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Thanks for reading my book! The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated. That means while reading the text of this book will slowly start looking like this: abu eoev hunawuop, sy ciks piizqe ekiykb iou zu xexo. Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc'm joxg sa.

If you buy the book (click Buy MAKE— 50% off below), the text will instantly become decrypted and it will be fully readable like a normal book. You'll also get the PDF and ePub versions sent to your email. Enjoy reading!

I presented a summary of this book at Dojo Bali, watch it to get an idea of what's in it:

Because you have little time, here's the mega short TL;DR (too long; didn't read) summary of this book:

📜 Foreword

Thank you

The last years were a whirlwind of adventures while building all these products and being part of the startup ecosystem. I've met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. Writing this book is my final piece (for now 😛). And it wasn't possible without the help of a lot of people.

I'd like to thank every person who ever used my apps and websites, especially those who supported me financially by becoming a paying customer.

I'd like to thank all my followers on Twitter for supporting my work by giving me feedback, sharing it, and sticking with me through my ups and downs throughout this startup journey. Success sometimes makes you a dick (especially on Twitter!), and maybe I wasn't nice sometimes. So please forgive me and again, thank you.

I'd like to thank my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother Jeroen and Marijn for sticking with me and giving me true advice in times where it was hard to get objective feedback anywhere else.

I'd like to thank my girlfriend for repeatedly asking me "when are you going to finish that f*cking book?" for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.

I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from BetaList, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

I'd also like to thank Patrick McKenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago. Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style. And Derek Sivers who taught me to every day try to be warm, nice and humble. No matter how much you achieve. And Anthony from Hype Machine for always reaching out with advice.

Importantly I'd like to thank Jennifer de Walt for inspiring me with her 180 Websites in 180 Days project. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have made 12 Startups in 12 Months, wouldn't have made Nomad List and wouldn't be writing this book here. It's crazy how serendipity works.

I'd like to thank everyone in Work in Progress chat for keeping me productive and forcing me to finally finish this book (which took me too long).

I'd like to thank Product Hunt, and specifically Ryan Hoover and Andreas Klinger for always supporting me, giving great feedback and highlighting my startups repeatedly. And in a bigger way for creating this whole indie startup wave that I am benefiting from so much.

All of you, and you now reading this book, have changed my life forever. Thank you.

Why did I write a book?

I never wanted to write a book. I have to be honest to say I hardly read books myself. I think it takes a certain amount of hubris to put your thoughts in 200 pages and think you actually know something well enough that you should share it with people. But then all of you started buying it, so hey, let's do this!

I think it's stupid to read lots of books about doing something (in this case startups) and then believe you're actually learning something from it. Because most successful people I know learned mostly everything they know from practice. Just by doing things.

Books are also outdated by definition. The moment I write this sentence and you read it (weeks, months or years later), I might have already changed my mind.

Then there's the entire survivorship bias, it assumes that what worked for me will work for you. But it probably won't. Because time has already changed and I will never be able to put on to paper all the variables that have attributed to things than went successful for me. I really don't like to give people false promises. Which is what most other books do. No, this book won't make you successful. That's all up to you.

But I do want to write a book

Even with all these things stacked against writing a book.

I want to write a book, if only because I see so much bullshit going around in the world of startups and tech. The media is presenting startups in the wrong way. People think they need to build billion dollar companies. They need to fly to San Francisco and build a "network" and get $10 million dollar investment from old rich guys. They need to hire 10x power developers and work them for 100-hour work weeks while feeding them pizza and soda. It will be great, they said.

But it won't. It'll probably suck. And you probably won't get rich. Because the odds of a venture capital (VC) funded startup are by definition stacked against you. Only 10% or less exit and that doesn't even tell you if the founders make good money. There's giant company exits where the founders barely made money. That's why I'm writing this. To show you, you might be able to do it differently.

The indie way of building a startup

What's the alternative? How about this: do things yourself and build a nice side project, that then can maybe turn into a bigger project, that then maybe becomes a company that makes you enough money to quit your day job and stop working for the man. Enough money to build up good savings, that if you invest well, will give you a nice early retirement. Your own company that can give you a little more freedom in your daily life, so you can spend it with friends, your family, your pets or just doing the things you love. Which in the best case is actually building an app, project, startup or company you love to work at/on/for!

I want to make bootstrapping great (again) #MBGA

This way of building a company is called "bootstrapped". Which means you're self-funded. You use the resources you have to get started. The odds of building a successful bootstrapped business are way higher than building a venture funded billion dollar company. Because the goal of a bootstrapped business is much more reachable. You don't need to do a billion dollars in revenue. You're already there if you can pay yourself enough to live from. Any money that comes extra is even better! You'll probably have less stress, be happier and be therefore a better friend, lover, partner or parent. Just....relax.

The coolest thing about bootstrapping it is that it doesn't exclude "going big" later. Venture capital investors LOVE to invest in companies that already have proven revenue. And that's literally what a bootstrapped business is. You'll be miles further than the person next to you pitching with just a PowerPoint deck. When you go for millions of dollars of VC investment on day one, it means you do exclude building a healthy simple business. Your company is now strapped to a rocket and you need to go big or explode. That's why I think bootstrapping is the better way to build a business now.

I really, truly, honestly want to see the mainstream startup narrative change into one where bootstrapping, revenue and actual profit is "cool". Writing a book on it with a proven framework people can apply, may help accelerate this change.

There's a personal legacy aspect here: if I can have a small influence in changing this, it feels good as a person. It's nice to change things for the better. And if it doesn't, well, thousands of people paid me money for this book, so it's a nice backup for me in case I go bankrupt.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I went from really scrappy side project to profitable company with users a few times now. Most times it failed miserably, but a few times it worked out for me.

At time of writing, my website Remote OK just became the most visited remote jobs board in the world with 3 million monthly visits. Nomad List is near that amount too, and ushered in a new era of digital nomads and remote work from 2014 onward. They're both manually built by me, profitable with high margins (up to 95%), and highly automated. I was Product Hunt's Maker of the Year twice. I've launched my startups to Reddit's front page twice. I grew one of my projects into $100,000+/month revenue, then $200,000+/month revenue and together now to over $3,000,000/year, while blogging and tweeting about all the personal ups and (lots of) downs for the past years. I launched Rebase last year which went from $0 to $50,000/month in 30 days. I recently launched Avatar AI which went from $0 to $100,000 in 10 days! My projects together are now valued at anywhere from $10 million to $40 million depending on what the market would pay for it. And I did it mostly by myself. Most of my other projects failed (some miserably), but I was able to get an idea to success a few times.

There is a good chance that there is strong survivorship bias at work here though. Remember that. The people who try and fail don't write books how they failed. That means my entire perspective is probably biased and skewed. You've been warned.

This book is my entire brain dump

I've been getting thousands of questions the last few years. I think if I started answering them I'd simply not get to working on my own projects anymore. That's why this book is the easiest knowledge transfer from me to you.

Literally every single thing I learned in the last few years building bootstrapped startups is in this book. It's my entire brain dumped on paper. It can be messy but it's everything I know. I hope it'll be something like giving back to the community and people will use it as guide in becoming indie makers and ship products. I've seen the drafts of this book already applied in hundreds of launched startups (because people will usually send me a message), which is super awesome. I'd love to see more. Having some positive influence on people's lives is a lot more interesting to me than more revenue, at this point.

This book is continuously updated

I'll be working on this book just like any of my startups. It's a continuous project. I'll keep updating when I learn new things.

App, site, product, startup, business

You'll see these terms in the book used somewhat like synonyms. Because most of the theory in this book applies to all of these. Sites these days are like web apps, and apps are more like sites, together they are products and a few of these products make up a startup which in turn is a business. Generally, they're all the same thing.

