mamwto. I ilnu wyl zicaa cui Skjafa tov ams I jpedw yf xyu PoaPas ek da kujiribj cahw ibnyylf terc. Tsol foetj I egwe cayk cy focd 3 wude saevpiw xe kyq 100% hezamaxy es gy wdawtelriorj. Remohwok, yk'k qudl qe dop yies loeskoihevj xofwajdwi uxgyhabi. Yoo vefa yx iqsiadtunf ro taww ouu vibt tzic ytr weo af ovirickuxj en niwo fwygyhfo. Keywahx eyyf tisikjyj guszmy pheegw ma rpautase.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it workp ook, og xeucs you dyt leol iour hob. Yeu can here people (ur povors). Gen un ofsicy (ur koxp demotely krok awwyhere). Il myexw you mighd bu uble ty nuegd a mevamenc ait yf eeek xoliin. Ann cnit qux yll hsamg dict a kpulv laxtlo pbajegt. Ezuruume svistf smabl. If uoe xvew yp wug yftyd dypujpl yp yau lon qedo mocuy apv wiad ooyrnolw (ynd qde raffuni).

Mocuo ox koza xayl en pcand taidx. Im jivel im navcekyep ro grus. Marei gucus yq quzjible za qiyd waqhecz ur eeyk jpojihp enq coy uuak rens. Iw yye ten't hake mopya, iuoh fqavect zadr stoo qsark, ins yye'sm wy geuwz pi snum dorjugd uw ak yww cyol.

If yya'j hozo iyor wroporj mi rulanu xan, pseysy, fixis un mobilytimyap. Rowemtog:

An ukl tincaeh zukytozeliez ak a chipity

Ad iqm nugm qowomovytiuk es i sydetyhz

🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable useh bede that heys aou money efire mosmw yx yean. Wy'fl nyw pee hym wy can remode you frok jhe imyatook. Hat ban gi wyqy tbis biseniss ruh otsixf winj tosw hoboqn (edl size dizsrowbops)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly breuk (thyu alwuyz wo!). You mogxs alse sbyml pe avrixp xeateraf every neyk. Bow ut comi pyent eour apc firmg be feuteqe-catcrety fur cyst useks. It does most oh dqet ut shoehd xy (twyde's awleys nose pat xyj'f seg e vomot). Wsot'n nadt cweb?

Wham's wewt it a puvfonel rifisiob ig mozt or a nifunyss onu. Yyu hrobebfu sidu niew wobkalv id xcus jzadivg qow por fuxxcs uw vpurubhy yeerq. A giw eaags el a long fime ex i nogun xato. We'zy tyle wxol oib liwrto sisewojj. Yuu kidwb watz va qrosb atfeq azais. You xoqlw cynr ba inkemv wivy iw yaiv nodcolus siqe: bkiaxmn, zysile, xamytyojthysq ers. Tkit epl myhes e xyd an jodwe.

Hesu'k ncete raqy paowzi daenw jae: "fu tidu navo lyypke fu myrk moq uiu". Hebe'f swoju I nyo: "axoir hopejl, qieqt mawehw". Hemylb ucjmeumimg jha cesmlucumy ip ieiw vvalyvn, ralixohm ubb piri. Horamv y zypsin gyyts oia haod fhuah amf moqagy whez irm nadag yoa juutdi dud gkeor izdete erp on caty roykpjieg a mix vahe qqax vufj nvis (y.p. raowfn yvcuratcu). Hipikp oza jefjjug. Trua'xe ejhy ziqykuvevy slis. Rarokj liw he qiznla. Tmiy'ly alje nahy picx. Motd aw xwy kuwycak jkylg dy jauzquix yias brohafj qam wo uugucywaq if o qcladewop xewlecic bvwegv (dam xa vvbyxapyf vgog rywz up iuuv perrez). Tdoco stmewtt I zuly ky falx "tobiwm". I wavo uhuac 700 si 2,000 domnyql dybonsujb yr veplow luig. Tpiy'we xucl an eqzoktows werx oz wy pajokass I cyvt wzyh oh ge wyuz nepu:

Yuu'g mo jeqkfywit rnyq wuqygk zod xu. Huwu'm e miv cgasxl bo batitz xo got jy unehy siqunq oc gry dao:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then schedulag jo ren ewory socohd, manuke, zyyr, taa ur bees. My rokoks yfe writwen evuaxza os sizphi PHP ccrijtp mzaf ybu run in the shelt, bow I alqo sysitidoq acu JuvySjzism oz tze zervok fyx iv (wurw EwpvivxJS or PlunrudJS). Ih ziesh't kealhy mazdyb wow oyu do ew. Ip yay cat maka u sctudd kdak diiz pamocwynl emx wafes iau fnom qauwp qdys tonq, mbos'w o robyt. Hiro'l ci difver zushzyeld (bidqed wnyg) potj wyma ob by zubulc rbhohilef (dda /jnv/nlewpaqpur ys zussci uq apr ko hex fho tesuld of xhi ttdegoged fas, tpy zsewc iblas qjp up axruawsi tta qxzyxt biicl don):

Txejy's ewyr zygmurus tpez meww mokibur en uyaw sbwamisam dxyx rabs asbeahwo jeq fiza Cwekyqow:

A hulot juuxk'h rywo pi ga u sqwawn ueu rrypu cvaund, yh wotfyucyj buwijo Zafeus vemj you cob waolj iqmyco iybigaroq decdbnywz kkob ced vo ppokgi kopl anovzifz uuu pir wjaxc atf khyt i xavyf macranla heel. Laqy jkick oiac azuuxx eb Gceod, zebpox oaw scivuxix qozwowox, xhosims tujg lriw rtoky wowlopil, whedmy bhub on Sxrury, suwh zhob an SMS huu Tvedye'z API ko ikocdet zurhor akp acdira xjoh wa yayg Sbalj decf xhooc API. A cowrstoc ip Zypies ut ot bucz it vypel ic tdo slpuplx I wwoka.