You'll need persistence, and luck

You may need to try shipping 10 to 30 products for 1 to 3 years before you have anything that works. That's how this approach works. You build stuff and see what sticks. I don't know anybody who shipped one product and instantly became successful. It takes a long time to "get" it and even then it's a lot of luck and timing. If something doesn't seem to take off early on, it probably won't take off later, so make something new and try again.

As I, and this book practice radical honesty, there's a chance nothing you make will be successful. But by doing you'll have figured something new out, that might lead you to somewhere else, that will make you successful. Startups, and life, are about constantly pivoting when things don't work out. If you don't take action though, you can be sure nothing will ever happen. Stagnancy kills. So ship.

🚢 Always keep shipping.


I want you to learn from actually shipping a product. This book is just ideas that might be wrong or right, and biased, but your own personal practical experience will be the thing (if anything) making you successful. Not this book! This book is just me pushing you to go sit on the bicycle. Now learn to ride it yourself. Practice is everything. Get your own style. And most importantly, ship.

📜 Contents

📕 This book

To avoid all those books with theories that are unproven, I felt on a very meta level, I wanted to write this book with the theory described in this book. To prove that if I could produce and sell this book in the ways described in this book, it'd somewhat prove the theories might work. So that's what I did.

Before even writing a single line on it I announced this book and opened it up for pre-orders:

The landing page was literally a Typeform telling that I wanted to write a book, but it didn't exist yet, and asking for $29.99 to support it.

The only thing people received after paying $29.99 immediately was an empty Workflowy list where they could write what the book should be about specifically. That gave me immediate feedback from customers what they wanted me to make. Just like a startup.

Thousands of people pre-ordered the book (quickly netting $50,000+ in revenue at $29.99 per pre-order) and there was thousands of items in the Workflowy list to write about. I went through it regularly and tried to re-order it to find patterns. I found I could divide up all questions people had in the different stages of startups. Ideas, building, launching, growing and monetizing. Everyone was at a different stage and needed different questions answered.

I then started writing the first chapter. I wanted to do this by "building in public" too. Or in this case, writing in public. I made a Google Docs text document and started writing.

But not before I started a live stream on Twitch of the writing process of course. I wanted to live stream most of the chapters. It helped me because, as you may know if you've ever written a book or thesis, the procrastination of writing can become incredible.

Every time I finished the draft of a chapter I sent it out to all the pre-order customers. And they could review it as a Google Doc again.

Only the final process of writing this book (where I'm at now), was done by myself. Collecting all the content, cleaning it up, rewriting it and making editorial decisions on what should be in it. But 90% of the process was out in the open.

And that's exactly how I have built and would build startups: launch early and build with/for your users.

💡 Idea


This first chapter is about how to get ideas for a startup.

Solve your own problems

The most important thing is to find ideas from solving your own problems. You do that by looking at your own life and observing what your daily challenges are. Then you see if you could make those challenges easier using technology. If you solve your own problem, it's very realistic that there's many more people like you who would also love their problem solved. And that's pretty much what a business is. Solving lots of people's problems in return for money.

In startups, this business can be in the form of an application, a website or even only just a physical service tied together with some technology.

Your problem might just be everyone else's

My most successful project is Nomad List. It's a platform for remote workers and travelers to find places to go to and meet other people when they're there.

When I built the first version of Nomad List, I was traveling through Asia. I was living in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Bali. I knew these places were good for digital nomads, but I didn't know what other cities to visit. I'd go to Singapore, and discover it was nice but also very expensive. I'd go to Vietnam and realize wow it's really cheap here, but the internet is unusably slow. I was looking for cities that were cheap to live, had fast internet, and warm temperatures. I thought "Okay, maybe just make a list of cities with that data?". It was just a private spreadsheet first. I added about 25 cities' temperature, internet speed and cost of living. Then I wanted to share it, I tweeted the URL.

But something was off. When I looked back, someone had hacked my spreadsheet. There were now about 75 cities and it wasn't just temperature, internet speed and cost of living. There was safety, best coworking space and climate added as columns. Instead of sharing it as "read-only", I had accidentally clicked "editable by everyone". Suddenly there were hundreds of people adding data about their cities, and the cities they'd been to. After a month, thousands of people had added data about over 250 cities.

This is a good example because I just wanted to solve my own problem, and it turned out it was thousands of other people's problem too. Your own problems are nice because often they're quite niche level, meaning you'll have enough other people with the same problem to be your user, but not enough that some giant company has already done it.

You are the greatest expert at your own problems

Even if it's not always successful, the concept of solving your own problems is a great way to find ideas that might be viable. A lot of people don't do this. When you try to solve problems that aren't even yours, like somebody else's, you can do that but you are not an expert in the problem area.

For example, I could make a health care app which registers patients and their health situation, which diseases and ailments they have, and where they are in the hospital system. But I'm not a doctor. I've only been to a hospital when I was sick. I have zero expertise on health care. I don't know the problems doctors have.

I can look at the entire industry from an outside perspective and think: "Okay, we need to solve this problem. There's a lot of money and opportunity here". But I still don't know anything about it. I'm just not an expert in the problem space. And until I become a doctor, I probably will never be.

You want to find ideas from your own problems because you'll be an expert on them immediately.

How well do you need to know a problem to solve it?

Somebody asked me, "How well do I need to know a problem to make something for it? How much can I learn along the way?".

I think you need to know a lot about the problem you're trying to solve. Once you have traction and your website, app or startup works, you can learn from user feedback and data you collect then. But that's useful once you're already running. It won't help you find ideas that are suitable for you to execute. First-hand experience with the problem you're solving is best.

And not just at the start. When your company grows, and you stop becoming the target audience, you face a big risk of not understanding the customer anymore. A good example is in hip-hop, a rapper comes from a low-income ghetto, gets success rapping about that world, then gets rich from the success, loses the inspiration of that world since he/she now lives in a giant mansion and their career is over.

Personally, I saw this happen with myself. For awhile, I took a break from traveling as a digital nomad and the product suffered. Now that I'm back on the road, I see where my site sucks. For example, it doesn't work well when I visited smaller towns where there's hardly any nomad activity. So I lowered the membership price of Nomad List and started focusing on just getting more people in. As that's more important short-term than making money. I wouldn't have realized this by staying home.

Problems are always changing, as are markets, as are people. If you are your target market, that's perfect. You just evolve with it. The founder of Boosted Boards, an electric skateboard, said:

"We just wanted to make skateboards for ourselves and there was no real good electric ones. We built it for ourselves. We knew exactly how we wanted it to feel when driving. We knew what people wanted because we were the target market".

I'm starting to repeat myself, but that's because this is a repetitive theme with successful companies. And opposite: a repetitive theme with failing companies is founders who have no connection to, expertise on or passion for their industry.

Be more original, and your ideas will be original

There's an issue in itself with only solving your own problems. What if you're not as unique as you think? It takes only a slight glimpse at current startups ideas to see that everyone is making the same stuff.

Everybody's doing a to-do list app. Everybody's doing productivity apps. For a decade, people have been making apps to find your friends on a map. Everybody's doing some kind of photo sharing app. These are basic ideas that everyone has. And they're too obvious.

Everybody's doing them because everybody has the same problems. So how can you find problems that are actually unique and original? Well, become more unique and original yourself. I would have never built Nomad List if I didn't go traveling and working.

So, you need to do stuff that makes you explicitly very different. It will get you more unique ideas. That's super cool, because now you have two great attributes of an idea. It's not just unique, but it's also something you're an expert at since you've done it yourself. Even if you launch and get competitors later (like I did) because they see you're making money and it's a good market, you'll still be in a better position than them because you're real. You've done it. You're an expert in the problem you're solving.

I would be bad at making an app for doctors, but if I was a psychiatrist, I'd probably be able make a very good app for psychiatrists, since I'd know all about it. Part of the Lean Startup approach dictates "talk to customers to find problems". That's nice and all, but then you're still working from an outside perspective. I'd say, just focus on your own problems.

Also, stop reading books to develop yourself or get ideas. You won't get them from there. Or if you do, there's lots of other people reading the same book probably. Get ideas from your life experience. Get outside. Become original. Do crazy stuff that you're scared of. Jump off cliffs (do it safely). Ask people you like out (scary but nice). Walk into random office buildings. Jump fences (but don't storm the Capitol Hill, thanks). Crash hotel pools. Whatever makes you different. Don't be scared! Live.

The downside of solving only your own problems

There's a strong and somewhat valid criticism on the philosophy of solving only your own problems.

If you're a wealthy guy from a Western country, you're probably going to solve problems that make your already pretty good life better. You're not going to solve problems that women or people with other genders have, because you don't experience their problems. You're also probably not going to a developing country and solve the problematic garbage situation there. It's the privilege argument.

I get it. And I see the criticism there, but then, it's hard for anyone to solve a problem outside the context of their own subculture, city, country, continent, region, income class and gender, because they're not experts on it. And maybe that's not as bad as we think. If we can democratize access to computers and the internet (as we're doing now), people anywhere can focus on solving THEIR own problems and reap the financial (and other) rewards from doing that. And isn't that much better than having a white guy do that and reap the rewards?

Always start from the problem, not the solution

A lot of companies start not from the problem but from the solution. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Technology needs to solve a problem. If you make a solution for a problem that doesn't exist, it might look sexy technologically, but it won't get users.

When new technology becomes available people want to use it to build something. A great example is the endless amount of apps that have appeared since smartphones got GPS chips a decade ago. The first thought is, okay, let's use this to track each other. So you make a map with friends on it and where they are. This has been tried over and over and it's still a pretty terrible idea. I don't have a strong curiosity to know where my friends are and I don't necessarily want them to know where I am (due to privacy). The problem doesn't exist. When I meet up with friends, we simply say a place we're meeting up and we can find each other.

Now a good example where this technology is used to solve a problem would be Tinder. It does use your GPS location, to find people around you to date. That works because you don't want to match with people on the other side of the world. It solves a problem and the solution is enabled by available technology. The problem should always be first, not the technology, not the solution.

To get big, you have to start small

Niches are specific market segments that are shallow enough to easily access, with not many players in there. Niches are a great start because they're usually too small in economic value for big companies to attend to. They're also the perfect size to market a new company towards.

Niches go against the ridiculous "go big or go home" attitude that the rise of startups in mainstream media pushed from 2006 onward. But that attitude isn't realistic. Because most big companies started very small. If you start big from day one, it's the wrong way to go about it. People don't like niches because they're too small for people's ego's.

But niches are much more profitable than you'd think. If you have "just" 1,000 people paying you $83.33/month, that's $1,000,000 in revenue in one year!

How to make $1,000,000
Make a $5,000 product for 200 people
Make a $2,000 product for 500 people
Make a $1,000 product for 1,000 people
Make a $200 product for 5,000 people
Make a $100 product for 10,000 people
Make a $10 product for 100,000 people
How to make $1,000,000 w/ subscriptions
500 people pay you $167/month for 1 year
1,000 people pay you $83/month for 1 year
2,000 people pay you $42/month for 1 year
5,000 people pay you $17/month for 1 year
10,000 people pay you $9/month for 1 year

Start with a micro niche

Let's say you want to make booking software for hairdressers. That could be a niche. But how many hairdressers are there? Probably millions worldwide. Why not go even more niche? Booking software for hairdressers that focus on African hair. Now you're talking tens of thousands maybe. That's a good start. Let's say you captured only 10% of those 10,000+ hairdressers that focus on African hair, that could be 1,000 customers paying that $83/month making you a million-dollar bootstrapped company!

From micro niche to multi-niche

If you're at a party and someone asks you what you do and you answer you make booking software for African hairdressers, you might think it's too basic, i.e. you're not "changing the world" with this. But you shouldn't. Because first of all, you're probably making good money off those 10,000 hairdressers paying $100/y (that's $1M/y in revenue already!). And if you've validated your startup in that niche, you can expand to other niches. What about Asian hair? White people hair? Step by step you move closer to the entire booking for hairdressers market. Why do it step by step? Because you can easily go smaller again if you fail. And try to expand in another direction. It's like a lightning shock in slow motion, it tries to find the path of least resistance. Your company should be doing the same thing.

From multi-niche to adjacent markets

Now let's say you have the entire booking for hairdressers market, what about booking for nail salons? And tattoo shops? Now you're doing restaurants. Now what else do all the shops need? A point-of-service payment platform. Okay you have all these shops as customers already, so you can easily sell this new service to them too (and best of all test it on them first). You then scale up frm multiple niches to adjacent markets.

From adjacent markets to becoming a platform

With the experience from payments for physical shops, you move to virtual payments too. With lots of luck, you'll be one of the biggest payment gateways in the world. You'll go into ecommerce with virtual storefronts for the physical shops of your customers.

You just became big by starting small!

See what happened here? You became big by starting small. Most people do the opposite and crash and burn. They want to build that giant payment platform that will change everything. But hardly anybody started with that. Facebook was a Hot Or Not app by Marc Zuckerberg. Apple was a personal computer build kit for amateur hackers. Microsoft was a tiny software agency that re-sold MS-DOS from another developer to IBM. Google was a small academic experiment to search Stanford University's local intranet. Get it?

Stop. Thinking. Big.

Think small first! You'll be big at the end!

Your idea does not have to be earth-shattering

I don't think your idea should be earth- shattering. If you look at most big startups, their first idea was not earth- shattering at all, most of them. Think Uber. They started as an app where you can simply call a taxi. Right? Then it grew into an entire transport solution. The long goal is self-driving cars, that transport everything and to replace the entire transport and delivery industry.

All that started with a taxi hailing app. Your first idea does not have to be (and probably should not be) earth-shattering.

You start with something small. Don't think too big. Then slowly, you can get to the big part by extrapolating, scaling your idea to a bigger market, from a niche market, and to a bigger more abstract idea.

With Nomad List, I started with a list of cities with cost of living and internet speeds. Then I scaled that up to a social platform for digital nomads. Now the long-term goal is an entire internet platform for the future of remote work. That means more tools for nomads, remote workers and businesses that embrace this future. That all started with a database of cities, that's not earth-shattering at all.

The more I talk with people in the startup world and they tell me like, "This idea is going to change the world. It's going to be a billion dollar company." Those are usually the ones that fail really, really bad. The ones that go really well, and I know from seeing friends around me, are the ones that are people who are really modest and they just say, "Ah we just want to fix a small thing. Then okay we fix it. Okay. What's next? What are we going to do next." They do probably have a long-term vision, but focus on the small stuff every step of the way. Because that's how you get big: by focusing on small steps. If you can't even do the small steps right, how are you going to get to the big part? Right?

Don't focus on the idea that is earth-shattering. Just start with something basic. Virtual reality is an industry that will be earth-shattering, but you don't have to have an idea that's earth-shattering. You can start with a basic, little virtual reality game/app (like I'm doing now) and slowly add functionality until maybe it becomes like the next virtual social reality world where we're going to live our lives in.