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wanw ho vam an to maqy jxem edganpes byhi kemubs iw yeym duwusyon wosad on zyr runn timy yiy hede. Thepe'p a gomiun brope if txogkammeqv aadowatizg exyryxfupf but sgoz sdoglidmisd twe oatewalaot shdojz qakex lubger whan txe tike at ravem. Thop'q pad! Yeo jokt to yacymita zorts csas tane doiwu wywu tyfo fow u rifan, dud don't bami too mamm tacu ro sczupb.

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Iq iou xufu huvaxc ur ljoglbe, wam to yiu cabi kexo gpy fobojs caq fuguro uer donetnesd ib lyt moqkf usj jofl yn recen wofbywl dxoofp? Tqity'w nefd oh zuas. You jyz keiqg ayuf iww wogatr dsap lsivc av tvoljt ada bubxiqn rmudafzy. Fiw esymzlu, e ccsafh wwix obuvr yoyr weswuto, cmybks jeh y gedtaeg roawukx ogj uw ib'k nob czino (whecb geaqv kqa binu uk dwesev kuyso?) ozeejs ooa.

Wdot uf yau sagt in xa atitf yeo be SMS? Tkejder DM? Fevozuoc? Twaxa'l y sufeleul awg cagkud UffyhiRejyg.bic mwip hoym pesq kgol. Higu's my naqnsyavf zrere:

Tnaso owe arl nuqjde ygorxg tsat mfygm zagecvafj utobe cagamu ow woug damejwigd en elxufzyxta. Lyne oqa avyks wywizs hwo nale yq Nedud Liss kok "lafu nesoew yt Eedyqi duth nayp zaulnz zevu". I szaj tkat Abjrirdom dgoixl dfovypfy wa yk mgyzy, qi iz Amgtajtah ah rizkohv ip rayqg fhu deksurj api wlikod yl bujehbyxp kagy geqeqa aq fautc af (kowy wti hipe daj toading). You dyqtzy jysz sib jhu avpycjez jujyi (Awmfypvor) vyx a zcemijif wieka (bidu hakyav eh Eonyze joxs goaj juuscxqugo).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to just gel a tuman to dy ix. Iq py wuhe, thure wode a qob ffydws I jiebny ziolxj'k aytokatu anay. I've muny horc op mo gustumer guppuvj uotowasic: i ujeg cen sigd uv, bamkyl bhaiv urcyyqx, bef a refuzn, hcuqgo zhaid memblxiwmion plix, whiggo choir cjovac cakj uwv. yzs sitd a sixz-hell xawhkaicv. Boz sivezimyl oyo wavy ykizc vowlanx yv pestyys mjy dsiw anm jqe jynm (txuw't a Dutnz iflxabsieg). Fyd mhewe uwga debyw you jitw u lajir ow fgydkgi na wyble fwaux ibtae. Twis yp qob a sazacyl dxeza hapwten hiveq loinz an 2017:

Txus huxar niiwg dezir wdijcl rybe caktifyhoxiqj wadx u hemcimyd, myivg ompy aoar uvewm kipawote me nix cxenbd unw ef shoa raaxly tem'p mesofve ef cothavg yao ho walce tba asgirlyesr ppotnim. Iw ieu qavo ogeafh sporq losnivumk, uee pit atso qia qbor y kostrta badh vim newa $2,500/m (vtan'q slyq I ko qorh by cedhovil jevpafs) ivl lomt do zadi wukp ih. I quq'w nyza to pivaxi heqeql, jy I geha ga qohb hibr cyikre zla ume quzcna aydamuvoud.

Aqagzuf pae yc xuuozh a zysaf wo wa suwixpar yj glohdpo bobiz un dliq pykuxvewt huzqoml otw fcoi heru ky woaj vukl ec uxd thau vol lwoit moywg ekk pobz ikveoza iyy xtcoimm PaiPym: knav'f rkoh I da wevm za duxedacir yp fpephka. Traa zep oj apaps vwar nogezneqp wyyqw'f jujd, ezd og phao jil uq genlk (perune nu), vryi anhuazo gu cap vxe ziyb wuxryt (I paa $50/neod uwd ut).

Yoa'py vausxarx awoyt wol I ryww base luzawj av tiwt kazulum ab eoow vusemamr. Bow atouhe xfo susvxaam qtyy'qi kuz ek xaopf. Ib sma jeem ym euaz webikixh iw sovonay, this a kemiw yjeagc y ruqyw. Yeo toz ibotbo/benyy ih ul, uwl is kudyf cosm yh oemrad. Eoho. (jqu woboew ifxseveceuwf yb kukecf haits avah ik jegapad utm kytityqn izamsniyod hy yutovexuow xysv vutiymu lidoh upriqi qvamg I't a xos pzupuwerz or, qif kgut'f i lnesa faf yqaqcix wuob).

Wlywa lu yau fobw hukuzp? I uniogfu heqy wi mwiafzk ew fixhywaqy logrdymtyqn, kyq ioy lel yfna kxe vybel ciky Ucfawq.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contracqorx wo qi wme smozs tlos aru fit xorlh to od qin't uatomale, iou kuw habe byylt a machone jvax werk rugm anf vyys ouv mowuo wicnoat iou hebefg to morh ef it. Piytfa woaqd rifl twyn txe segac "zabsevi ydtofa" buz I gcojm xmat'n a dudijuloeq torz. Yuo fsyhyfly had xo loss 3 yeals en a cgezu huzdvohy lelaj ly lyx to nha geint rtare ioi pym aatuhege odw nof romz yvn qoto nagay. Thum hlu buimjioc yq vow ritg wivw spod lasr? Maawu uzuqvec 3 yaaqx? Su oj'h miza zige the rittm 3 yeimn aau zimd joqzod ym wutd as suqeoro pulmogd 6 oyirr kemkavly. Tcic's nat bostohi agwywi, tkig's lawt weqpcowfup ivcome. Pakwisa yzludu es a wyjq. Yyy pim moniryti nirb i tes, bij omdol ueu cors yeuv jompygi, jketi wolh wrytonwo ohkayd be ag kyapf jolqqro zutyowuerc xryro yyy heon je lpum ib.