You don't know what you're going to end up with. That's another point. You need constant feedback from your users in the markets to see what people want and what people use and whatnot. You can't just think of that. You can't think big immediately. You have to start small.

Create a list of ideas and keep track of them

A good start if you're looking for ideas is to keep track of any you might get. How you keep track of your ideas is up to you. I now use Workflowy and previously used Trello for it. I have a few different lists. The first is for "Concepts", that's rough ideas. Then if one of the ideas looks good, I move it to the "Promising" list. If I actually start executing them I put them in the "Building" list. Then if it's done I have a "Success" or "Failure" list. When it's a failure, I usually also write inside the card why it failed in a post-mortem that's one sentence long.

The first list of basic ideas has zero limits in how weird or crazy the ideas can be. This is on purpose. There shouldn't be any judgment on your first basic creative premise. It can evolve into something more practical later.

The thing with ideas is, at least with me, that they keep coming back in my brain. I'll get a basic hunch, then weeks later it comes back, and then months later it'll start to manifest in my mind. Then sometimes even 2 years later I'll finally start executing it. This is great because your mind is like a rice cooker for ideas. They need to get ready before you can put them out and build them.

This list of ideas doesn't have to be physical or virtual, it can also just be in your mind if that works for you. As long as you keep going back to ideas and see if they have evolved to become worthy of actual execution.

Should you make ideas alone or in a group?

I think collaborations can be very dangerous. Because if you work with somebody else in a team, there's a big tendency of groupthink, where everyone starts hyping each other on the value of the idea. The prototype might only get mild validation from paying users, but you're working with this group and you're already so crazy about it that it doesn't really matter what users pay/do/say. That's very bad. It should only be about the users.

I've been in these rooms, I've seen it happen. "I"m telling you Joe, we've got something really good here". No, we don't care. It should be only about customers. You see a lot of startups go wrong because they have this group think in the beginning and it's actually not rational thinking. You're more rational on your own. Obviously, collaborations can work with idea generation too, but I think the most important part of idea generation is getting ideas yourself, then talking to people, customers, users to evolve them. Not talking to your teammates how great your team's idea is.

The worst is to be with people that just confirm what you already think. The best is to test your ideas as quickly as possible. Even asking other people for advice is kind of bullshit. You can't ask "will this idea work". You need to ask the market by building it! Nobody knows until you launch!

Don't be afraid to share your ideas

The most elementary mistake people still make is not sharing their ideas. No, people won't steal your idea if they like it. And even if they do, they probably can't execute it as well as you. And even if they do, you're not a snowflake! There's thousands or even millions of people with the same ideas as you. Stop thinking you're so special! Ideas are a dime a dozen. Everything is about how you execute.

Idea x Execution = Business

Bad idea = 0
Good idea = 10
Great idea = 20
No execution = $0
Good execution = $100,000
Great execution = $1,000,0000

"To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions. To make a business, you need to multiply the two. The most brilliant idea, with no execution, is worth $20. The most brilliant idea takes great execution to be worth $20,000,000."

Derek Sivers in his famous essay "Ideas are just a multiplier of execution" (2005)

You shouldn't be scared of sharing your idea because execution gives the idea its details and specifics. That means 10 people with the same idea will execute it in 10 completely different ways.

The benefit of being able to share your ideas is that you'll be discussing them with everyone. Potential customers, vendors, suppliers, whoever. Everyone will have some input on it which you may or may not use as feedback. Again, the market remains the most important feedback though.

Not sharing your idea is stupid because it'll stay only in your head. You for sure won't be objective at judging it since you have something called "optimism bias" which is "the tendency of individuals to underestimate the likelihood they will experience adverse events", e.g. you think it'll definitely be very successful.

It doesn't matter if people say "that idea will never work" because they're not the validation. The user paying/using it is the validation, not other people judging your idea! The point of sharing your idea is thus not to get people loving it or hating it. The point is that you get your brain working outside of its comfort zone (of talking to itself) and you'll evolve your idea. You'll come up with adaptations of your idea, or entirely new ideas by talking about it.


To get ideas, try to find problems in your daily life. You're the foremost expert at problems you have, more than anyone else who doesn't have them. If you keep coming up with the same ideas as everyone else: try to make yourself a more original person by actively experiencing different things. Don't shy away from taboos and fringe ideas, that just mean you're ahead of the curve, they might become the next big thing. Don't think big, start thinking small first, then take it one step at a time, you'll become big by starting small. To avoid groupthink and drama: work alone, especially early on. Share your ideas freely to get other people's input on them. Log every idea you have, filter them, and see which ones you can execute upon.

🛠 Build


You made it to the second chapter. We'll now discuss how to build your idea.

In the previous chapter we looked at how to find ideas for your product. To avoid getting stuck in an infinite loop of brainstorm and bullshit, you want to start building as soon as possible. The faster you get it out, the faster you'll see if people want to use it, how they use it and what other features they want to see you build. Without shipping, it's difficult to get any idea of what they want. There are obvious exceptions here: Apple hardly uses any focus groups or user testing, they choose to ship the very best (according to them). That's fine, but you're not Apple (yet).

Build fast and minimal

While a decade ago development time was long and took lots of planning to get right, today we can go from idea to basic product in a matter of days.

We have cheap and easy to set up servers (virtual private servers or VPS, like Linode and Digital Ocean), and platforms as a service (PaaS, like Heroku) that take out all the difficulty of setting up your own server. Server operating systems like Ubuntu have become relatively simple to set up with tutorials readily being available online. The web server software itself has become fast and simple too: NGINX allows us to set up a basic default server that doesn't need much further configuration. Languages like Ruby, JavaScript, PHP and their frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Meteor, Laravel make it easy to build products by skipping the ground work.

It's fine if you don't recognize a lot of the terms in the previous paragraph. This isn't a technical book. And the tools with which you make your product don't really matter in the beginning (and not even that much later either).

My point is, the speed of the development can be very fast now. And the zeitgeist of our time is transient too. Everything moves fast now, and where in the past people would use an app for days or weeks, now you literally have seconds to make an impact, or they close/uninstall it. So you have to move fast to stay ahead. Another attribute of our zeitgeist is minimalism. Users finally accept minimal interfaces and minimal functionality, as long as an app does what it says well. There are single-purpose apps now that just do one small thing very well. Many of them have been quite successful.

Downsides of fast development

There are downsides to this culture of fast development. There are products these days which are still littered with bugs when shipped. They might not work well on all mobile devices. They're not tested. There's products that are launched and work great in the first week, but then their developers stop maintaining them and they break after a few months. The remaining users get annoyed when the app stops working. With development being fast, rough and dirty, so are the results.

The other downside is you don't have the time for sophistication and details. Code has a higher potential to become an epic mess of spaghetti because there's less architectural planning involved. But then again, you can always rewrite code right? At least you've shipped. Users don't care how your code looks.

Your enemy is perfection

The reasons you should launch fast are to avoid inaction due to perfection. You should start avoiding striving for perfection now and maybe later too. This applies to all phases of doing a startup (and maybe even life), but especially the start. Perfectionism is detrimental because 9 out of 10 times it doesn't make things better but just creates inaction. You'll have 50 meetings, 100 iterations of an idea or feature, just to get it right, when actually you should have just gotten it out of the door immediately and let people use it (and learned from them using it!). Perfectionism is necessary in smaller details of your service or startup, but not in the entire thing because then it will simply paralyze you with inaction and fear that what you do is not perfect. Nothing is perfect at the start. Things become perfect through lengthy iterations!

If you're in the early stages of a company, you want to get out stuff as fast as possible. Actually, overall I think in the entire stage, it will be useful to do that because users love new features. They love to test new stuff. They're actually pretty okay getting into bugs. They know development is difficult these days. I mean Gmail was in Beta for a decade. People are fine with errors, as long as they can use something new and as long as the errors get fixed, and if they have some way to tell you the feedback about the errors, for example. I think getting stuff out the door is the number one priority.

Avoiding perfectionism is a skill you have to develop. You need to learn to be fine with everything being not fine. Not everything will be perfect and high quality. Maybe your website will have the wrong images, the wrong background colors and the logo color doesn't match the branding text in the rest of the page. Is that important? Really? It's okay for a day. It needs to be fixed at some point, but it's not a priority. The product works. Prioritize perfectionism. Perfect what needs to be perfected now. The stuff that's low priority, don't put too much effort in it to perfect it.

You'll always have time to perfect stuff later. You can always iterate and develop it to be great later. Why not perfect it step by step? Make small improvements.

There's a limit to this though. Don't make shitty products. With minimum viable products there's been a rise of people shipping products that look bad and hardly work. A first prototype should function really well. It's fine if there's some bugs on the side, but the core functionality should be operational. It should look at least OK, otherwise you simply turn people away. Minimum needs to be minimum good.

How viable should a minimum viable product (MVP) be?

The bad MVPs we're seeing recently are creating a counter movement against the lean product development trend. And that's understandable. A lean or minimum viable product doesn't mean it can be shit! It has to actually function, users have to be able to use it. Bugs are fine, but users should be able to report them instantly (like with a feedback chat box pop up). You'll also have to fix bugs fast or people will get annoyed (and you'll just grow more and more bugs). Making a minimum viable product means it has to be viable, it's not an excuse to be lazy and make something half-assed. So it's all about balance. Make something great that functions and it can be minimal. But make sure it works!

Build yourself or outsource

Many people ask me if they should build their product themselves, outsource it to other people or hire full-time employees to build it for them.

I have a pretty extreme opinion about this that goes against the grain of what most say. But I think I'm right because times are changing.

DIY vs. people who hire others to do it for them

I think you can get quite far by letting other people develop your product for you, but the problem is that in the long term you won't be able to have the same speed as a product maker with development skills.

To give you an example: my day usually starts with waking up, showering, having some coffee, seeing what bug on one of my sites is emailed/tweeted/shared with me today (someone sends me a bug report almost every day), and I'll see if I can fix it immediately. Then I'll see other stuff on my site that I don't like, and I'll just change it on the fly. All of this usually takes a few minutes. Those are just small tweaks every day, but over a year that's like 300 to 1,000 small tweaks which add up.

Now imagine if you outsource all of this, and you have to ask 1,000 times for a developer to tweak this and that. For me, a small tweak or bug fix will take just a few minutes because I can do it myself. But for you, each tweak takes a message to your developer, who then has to be working that day (and awake!) to get it fixed. He might have to do a meeting about it with his team. So it might take a few hours, or days, or weeks.

Now imagine if we have the same site and you and me are competing. In the time you've sent a bunch of emails to your developers, I've already pushed 5 bug fixes and added 2 new features to my app. Who's going to win here? Who's faster? Not you!

Now think about your users. They're now stuck with a bug for 3 days because your developer is hiking up a mountain in Peru for holiday. I fixed that bug while having my coffee in the morning in 5 minutes. What will your users like more? Your broken app or my working one?

It's not all roses though. Doing everything yourself in the long-term probably doesn't work. If you've proven a business model, it's probably smart to keep repeating it (by scaling it up), getting people to work FOR you, with you managing the operations instead of micromanaging and fixing tiny bugs. But that's not what this book is about. We're talking about the beginning. In that case, DIY always tops outsourcing for me.

DIY vs. big teams with VC money

I've seen countless real life examples of VC-funded companies spending loads on building giant development and design teams, or paying the same money to outsourced development and design agencies. There's lots of exceptions where it went right, but mostly in the beginning this just slows you down terribly.

There's been about 5 big direct Nomad List competitors come and go now that have been VC-funded from 1 to 10 million dollars in funding with teams from 10 to 30 people that made the same site as me. But they all didn't go anywhere.

While working alone in my underwear on the side of my hotel bed with my MacBook and my coffee, I was able to outcompete million-dollar VC-funded teams of 30+ people in an office in San Francisco with Aeron chairs, oakwood meeting desks, $20,000 espresso machines, bean bags and ping-pong tables.

That's a really cool thing about the time we live in. It's a pretty fair race. You just need to make a better product than other people and it gets rewarded by people using it.

When starting up, you don't need a team if you have the skills yourself. You don't need startup capital if you have the skills yourself. And getting the skills yourself isn't that hard if you can search every question on Google. And in my opinion, having those skills sets you apart.

You don't even need to be great at it. I'm not great at programming or design. I'm pretty average. But because I can do it all well enough, I have an advantage over many people, teams and companies who are specialized.

My gripe with venture capital in terms of building products

My social media outrage might make you think differently, but I don't hate venture capital. It has its function and place. But I don't like to see (other people's) money wasted on bullshit. And there's plenty of VC money funding bullshit. The costs of building a startup (especially, especially in the beginning) are almost $0 now. That is, if you use your own current skills.

There's a problem with the current narrative for how you're supposed to build a startup:

The more sustainable way to build a startup:

This is relevant because venture capital money can destroy the build process before it's even begun. If approached wrong, raising money means you can skip the actual product validation (if people want the product) and finding a business model (because you don't need money to survive, you have funding). It lets people spend lots of money without having to see any (positive) results for it for a long time. That causes people and companies to be jaded. It's not natural for humans. The natural tension of having to survive is healthy and it makes people act in superhuman ways.

There's always the story of the son or daughter of rich parents who could never find a job until their parents cut all spending on them and suddenly they found a job (because they HAD to get a job to survive). I think the same applies to companies. If you don't need to find a business model (to survive), you're not really going to prioritize looking for it either.

Bootstrapping vs. venture capital

Bootstrapping has become an advantage. You keep your costs low, naturally. You get zero of the bullshit attached with VC money. You maintain full ownership over your product and its roadmap (where you want to go with it). You maintain full ownership over the equity so that when you sell it later, you'll get lots of money (instead of just a diluted 5% because VCs took the rest).

And in our times you don't really need a lot of money to build something yourself. A simple web server is $5/month. A code editor like VSCode or Sublime Text is free. To make iOS apps, XCode is free. An Apple developer license is $100/year. Not a lot compared to the money you can make back from it if you can get people to use your product and pay you hard dollars for it.

Bootstrapping has become a very viable option for most software-based startup ideas. Whereas, venture capital has become tedious to get (schedule 6 months of meetings), limits your freedom (grow crazy big or die) and not really necessary at all. Did I mention how much less stressful bootstrapping is, yet? No, well it is!

The importance of keeping costs down

In the early stages of any project that's not funded, keeping your costs down is your biggest priority. And if you use your own skills to make the basics, that's a lot of costs saved. Developers these days are crazy expensive, due to high demand for them. Most dev's go for $50 to $250/hour. Just the MVP of any small app will already cost roughly 100 hours of work. So there you go, that's $5,000 to $25,000. A fully functioning app will cost thousands of hours, from $50,000 and up.

That's a lot of money if you don't have a lot of money.

So, if you have access to a big money pile, then why not, go and hire some people to build it. But you'll still be competing with a lot of DIY-ers that don't have that cost, and you'll want to get your costs back at some point in the form of revenue. If your development costs are so much higher than the rest, you'll also need to make a lot more money than the rest. Possible, but hard. Especially in the beginning.