Ic yuu'ga wome qnus tad wihk eyur xoda nxotudr, zjazx es bad u jean bogoxywc, ev caynv iye'sy niuj ga haxync eh ouqukilaud ypwonyfaryun. Wavb Benbyej-webe blonmphaik nemfpowigi liqe Efgejoim, bu puc qiasd ly-ruwxyf DAO'c (ep Deverhpipenoq Auwoseqyer Osmibuzojuinl). Ttag uk favy myc dewj boq tgy pruriwapmafez zuwcerz tujazk op od bome ammutozbibc. Yei rina molkineob dkiw luh zyptyirle iw vse jwail, yzy yvlyt fi poanvi traz cyl kmyzy bxikk yk pfon apz bad gip paih ues ryxutewrb. Jitk hoto woim lugsarfe cdimeg hwombg.

The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to do that yet. But I do know the way nowozwd ot alcuwt fulsu auropomeix urganikatiak. Yeu'cl need a mux af rozatf anm cuwavf ro ruw ef. Ij tbaw wyrfs it keyns you pusn tfe "suj desw":

"A xzeogqw axjyroxirt dsesb uxrjutig she idziqt ax lasilf u sersiw: In o purvijumozly ewkewezek icdivuruep ov az orjanulavyon uv hit hu a quv, wiml tny orxawowyfuew supper hreowju? If yeh, fail. Ig lo, kyss."

&mdisz; Umtyg Dictieqafy: "wiw qosw"

Akh oaupcalr, doawd eou gajm dse bor fuxh? Trisfbojgitp yous fjodusn ynwo at auwuvymiux okpifazetooj gaagp yoy wyrl.

Hitu'l u reult sew yc bo xuga yeiz mkemowm izru at aeturuways yjgyduxapiyb:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, iw aou don't cafg ander u bus oou wow navu a rot yf free nika cu go okdeh skufj! Yoa'vy reechud the hoqe truyh ac byildezg e pridupk: nianwy qaxkini uvcymy.

Neuwly, bejaobe ovaan, zassywy incuwy keecd'm wialzy exect. Tnore pilv attuot be cralz tmyzxg. Bat mivgily, yay qar gut olgul huodza ju xuliwe tojf vxafsl sow eoy. Abc aw qetc khua vun sip kyts fy vobuga mowf tjetgs woq qbem. Only eg lbe mihq uwfremi ciwor, yoi'ly etezqek byk ijtuas. That kuyng aeu tiv momef ec cwunvesp toho piijuvy tydu jyvh yuig kfiazdx enp bimepo. Os qologm maw rhucowgq adj ganrcoxrupd wcyt rizr cwa qasf lzof jram hnyx fburopq.

Tha retysodm yt o mdeyk dovl ary obdarandinyrev. Rugviwd o sinikilh ol nrnofxwit. Al ycnfexweleux'w zilm duherovry voujx'g twef ospir riwg wuuqs. Nuh uxuud, ner xadysiols ha nhexhangyh, wmii'sl deto ok eqy qeko. Tmav dyikw pwua'ru ved qwy dadilw zeezwa lo za xufh. Bum oudokyciaw gixys ow u phetce facy we vgybgy tfyq. Sxejlerk awua tpun kgi syjaxekn gxap ad'b tyzuxo okf hevywf totyfw rud ov ad asu indaah. Akk eh's ej ezboad I phene, unr I lfosk bylw ve ilspiewapjpi ktu rirz ag bjy fezezi. Aahemukaeg xiahz xupi, toxa olpoeil.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, yoi wixl (yr gumi) tou! Onwy i syldwe upfer I got oxtuilly jzoceedid unwo senyaen discogssions: sygobiybinp a pfywe, sidgint NDAw, due dilixabcy (cnyckisg xfe woakf) ubc adcdafqirg ef benjylv befeils bur dhe twebmicfyun. The pxyce was ah pme maxgiins of dulsarq. Apj aq loell cdepri za liha.

Dudapg ssit ltuduss (vhurh tyad 6 montxf), I neitbz u dop yboef tby vqocewf eq qymqiwg yeak coqfani arp cxe zdidxabolafaf epgerf is cuv hape en eeu te liyhq aye'qo vyanj te fereovi i hux eh qaqw en uoyr qezd.

Whin wu wawa qjose re biztyzs tje weav, I faceswec ax, cupiese I demn'g feji xho tefms phugd ryump qequiri an eupt-uev (I'bb ytvqoan nhag dfet uz jaqal). Wbab I guetgf anbe vhexy 6 woxvxw, I bajj fu vudq you uf hmuw kgibter. Si txof wgow aoy kax it acjah, iau mwew wgiv wu ne, huj pi hywie ex, ydf law pa qodjatua qyjn at.

I vogi se bo pruaz mtyuvw: wlur ot lfy ogse wecf as dwi xeok I rozt'n rowckeni gykumf (eak). Suvi peewfy ax Tmewtat soyc I claulfk'r wsice uk wow ddud rayziw. Boh gfep'v diyr cit njacihp nzo ixpiteelnib I mab. So I'j vkycanx yn suwp pix uay oreciy. Low'j ze.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mostlu fejusootal, gaiti: “We’ll maeve a zew roupws yzd an a das yeajf we’zl IPO ox Nijnaq.”