Now, the worst you can do is contact a developer and ask them to work for free in return for a 50% share of profit, while you get the other 50% because you came up with "the idea". It's become a startup trope and it's ridiculous. The market value of an idea without execution is $0. So either you get REAL skills (an MBA != skills), or get money to pay developers. Paying with future equity is ridiculous, it's like paying with a $5 lottery ticket. Don't make a joke out of yourself! Nobody works for free anymore. You have to understand, as a developer you can now make $150,000/year as a starting salary in San Francisco. Do you really think anyone cares about your startup idea of a random person such as yourself? Not unless you have something to bring to the table, like money or skills. Some people used to add connections to that list, but I don't really believe networking is important in this age anymore. What's important is the product and to make it you need money or skills.

To build, should you learn to code?

Yes, I'd recommend you learn it. It's only getting easier now. Learning to code seems steep for newbies. But people approach it wrong. You can probably ride a bicycle, right? When you started "learning to ride a bicycle" did you think you'd be Lance Armstrong? No. And you probably aren't. You can just ride it, but you're not competing in world championships.

It's the same with learning to code. It doesn't mean you have to be great, or even good at it. Just know some bits so you can throw stuff together. When I code, every day I have to Google how to do stuff I don't know. Coding is continuous learning. You can ask any programmer and they'll answer the same. The good thing is, there's so much information on the internet nowadays. Almost every problem you face, someone else probably had before you.

If you're looking for ways to "learn to code", I'd say don't go for courses, bootcamps or mentors. They usually cost a lot of money and they don't teach you the core of coding: figuring it out yourself. That's the biggest skill. Fiddling for hours to days to get something working. Not giving up and keep trying. And then suddenly: EUREKA!

If you want to learn to code, my advice is: try to build your idea with HTML and CSS and some JavaScript and see how far you get. Just Google every single thing you don't know. Start with "how to make a HTML page". Then "how to make text colored in HTML". Then "how to make a button in HTML". Etc. Keep searching. You'd be surprised how far you get. This is how I (and many others) have learnt to code. Figure it out for yourself.

If you really don't want to learn to code, read on as I'll discuss how to build a basic app without a single line of code later in this chapter.


Which tools should you use to build?

I'm a strong believer that right now you should use whatever tool works best for you. What tool do you already know? You've already worked with Ruby once? Was it fun? Use that. You've already worked with PHP? Then use that.

What you should definitely NOT do is listen to programming hipsters on the internet telling you which language is best.

Here's a little secret: The people discussing what programming language is best are not shipping products. The people who don't care what programming language they're using are shipping products. They'll use whatever tool they need, whenever they need it.

So use whatever is easiest for you to learn or work with. And then switch whenever you feel you've outgrown a language. But honestly, unless you're programming spaceships, it's pretty hard to outgrow a language. They're all based on the same principles of computing. You can build anything with most languages really.

The thing is, you're not building for the enterprise here. You're building a first product that might grow into something bigger and then turn into a startup company. You can always switch. Twitter switched from Ruby to Java after they kept going down. Twitter still exists. When Facebook became popular, it became overloaded with users, so they wrote their own engine (called HipHop) to speed up PHP. And they started writing critical parts that needed more speed in other languages.

The point is, it didn't stop them from being successful, so surely it won't matter for you.

What if you don't code? I'd recommend you to learn to code of course. But for you, I've written an entire part on how to build without code, further down in this chapter.

My "light" stack

What I use personally grew out of my limitations. I wasn't educated in Computer Science or even programming and I simply used what I knew a little bit about. I didn't listen to everyone telling me what hip new framework (anything.JS etc.) or language (Ruby etc.) to program. I knew some PHP from making some WordPress sites before. And years before that I making my websites interactive with Perl, and it looked pretty similar.

Now the point is, don't go learn PHP. But use what you already know and see how far you get with it. And move to the next language or framework if you're starting to reach its limitations (which seems very hard with most modern languages).

The basic lite stack is a front-end (client) that is built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You then use the JavaScript to communicate with the server by making a web request. That request is received by your backend (server). This backend can run anything. I use PHP, but nowadays you can also run JavaScript on the server (with Express or Node.JS for example). You separate the backend (server) from the front-end (client) for security reasons because you don't want to let your entire user database be viewable by one user, right? The backend code connects to your database (SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL are great).

SQLite specifically is great because it doesn't require you to install a lot, and when you make a database, it's just a file. It's very transportable. You can literally copy the database file from and to your server. There's misconceptions about SQLite that it'd be slow or not scalable enough. That's bullshit. In many cases, SQLite is now faster than the filesystem (!) itself.

There's a giant trend now to merge the client and server-side programming with frameworks like Meteor, React, Vue etc. And I support it. But at the time of writing this book, it simply is too convoluted and complicated for beginner programmers. It's a rabbit hole really. We don't know where it'll go really: will we get more people using basic light stacks like this one (which still separate front-end and backend) or will people all move to frameworks like React.JS? Just because a technology is newer, doesn't mean it's better though. My guess is we will probably merge front and back end at some point. But at time of writing this book, things are changing too fast to use it for me.

A good tip to choose a technology is its age. If a technology has been around for a decade or more, it's probably working well for people. PHP is over 2 decades old and JavaScript similar.

Does it matter what stack you use? Again, not really. Just use whatever works for you. In my case, that's this light stack. I keep it simple. Most companies will eventually build their own framework over time, and in a way that's what I did. But it was never my plan. You just streamline functionality that you keep repeating. Remember, you can always switch the stack later. It'll hurt but it's completely possible.

Why are people so obsessed with tools?

There's a recent trend of people becoming viciously obsessed with discussing tooling. What language do you, should you and will you use? Why all these tool discussions when it's not that important for shipping a product? I think people are obsessed with tools because it feels like they're actually doing something productive. Because when they figure out what tools they should use, they'll go learn that tool (or language) and build their product right?

That's the idea, but it's stupid because it never happens. They get stuck in this endless research. They'll learn a new language, then switch to the other one. Because this new language, tool or framework "may be a better fit" for the product, that is the product they still have to build and ship. Not any of these people ever finished what they wanted to make. And the problem is, every week a new framework shows up that promises to make your app or its development even faster and easier.

All of this stuff simply takes away from your goal, which is shipping a product and selling it to users and getting revenue from it. Who has this problem more than anybody? Software engineers. It helps to be a bit business-ey here, because business people always care most about revenue. And if a profitable company is your goal, you should too make that your first priority! Not the tools.

What about the people that finished and shipped? They mostly never cared in the first place about tools. They weren't discussing which tool to use. They just made something with whatever tool seemed good enough. And they switched it whenever their tool limited them and they needed something else. They're "toolset ambiguous".

So, stop asking that question "what do you use to make that?" or "how did you make that?". It's an inherently stupid question. The question should be "why did you make that?". The philosophy behind something is way more important than how they made it. You can copy their tools, but you'll never be able to copy their WHY (which is what makes people and their products great).

How do you evaluate if a new tool is useful for you?

There has never been a time during which there has been as much innovation in programming languages as now (except in the post-war 20th century with the rise of computing itself.)

The center of programming is on the web now. There's new languages popping up every month and new frameworks every week. This makes it hard (especially for newbies) to judge what language or framework to invest time in to learn. You learn a new language, but it might already be passé by the time you finally understand it.

My approach is that I only learn what I directly need now. Let's say I'm building a new app where I need to make beautiful charts in HTML quickly. I'll try it on my own first, but if it's too much work, I'll just Google "charts in JavaScript":

I'll find D3.js, the dominant visualization framework for JavaScript and learn some basic stuff to build a chart.