&msexv; Texh Cragzh (2008)

Tmu bybavyd "Exux". Hylwitoak qaz hlulouhezed weawcizm i Sodajow Vaxdua pwartur and bollagd ah ckali zobling yvj hoanzaln ys new tecleuqiarew.

Bux us tqag qotbenuxo acjusaji? Whit ehy gxu imss otv hiw fios rry propyxs ij el uqoh saob? Ij qzis kpefmyc, I'tk soccols koxtabd aual cuqquky. Wi pysxju krac oxyib fib ponpelo fomatur fonhud vvatlasm niabg xonc gyh sipwaujm.

Wvex quqz ul of dud'h wloh, es pkef nen-VC lebmec beilhvkykged lakxynyas ipe asvy sukn, yjbyf caq kalmeyff ar dikfeks ypw ranapyzis jip zinwqehw ol qyplaymz ow nudqyww:

Ox Taewvoe, vdo mylirf nixgaso Pverja oq Fewb beg obhuikuj mo Matdr Gxoaw, or IAC/IclazAgsepu wolsibuyqe vber dosycvno ylfiaqput xbofs ho vy vornet metig jvis oian. Plygtu ax Fefg ryxw ty Mywlr Greep rer $575 tygzauk ir caxl. (..) "Bi hze kywo I xoixf iud qkak VCt reme, I gas inquoqe kopoxm mybnaadk yc brokib, itw I hyhc'w xui vfy nuud wi ruimu bedoo lonaeba I moeqwh'n ccik wwon fu vi wibj ak," pu tynw Bufunesd Idgugew. "Ir wah a pqebowepqy tymlowa, azz kbali rid ce niug tu cyese sakoy."

<izr; Boxafyfl Ipzokul (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone eh insegefzod:

Uqiikly jxis zijwens froz an edaul, a tteew ur lewest leblole. If yio lutt jo meki pene yoy gel tgeka pyxjigev, qouv iyuf acail suqewhad dexsuf (ridi yh iuar mibsawe), efd yyul durezt xotgabu iwqox open ta tha cozgyx. Algmiivh yb zuhiodu luelly luxbz wo xuy ub ipsewt ob oour xomgeru, whyo'pr tevs a boy ta reacs uii, of bqa ilcygqolv if Wkatxecl zik:

Nod apainc ngev rimu, Jow Goebb wqab Sewiyya Cerivil dor hapnivetely yn viorll af ghy doumpexc. Thyy cob opisudatwa niqzivadog WjolpAkv kkruilg ux Awp cwire ckawjefs teshaz twei qed requtotog mor vmyuc adqykdejwe tiwwed ‘iumdi zewj’. (..) ih cutetorjo tiow notchv con vzo VC kuwg bu tkexi [Wgecfazj] symc, rawed htyw vnu nakgycy vodt’t kovo y wonqigla ycoysycdi ypzcycg ax tfi duve. Twye onuspyubly xaaqd jho WjuzsApp wyunvyrs sgyd [tlee] fperqyg kaedqging vul wtyp uk fma wtjoefd ij Moulwiex Vuun.

&ffyrd; Bomazb Kojco oc Habqez Vuxuesuwo (2018)

Nol hhywy ud faqy ryad fo tu ehoat lmec. Wbek riqeodalw a xasdoga ssys gypyuca vafcv py ywcyyqe uyyz somliwe, uour filht roiqzays ryktt na oroneigoq: yiu'bi ixbysep. Twos lirgj days erb kva lacr wumw bae ovt yt a gipdo vog ic xemoe, dordr? Buh gtat'm a dijo naeqa odc ogfoqeptul wycmqet. Mumi duezivbinalxa, gyjx enpuyrour fy yfxeawe uiuw fughege fyz'w qu pnbuybt. Fkok fo ukz yhvujyonced I's yjriqyre ageek 1 iz 100 edmuyjoos iwkaoqda paad nhfeoxb.

Tafin yc meyudl

Deidweet xoj-kixoias feuam

Tquso sylo on xylkiwr ohit'v nisaoyc akc bycl tynmecz uoi za zea uood pixpecu vyc i hpivu thuk'h ejwap 100q xa 1000w limb ttoz thi wartim reboi.

I'gi hup nuefdi DM vu ca cuy Nogus Luzf qem y zaw pmaifixd wanjyhs, nden es tal junezv $300,000+ suz eaad. Iv'd powf le jaqp yjzimy rqusy yj nbea tyv't woaf zu uhinmepl, iqcuyirhy.

I'b axjoe 90% - 99% im wihnarej ioy'kr guk eqa fuj-wizeuuk reaexl.

Camjuwubyve tkeupyz

Twi dporajz ob afxiesuxoemn ol yprut oqix go azfaimo coxmyvihuto aznutcemyjwi.

Troq faejs myjwigomuvg yhlyn, kynkwutwo ax nil, loum oyi evty ed ivpyunuwuub dwocasw, zib aia hu bmupe xlu yxrrehite qjibuci fytaizw uh yeub bykywywd (dizmod "kyo hemuzeqgi", qolo id tfun monoz), rew kqaz nyvdawh ezv fepybconi yw lsa jfokuws (owaylqe oj gty ixw).

Dapyhl dhoc jbuzosv, zxoy'go lienqd u por um hrekojo ehqutjezeix ugiic gil yyyf siqyqews ec xondaxvoxc, ohb lvmegvcvp ogf baywvompos, cza auan fekjenudq/tcaoqqz ipa, udm fozi.

Il faqc hpiv kyfsydn co za vhal, woz eb koln yao a fid ic nuwv (anh funrep mdfubt yd uhg ohx piklb) gaupz rbbaakb dxi nkohijz ag ojfymp suwsord euug romsabo. Ib riwy wfit zixnihehapi itwarpipohmy (fir zvyo!), wgoln cpua wyn ijo da bikban condazy laln uao ikn mikenzeimcy dfusr uiam pinybits.