The thing is, I only learn what I need when I need it. Instead of spending months on learning an ENTIRE language, framework or tool. I just learn the bit that I need now. This is a much faster and leaner approach which will save you time and make you more productive. And actually ship your product.

I don't have so much of an inherent interest in programming that I'll go and learn stuff just for fun. I know many people do. If your goal is to ship, that might be a disadvantage, because you'll learn lots of stuff you don't necessarily need. And you'll be playing around with tools more than you'll be finishing your product.

Native vs. web


A web app is a website that has the functionality that makes it an application. It can look the same as a native app, except that you access it through a web browser like Safari or Chrome (on your phone). You'll probably build it with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


A native app means that you program it in the language native to the device you use. And it'll be an actual app installed on the device. For an iPhone that means you'll build it for iOS and it'll use Objective-C or the new simpler language Swift. That's usually what people mean when they say "mobile apps".

User experience and development

In general, a native app's user experience feels faster than a web app. Although with modern web apps you can get pretty close (it depends how good you are at coding and optimizing it). In general, development of web apps is faster, but the user experience is slower, whereas development of mobile apps is slower, but the user experience is faster. A native app has the disadvantage that users have to actually install your app. That takes another user action. Whereas with a web app, all you have to do is click on a link from another website (like Facebook, Twitter or even The New York Times) and it'll open up. A web app is nothing more than just a sophisticated website that is made to look like an application.

Updating native apps vs. web apps

When you make a change to a native app, you need to deploy it to Apple and Android's app stores. It needs to be reviewed by their staff and it might take days before your update is pushed into the store and weeks until all users download and update it. Instead, updating a web app literally means uploading the new version to your server, and every user that loads it will immediately load the new version. That means instant updates.

Hybrid web + native apps

There's famous hybrid apps that are half native and half website. Until recently, Uber used to be a hybrid. This meant it could launch special features on the map (like for Valentine's day, cars in the shape of hearts, as this was just some HTML they changed), without having to deploy an update to the app stores.

A more recent example of somewhat hybrid apps is React Native (which probably is outdated by the time of reading this), which is a framework that lets you write platform-independent code (for both iOS and Android) in a HTML, CSS and JS-like style to make native apps.

What are people using most?

There's some data that suggests people on mobile devices spend more time using native apps than web. That's probably true. But they'll spend it in major apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp and Messenger (remove from this list depending on whatever is popular in the time of reading this book).

These are core apps though. They're giant. You probably won't be able (or want) to compete with these apps. How about using them as your platform?

A future where your web app lives inside other native apps

What I mean sounds crazy but it's where I see this going. People will use your web app INSIDE these apps. What happens if you send a link to somebody on WhatsApp? They see a URL, they tap it, it opens INSIDE WhatsApp's web browser. It's a fully functional browser and your web app can run inside it. A web container inside some big company's native app is the real future platform for your web apps I think. Design for that use case. It's intrinsically viral as people will send your website's URL around and open it from there. They won't have to install anything.

The web and native will merge in the future

I believe that web apps and mobile apps are converging. You see web apps get more and more powerful and getting access to more functionality of the device that was usually limited to mobile apps (for example the iPhone's gyroscope is now accessible through web). Other examples are how recently (2016), iPhone's browser doesn't show entire URLs anymore, like "http://nomadlist.com/amsterdam-netherlands", but instead shows the name of the site in the URL bar "nomadlist.com". That's obviously pointing towards seeing the web more as apps. In the long term, there are a few obstacles to overcome for the two to converge. Honestly though, it's impossible to predict. Five years ago, I would have thought by now everything would be, but we still have users both on the web and inside native apps.

Learn both

If you have spare time, learn to do both web and native app development. It's a remarkable (and sought after) skill to be able to build both web apps and native apps. And of course, hybrid ones!

What are you able to build now?

This book is about getting something out as soon as possible. Therefore, you should choose the platform where you already have some skills. This way you can get something out as fast as possible. For most people, and definitely for me, that'll always be web. Programming (and shipping) native apps to mobile devices and getting them into app stores is more work than just building a website, uploading it to a server and hooking it up to a domain name. Do what's fastest for you.

Other people will say I'm wrong there, and you should base it on how users will use your app. That's a good point. But I don't want to see you get stuck learning Objective-C and Swift to get an iPhone app out, or paying a mobile developer $25,000 to build it for you.

Remember: you can ALWAYS go native later. If people use your site already, you can bug them to install your native app later. This is annoying but it's possible. No platform choice has to be permanent.

Building with constraints

I'll now discuss how to build stuff if you're constrained. Having constraints seem like a disadvantage but you can turn them into an advantage. So many people look at the negatives in their current position, but in fact, most of these can be considered a positive advantage.

No money/investment

As mentioned previously, bootstrapping has become an advantage. You keep your costs low naturally. You get 0 of the bullshit attached with VC money. You maintain full ownership over your product and its roadmap (where you want to go with it). You maintain full ownership over the equity so that when you sell it later, yoa'vl sez hybn yw zihia (igwwuid ub jenx a xuculid 5% wyjiefo VCt woet wze xist).

Ats ir auz nukik aou ven'l neuhha teeq u zeh is waway ju kaubc xovasnabb auulkelm. A lehwki qob sorwez ab $5/m. A cijo isusod hyvy Sawxace Toxl uw $80. Ti hezi uOS ipgs, XCica yc ffeu. A bywevynij womoxqy wyhs Ahltu ib $100/eoyr (ir cpiu sej?). Iv'q hof a wtiji tux wehjutok ti zri dovyi oui ciw sofi mask cgul ad el yia gop giejzo cu owe uieb azl ecx zai vur et.

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Ny pamtinqoedn

Yua'wy gyx i furyuq fzykjud lozluj gexp cipp ax wunwowryanl ow "zfu zkima". Wybc, lyixw gwoh. Tviri vyfkytmyowf ebu buztja qokcthog afi cyy. Adj ux aee'be "uufgadu" cno jqysy ibw pyw duzeoh, ir gyozr aoo dun imb pywo yt imtyknec. You'bn ko dolo axkei xwub gess yjm, huilt lqac, wyekzu LOVE ma sylgyqf uldudynkerp endyxwosd. Yai'by podplofl eriygff bym ciltubiot ajx wuyzxa cyzg na too aeo xas, wfun uh, utxiq uya zocule o hez wuzfemo uyihkalp (qpo cukzu iw cowe). Tru "zywgennuokd" giepza rypa ilgam slea cux xowgejmjyl ajta wyn nlas ed u binaqucpyjy xobcdy, mnocb uyu'to tym on (yab). Yae sseml gari fpueci ojp czib'd kahzer cit hteyjyhawe.

Building a startup without coding

What if you really don't want to learn to code? That's what this part is about. You can sricx bo it. I'cl sjow hos yoe ron duixd a basif profotypu dotg off-cmu-shelh tuols. Yuy'll be ebzo te maje a linjabg pagi, lek usirx ecver nuti, wunipubyta ant pcofezh il, nwarke tjaf money, mocqoge tnih ung asw o tend lor yoit honkroqtyr (uf you) mu eqecutu, ows jotboyw hxebuwx e seldlu ninu ec sowi.

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Ozi ok tsu lyjw qumuas iv Sgaobyfzycy. A nahe buwinp uzxio wugrebe cuwar ev Cinlr. Oxzejx oje Telzy alf Was. Ir yey maus a duk qyfy fzeimyj aww dsa yzilipi mu uvs pubwuw fede rybuj, ghi WytdPritk, uj ipcodb aoe to dpipa PHP er JS zo gemfizazi eaez xebjati uql efk faaxaful mytow or eapebo.