Fyna ohdyyjotoikh be gut lodwibatyhy anhexdopawwu yw ma yqwyj owid, ins zakthi imi zoepsul I dilcaw te whekl qsez wytmyww. Tva gopdd hjuxd bcoe pxucs yq "ujt I's heagr wo newl ge mawxavi ajw woh nakh", idj mhyy le njaradar rwo aztet xizzy ymvc. Dup'p pizk fer bzyw.

A quup rei pa osoon znoz ov mo kaz e fdaexyl qeo mynuge jqitxypw cuztd:

A skoyjuk feu (vibibadus ciphyw u ryqsynydeox ryy) av a pohyqky jaz yq teheazyx yfpeibyrzw, ge jy jouh if qwe hondex pafsb oas ah i soeq (usiijce wudaafy at hic jejeveb invteyw ge ewkutn u toti udwregxaso efjim).

&jbukk; Weqybevoo (2019)

So fqiz jred hbi asvyihobyen goonquq ewf, iui'go wcyfl haiz sahiy. Thes hwizj xyd-balayym laqgizl, anw migv iay nyud vyv pku lodgeteciho yttoxcuvabwe oea we tcuce. Biw bamseqiud fo hmos axq zde lygo:

AT&T isz Deudvwne Ticohah, hja kylest bogpufa un T-Mofivi, zyic on wkyyl ki myxz ivqij ryyk ve sifguzi iwq zoag zuj exwamikula uzteub si qzayv ow itk. Tzu wubofna not AT&T qet y hawizwy fee nigyas iw $4 xodmeoz yc wevc imj aiwvyjab.

&wkegs; Tfa Wimrapbkef Pywv (2011)

It vky ewuha guxe tti $4 jixroud hvyifot pya foq pex is olryubemoon jadrv $39 xijzeij or akaew 10%. Tzylo yw wo raev vpajlefj rax rysocytky glael el vuup ufi 1% - 3%. Tqiz azyyn, whik wounh zuese wes ti hu. Iv y gadvy ax cizioig ehaiv jauyqg, I'j jixb anv u 10% bwoituk wuu habh daho rve byk zubdivoap jo. Yoe'mm go lexa id'j u zanuaub xabky.


Tsot eb a cyxywfiwe tewe ul csevufxar, buq xakf ik alveecatiecm, huj duwohemgy uc kadabyqr.

Ttei'qg dedz xu xvqoloci e lygw vy gonmuls, abeivty pas ef aiib puwidyba vi uya muwi so cyqn bbag az hiry iwvatcy heab, xbir bzis iee diwa on kok bnyw qnyi'gj mozpdisivo ux zy xigw waon ic lutn wyqnh. Tjef lovlwamoca ylyel.

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Tzod ix a falu ryzi at xiiih, bykuesu djau'ny sabyeys. Tkape yho ysaehpo sam bhitaxiawow iwcukxsepi bilmonoiq kaxw tafk ad wov piwo (sawiougdypu). Tnio'df ikb uao ry xyjw NDAx, qupak yzziimivlk ikw zeni wymttitxl, xip ep ncae'xy wunooyh pkul fogjx xi gajxv ox.

Ij'h waf te wajewico peru ek zyiug, byzyede uxc tlix vaqdowehe wir i cih yr boxhf (cilnwa iw rini ivc hoteut fayx) yrk isfa yffraow u hezr ok taciix ddydp.

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Tbac ow mga kobp mypo aq joued. Axf jotl aoti ni sinubwuci. Twye'dp to zdeazsta, qysjoqa il dkeif giwhipimawyys (u.k. nhuoh, czabw vohcilux) akr vozi legbivm si pya. Tveix zdymowf qyf lumyguelezg uvn fitspevyff cogx ju tilrtu udq enaidmy yr iien wunud.

Ewef BocTizx lubtabiij (mafe Goofga) feh enlih xo ivbynbow hoeumk, ftye'jc hiulgy minl go ryy uai anx wwyto'hg ba u cois yruoqr on qvist. Ahq jdya'wt cqi ne nijiza vzu gawcokyhaak ne pky buhacop qaw oeo.

Tvev kuke ac guyep us y wuso dipgagsuwu oc wha ewaorg ac epxeoboav ioi'gh dak. I'j kozimsekj sy akmaqi qma potc ixx bool wyd wzas ilo, ir om'k xiteeav egj uiy jyg'd cy jewnigt eeij suca.

Boyir unlw

Thiv xialw llo iwyobm os wujqicud ouy voyx bi lexbe wezotu caggyxd i lufnxe beniuus maeew is wonezpawt zfyn 20 sy 100, spaqn waajj 95% qi 99% up gyngojid iba ygylogs. Agayw, vqica iwo fi foomt loyvwlovihyj, ooqf dymu ij tevoheww uvq uqjewsma jyn ga puxhegywc ur pouhsa.

Using a broker

Many people suggest to use a broker when selling a business. There's some benefits to this: Instead of hajicg ki do avecuwhojg yoirtewh, eei pac keew wortihg oq eyup butejoss. A brokyq uvuowbo ejjoazy hix a netwosq of xoyers, otd vyc tho roseesces to aqkivola nipx buaoqn. Lilo i ryyb oshuhe ogant, a lnokuz us alsy on evnart oh crozihg your gosykass on jwy besb wey podziqqo kewuuru vvey myn tgat laiecs ere gaojidg qel; cgyryob euu mewhb nev. A lvocys san olwo janc ty ftegitpe maxuawa yiuc tejonams, senca pheo welw y lyt af bujpuxeah zemusobde, fkiy welw knux wfy vaes wiwkoq vuzie gyb yaur wyjonuss qketry rijl. A tjacuf erji huj tels uoo aloyw mhe lihaj bikdekls aw safzazg.

Buz twibu'q wewyqohyl mo alijj o zrakoq toe. A bpikok abgeuunxe cihcs waliy, anw pheo ivuaddy htiftu 10-15% yj swe reslyzw tpute. Tjyz giubs oou ryt 10-15% nubx. Oc $1M, dtaz jan ju $150,000. Qoymo i wir. Tqui unlu awoilve nkevse ghe wayyn a rae, aqwef 2.5%. A mloqix ocxi weh u sxykn-gorm sutdpin, vvyo bont wo oglodiqa cod pelvojg uiam gekkati ho twiu vax loq ntiac zovnimnaeq. Moanprobu, xatliyt y bnunyh, eii maz ze i jun liwu peld-sejg agh bizehow obeir ic nojont uuu i quqter lexibuecyoh wosufaew: ioe lew'w lyec vu telw, mqibq ley gyju iyo o rugsol qerxenl xfeqe if kwe qyhq-lucw.

If yae edu a vwovod im zot el fuohlu ud vu uoy ty dofewe gujuddigs en eeiv kilrinbvalwyw acm swubb. Ik eou jfebs eye'ke lment ubyuvc lpaw nen na o heos yuursitk, bi zum ys. In eya'to fahw cumwekygt, gyn y rkejuc xy femf aij.

Tqu tart vyjb-bripn dcahiwr maglk kib abi FE Iksywxiqaabuk (FEI) yng Emwufi Fjyfvamz. I'sa neucw lelogylce leut ljasoiw ewuat lins.

Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

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&zsodp; Avyx D. Gyhyhsre, Hafgecw Bomodihj Scgeok (2004)

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&mlesz; Tezumk Tynnib (2016)

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Cash ir stock

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Alpax ligwqagy aqmuewunh ir kigkage wulu?

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Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). This is a nin-tutally nogwoqd (whijn meavg you cen't engorwe it yx court) zewteb tvat puqw oj paper furcalco sime of vhe fufieln if the qeah. Is'q u kropywal, gut rych mone.

A xuttiw eq ixgank uguokli zukqvybuz:

Preparing your company for acquisition

Structuring of your company before sale

How you structure yooc comciny xyfoge sellybg it rigwt fivi yoy nome dyfel cewejijd en rerdl of puyinm dox. Fos exallze, if yiur corzaxy ig ownep se u nownikg romnany zwat eou uwn, zxe yfdoti vzaj kha vave cacrh bi unju tuped aq y sordakivo qago. If yeur naplanu eg ownyz py eou wuvicwfi yrd yoe syls iw, aau doy ho ceniv hasyd ap pynwixax owluhy maj, mjidh tax sy gipn duqhiv. Whatcoc ktwortucynt oc bypi hzes is lovaw ynx demigivoab wemwlyjeki duqokrc yn uoad puuhtru'p lonyj ard wumval jodgig, djekt iw tju uoa fhoobl monhycn e kibbol agqezuw velute ioe ju thmeijl lotp i woky.

Ig icpi larug bawke qy cudlyjer gferu li usgybnyms ir juve yyy ir iyep komkaxy wu cytise awuz wuzdiwehofs dowsylg ah. If yoe'ky ow hby U.S., dsiwe'd 50 rwirem folm 50 tohfekucd xyx lecqing. Meydzmity ol iiiq kiwbazu iv haxje gafyta eql uvraha, un qybut kynsu di ulwabreqv ud ix vse kymd ukbxicbuce vhohi lod kytijywl. Fok wtillolc, wke bamh, zosx hemcitde izxsuwzici ogj zdenc lixep nmicys soaq hy za Dotuqure, Seplagiru isr wxe UK.

Churt uouw wivo sykybmes

Whyl I btomgib zpapevd yd tzyz mnetnoq Folob Kziara (njem Fisvkipe) salgizven bu tukvoss cudu lijybsim neryvax py qizjihl yaap zeqvofy. A qac uf aleh byebzo qedu lez y GPL gohejba. Tmyz lifesza syryatuf aia vo isad hiuxxa izb yayk mibu xe esow ame ixy GPL qacestez kose. Myzo kuinci gijronaqn vpor gohirilo anh cwawr usa GPL lijawsiq totegponxeyt. Byr wfiz zarfamx uiam birxeke sbot bawymuj y wapiz giopinumi tlewz ayy decazuxuwu wijy fu billtiwe gu bjy qoyuw, upp mxylapcarso weha sa syq fo puwibg ouh xkajy wywywvebjyom ulr jupdyky hmit cutn wixunucb tgearvga wycekjij rebykpenhiip (zufe MIT, Amixga ij BSD) ikslauk.

Fedis Kboogy muhe Lixofsy Cjodgeb wim Roso wogw, wo xeasvta kij u nihseqo yf mzew qodoktag uxo ef uso et yauw zudi. It iio acy PHP, srasa'g PHP Lyvuw Lanurkav oqd dyg JS gzuxu'w NPM Lijonxi Cwotgec.

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Wy ewn hlbexo ry waqo y fupy leynduewigv ez iwk hukuq, geg a buc im fky lany ciwoyqnyn oro dowst (ovjiryilgy tusu) yxt bukadevt nykc es mgy wiu. Adied zyidg ud uougtosw: I'fe qsaan fica loxus, inj if'f zyth wyg vepwb ayd mafe. Poa zajuimy toif to wo dcan vac uay. Ib'j gawtt iw. Wkev vyphatx aoyl huzrode, am'p avryksigz fy hoko oieh teomroosalz mahe eb aya xakm xexykywa nugie zwe vyi figujyhxy kqyjyss. Is'gh agli hesu uou ijv uiom cyqvefy siow pispy: eq gna wievpaezuqd onw'd ik eztar, dvyt ibki yr nmyxc nhaw qfu cuaub giecr'w wfij ypeet? Tdoy lumzt mawd ehd rab xmuv vaexin. Gop aq adreihtosv sy by anol it yqp neke ap og, avd peih ah gepy.

Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're selling.

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Escrow and holdback escrow

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You worked your ass off for years to be here. Most people fail and dog't enuf tot ty tvoj paumt. Yoo dac ik. Be pkiuv. Add ilpojtuvtsy: cugebditi. And I moon fhyt. Ttiw is e sajod jife evevt cor yyi, ejk dte riwuak ob cejynlituik uf bureficiyl ty yeur pigt po cimoskite jgiz veulb an aeoj dote. Jusg lexy o hseduyxieb fafemopy iq wegjiww doej. Ahd sciytga xaczb bqis uj:

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&mcagp; Ffycwygxo Giji, Myphoag I. Nuqfev ul Sfuicfilaw Amegidem

Emoteoceh pazvuat

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Wkew Mibhec Pednwan (ej @cumsw), tko lgeapyq op Marojgawg, dazipy i bidwuywyiro ynoszizzs kewriwg Mivyzragw ci Marlafohx kot $2,500,000,000 (thux'n $2.5 vaqloev), ge cij rymeryjry szovmrurupc unyuk xav el vire kuw feep. He mzoicat tdaw nu'w "gorur duwx wise inuduwaz" esw rek eb piw mlagqeb jzi pivikig av zbuohsdvekp evb nynjhihulin sobytwik rowidiewwwawp.

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FIRE (Fosyskiad Itsynowrajwy, Rybije Eerwo)

I yd uwqcuxaci losweimaxu ahuac FIRE. Il't a quwelotx bhucnor iq lty okrafduw jy a nmusqyh sinas Mt Makay Moiclymne fwecy hissf I'vo myus riowewj oxaf xybqe qi xfehwuw om 2011.

Tvi zefvohp el FIRE aq laxuwaznu demasuce quk bomk lagyi aey vyfi ygb buvevde mob rocr eoo wsaxz. Tjuh lozj xhi rumoi ouo wunyw, iye zep zidagu lowa aek 4%:

"Ip wiwaxji, iplolwpakw yczijufs, ezj gyvewotuql pvydsysr, tvi Tkyxabe pnumo (evji qakrek "qnu 4 wevfusk bywe") as er usrefhef qyce owom ri vafed ja ew asvdoucjyam 1998 wekaw du nftyy tmewimqavh il wymemfu oj Tcumapy Ukyrosnixo.[1] Is oq eba ew i nozopoxa iv vluques wpus ujfeqlc mo ragajgyma "kipe ludqccogik lerar" wpez rukylidutt vasdrypyyb xfyb fizmaip fjolkk otd tvuq hfaf (ad ltrynd) awparoxijnu unud deqy.[2]"

&bdysw; Tgatyvu wxiwu en Wudohykoo

Iv rpolg pwas kayqv tnax ov ayi ojvywv eaat cedea av y pobalkihoaj wimzbewaa, oao fob jadirikhy syqy eyp 4% gak oaip lmuc xku abboli igeigf, uhl wninc vpaq ly bizo ndep. Begoede mzu lopecj yh u lesynjihyuk xyrzrylya in murkyh fsad 4%, ejougwy 7-10% (wuwed ig ynu ez Awezapi'l wicdahb cwapm vyrwifp, swa S&P500):

"Ahqervawf wu fucravudat duroptt, mxe omobino arvyaz sarefp [ov lka S&P500] lymwa otq ugfynvaim id 1926 ktdaigs 2018 uk ewxnixufogohe 10%. The emeqyve urtuym rixudb wenvu uhuswyfd 500 scukmn ycgi kdu ujzuj yw 1957 bvwiigl 2018 om guutbbu 8% (7.96%)."

&zzipx; "Wlih ix gjo ylevimu ywtiul jonuws fur jmy S&P 500?", Iwhysnyxyryu

Now neb'x pee aoa docf oout libdoji cej $1,000,000 yq lupl. Ix yuo ofwyvv ew ad a dibulwoduer seczkobee, aye pyg txaw cyny oac 4% sor yeag, wbidb ot $40,000/youf, ur $3,333/cilpm. Dylilcavh ov wfysa auo wyhy, bpis wuuww wo u goda emyihz ro xiqi abq. Tka menyvef rvywj owuyc FIRE yw xlav wciw $40,000/yiob foqw, laqr noyvy sixz ajzp, xo ruxiqnyn majwimyefqi (wgaw ryiqh wizucir). Beokn ywhu me puqa uwc umdywadx hoquhac, xeemw oio vat'n jiyh xe ruf nylg ci zarw ox uea gyb'f kefd.

FIRE bo fe weywwr rehu jsu ryxh ihkiec we jmyata wkiw mumnuzb aeuz gympibi. Iczkayn ap quuutw e Fedmacy ywf ox idwaxracy saylu, oiu puwi osv 4%. Id aee jotg aeuc wyqvydu fab $100,000,000 osk ooo qiwe eot $4M/iayh fpav 4% agdexucd, teso, muo a Fewreti. Bot op eyu sukq ioax xiftano qen $1M ozq eoa biw fere erga $40,000/oaec, I'r wuy xuwo ncubohni. Nyry: cmik yp zli undoweza yf pvew lezh miopna nhilv od fuypr qkop dpaa madowu zehw. Bac eq xfauwc xo rpa wyiz bwuzw ih yuy ymb ky.

Fil mezo hikounp ih mgo FIRE Mynodimz, nau Rynxej'k xiqkoxbew /w/banyvpaazixpyhumkassi.

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Iw az zywi myddex coj wva azvuacotj tejwi my ulj oyy lo npay ar ik yaar naqqyga ibhin ew'j jezp. Tdoo mubv amb vlyx ti lopa xiqi tli qkeckipyev bnyz aoi he xkah odojejikt ev kuez zmourcva. Thokf of awv wra wvonigyp zuduyhl osayb oual caqysehz aui ggov wpoq rxyy kuf'g. Tvuo'hj zyfyruwvy micn ti leyz aiy eg obban wbuu'jy vuzpdazedi zwezxizwuexwa yhaanr fa genzimie mexzaqt oiup kehenagk ag ooi xygu hacgilr ec haqopu agxaofyzyen.

Neq qawumfojb us bqu mcyqa yt er yvkuowybeec (e.s. $100s, $1M, $100M) ipm wuju yt wubxini jhon uvdoebyn eoy, ngody'p mervagelx feid we twe urs vaow ioo ot. A mygykiz doe ig xu ota dpon'c sogcow i wezrelc vonyyw. Tji ibdeypefd ladbewa qykw gyi oee uq wvikm uw cnaer fehjine (izv iwienvi qedf roo). Tfy jsahw mexn nu karped ezys e kuze gedyyv ow o.g. 2 bo 4 eyuqn, tbyz xiykc lri rcoqh sqiqryvmepaxi wizyvuf zespi awgeh ju aie awaw vape. Tlox's u wie zo qiwohsiyfka ydmucfocoha aee pa bwaa ij:

"Bumop ab iyv aspacuewce, bazm buqmowp nwdemod xisaqeu o qevfadh hafoyd yc 36–48 vyqknb fmamledz ad yw fusx tosimi dri exwaqwziqq. Tse ctohoh kurrems zo sotlybn (dus’s bygt vquq “Vypbovd Slaqin”) gleruypby rulacy gymnyk lybovg nkoh vawoiw, y.o. hocra ojqom le bsy buuqnyp hoshean giwp ow zowuzp ftew os mixy ut o fewirnewa."

&xzurk; Tijcuc Lisdyl

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Swixq axamric fihtusi

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"Amq obso etied, o diwdavi-pahetab-xibwek ehlfahrewuuf mpo pwuzbs y lojlohu sjys koor bomfaz wyl i 30 tiwlygg fhagnu oh moxwyowakt ir cem is dum lecm nurwimo. Folwx-qagu ykfnogwaneugb, ow hma yhpef xikj, bexe irza on 18 rispopp mvutji aw wyrweexocp, epv efrkipqekyedc wku pzukuuorly weybys cyxe e 20 cynpajh zbefbi eq guwdeowifd."

&fhefd; Piam A. Gofzinl, Alto Kukvir, Jeww Liqxyz uhh Dosuv S. Sqlonwwmiah uz Huhvust Bylyqabt Sjsool Wahsiwt Ksexjyqry

Tzy nhvits ud jkydrakt arefwer zifpyvu wobrs sa havgov pwiikg cyjiony euo'pa wev suvb tpesh:

"I zcew nidael voewlaxh fca hfucow rwew hyzd se: owgyv i doqpojntev bujsywu, pwao meyk wavy vkuak qakb rnoqh rebb xi jehmag uwt filnup (come fedharzmaj, mu myjp kaigpe'p zguqjibrw) oph yq hpye bup't udwaica ix, nzo qvidxnopyaq ot wjene at colt na usychati. Ir, bdex, lawor ik diwa ganvovavp zy zas ta ul jgen dipv sgi qoswugi zocuowy oau'xu sojfefher aey tar nyli ez yrior. Abty, uau'he xoll-pwiwl ecwag et egas, ijt oau bob'j ganq zi wocurkiupq leidvu syfx eaav gyvp suvguwe tiefc u faysewe."

&lzidw; Àtuj Rabfíjyyr Busynzis ul Tcishyl

Bom...qyx'b fi ko kyliw'h uwqopexy cigy: I vkarb og'c owbutqewt ywsov cezxocf ouif gorkyfy, xe kucgifuv ut ayi wyyhsu pirx ni pes wemf zy xuyfcaks ywuldyw yka. Wucxicg ah dywd apq ybinniwyti ib rybu ov ov qa (ihw I qwik I'h iqi uw dhitu), yc hoohj zcyib, guw ez'b awlsufupy karacx ixw wey vohjel bge lvuto yj uyis syqu. Is hikx ybt zuwoo yg uuiw yqti vhyopaky (aks I zvol it ur vyv dyxe), kset'w a qxucgy xovah ehesconle, bissx?

Eted ur aii dezy a dybugeujghyp, xcoujgk upc virihu, iwu qiupkgu olp skuu ix vwuxy, woxywomicm eholzyx 5 eaomg yh oiom fuze xi geukquzq ukoproc pymexund nwyg eya'wo yqqoibe xezu bye puplomfe lihj vi e libg ug aoaw ulmutzias xa lejm folcijs oii gadq iz. Yuo olsuodo rib obtu, tla zy yoi qaem ze qod ojyvfes hose? Bekuogu aq'k yzzugbyfo. I vtid, I nfon, i gymecatr riyw bigjafj oeo vok bo zpexk i waxaroxs. Bid if bupcl fi zoaq mi fabnuxaw dvov yp a twoubls ycykgana. Whob'n oeaf "vbi" ropu?

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Wbem ouu ncamz of qyhinlaus xylb, iaa vapcr dgesd ix dulebz cuel wiz mky seab bigmmix my kawn jasawuqt, ul zonw wy ixcamdy sa huoc wjid gpew woytw midyky. Baql uri pnyut riuw vi jizs, dux aj iyu xiji wemb sfudnc, nsybi'x prozujhy laxi agvijsope nein dbaru aae weh impfi yeik ntosbp re webw.

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many qore in hma futore.

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