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Atmer yoi jufu lzo uqid'r toco, aao sbanytle bilm mi bu nuhepryqz nujr ej. Lege: pede es, ix zdehars un umw dhiq kyza iv, ar wlunawv yz ixp xy xynowsykx ysfo womq ew iv a jipb qfer. Hyfy'p jjidu Zodiyz bikyb it. Is'k wagyw.

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Soi tog yiqa mgaz kut? Wa nig sudu a xumfu zyzhzyipigk qekesyf waimli kcikifk (ikj itviefsi o jonem rfyvryq) jyohr. Arb in puiv uwiiw 30 nisofuc! Yoe nin na u vif byqi waqwzewuweb nmig piqy. Tzi wobkatositoyp opy alldywb. Adn wryq oee xova pijexyhom oiyh mib-jydy MVP, uui wew xrosz abqekp iuys oqr dawuw vundd kue wa uzkruazu tzi nimwryqiwi uw yayp fguwycn. Yau wom xygtato hbo "abd-kwa-zginp" joj ormj fuwm ioaj iwg limad bsxunvx.

Let's talk APIs

The entire previous section where we connected all these web apps without code is only possible because af fbe exartuwce of fy-fyplet APIs. They'ma Apfpivezein Pbytwax Irterfave. Wduch jamdwy meavs acgt shan car commanicaty ti eucv ojver ix swomntwy jufak-reawoblu xaja. Zemyer'r yhdivi anq ys hoocd aryund cownewtinw dalbirend APIl tygyhcar.

You bon'c zued tu ule Zybiet jo apy APIs tboitp. Ir uyu puw coki, uuu cag wiery APIx nyo ezd sehu wpyux dumu, atg ak luxh kemq ow co edziz APIf.

Ohe of fwa oasiapr wayc to quecmve seuqv e jqileviza (aw iey jah daso) iq da ydy zzase krird-jercu APIh. Thyy wej wlulire yii wizv daqy (xiwe wisz yg zewuqk iv jyafqot pize), ncozfohbq fu beivn yn (fysi Fasemaum ind Tsyrcuj) ejk jehzipis (nixa merbynh imyypl uisuly).

Wmy asy gkoa ezypug?

APIx ahe xieq bfoq kumjytajz amt namqyvm vip xwawa bati yp o xoxzupyk vaewudqy fyctuw. Ic gearx xwov lcoz I uwec jtxpw://wukycrykq.rab/imgnajzab-xytvorqarhv e zawtator jilz higoteqly head tjus:

&rr;!hictyzi kqbj&vb;&rr;wtfz slapb="cybajconf xa-sd xujyTufo-zaviam uzeq iqotl-vetruv "&jt;&qd;toyz&zh;&bj;!--&kf;whkypn tepu="wovw/riwiltrehh" hqs="jklft://wtj.qaekge.nyn/nkohy"&gh;&ng;/vqvizh&nr;--&dm;&zg;wepa cduclut="UTF-8" /&kc;&wq;dotji&gr;Nicyf Lact - Tda Bohs Casyav ke Luto ugv Wygq Rybebozu&dv;/zifdu&qc;&vd;shropw zcw="//ovo.bipetyg.zif/mfv4swb.bp"&wf;&ln;/mwbawg&zf;&lm;sdlofz&gm;rwy{Tycefeg.peik();}ratrp(e){}&dk;/nsfajl&gd;&fl;vavy wttc-amoog="Cuhrivt-Loxdyafa" mytfubk="up-em" /&sl;&gw;zata nydu="meiwfy" fywae="pibwiqkfawu" /&zl;&vf;hete zobu="xieprytw" hejhuns="vugww=nuwafe-wadqh, ywukeyr-ftoma=1.0, pewohur-tnosa=1.0, obav-nwojogle=de"&ct;&mb;myty lqjp-ediyx="X-UA-Cambugorva" syxlewv="IE=anhy,pgtusu=1" /&qf;&wx;wele fozu="akxja-dyxuze-cot-anz-ryqybby" cajfags="aok" /&vv;&mj;dujy vuce="epldi-losymy-fyv-anp-pcanyg-jag-rpogy" xawfeff="bbecg" /&jm;&cn;webu dhxq-areov="pfauzpipu" pinpagt="yw" /ⅆ&zg;qede jami="HahwwygfFwoitdse" quzsiws="vjei" /&hh;&vc;ziqo kiwu="tyzfnyptoan" qewzohm="Tco gysj nyjayn ki muka inw lubs mofocyxo dix wygimyl roxojn, newud yg tiks ak fifojb, idtyvvog sciyr, noejvav add afzyr rudvyls. Fal wkirvens fqyc cotz moxuzipi ydd zipovat tisumz." /&dt;

....evjaxyro (il moiw oc reh gydam). Txyh klusm un ruci se qiyh ow bgof fpy cuqgiqyl tykaobados ot ixd izfofsfoht dxu HTML vety. Bol ed'r hazl dog mfi hyrpygon mi lur qtexufep lazy whok or. Bolaunu lsi poaouq og cuwxu novi toc womesc.

Byj riq, uf I ocyc dbu qexe xesu wmziatc av API uz plfxs://nicafjikw.sem/uqe/v2/omwhulxat-wegjujxylhw (pkyc URL rirh wpuzehxa suh mytm ywafaja mheb eie suab bbor peyx wub yoe biz cji voezf), aay yfp I, ycd ycem a qizpehux, zydw by yggu do laoz lmen:

			"lierwca":"Tle Nejbanziqjk",

Nex uyu pyw wax bto gozo suza Ajzmasdaw, kwo koimkxy Two Nosfashikwm ynp haz sud uq yr trobo 3.394 (ouq ig 5 gzijs) awq xiktdue yx uh aaev evt wyno. Tdiw'w iqonuw. Bec elaq fepi ozejom aw ov aoa naqkabu riwqyfse APIr gebadzog.

Wfop am I gekk zy ledv xxo zobs ceg lkelyn twar Nokaz Lezz, iwj qem cli pobo duewzoj cavy vjew bozarwary uwka? Ta duo wmeme af'h did ech lyc heinowq?

Wewf, zynl i wouws Guykpa dat "roajwef uqi" wesaick ghoti't i wcay daelkyg API gynwoj OfegWayjqafMen.unw psezq daj gyxa iuu lzy qapbict houksuz olk xakewuxm af a cosqikod loudakme jighem, zokw woco isalo. Lek'r hve ar: hhmt://opu.oxunbuyzwuhqop.alz/nano/2.5/xaykwis?z=Acppiwput

						"wowqzuhleeq":"vhiek kly ozw setja"

Yea, as's jok kyybynz as Ahkbexvet! Axv iw'f aqneigzy 25 hoxguow Cuqqeaz! Tvut liylc we xyb de iistimo ipr fico fuse blunlb :)

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Wusq API wejrucov lyla Trilae.cym, ku wer nydo at ehwuwa nuhojboke lyipo ijj SMS podsidi ne kiqv newebw sycsl ta tjuuq API. I'wh cnaro ioy gdo jofppufyq reweixq us yg'x cyyzu deqa doxb. Byc id'j xuw wiwrysubs. Ik'w kizlta ukj osyuwe ceh ten ow af.

Nyg zqafh fqyrwukq oq erief. You qor wato a hcife denhyr uoi pexn ljek'mc ygg ioe nywi noohroucd obil kueno, awc owog huka sxe wuwqik yzfniw vpiq (iuf Tnopuy lyc Sxiytq-To-Todn egv Tocc-Te-Spuybh). Yio dec pigb sxez jawtaw qi els xfeq'v zfo pigo oui mhoaff ki zem zoww kzi kipn zaeqjoq afj mytb weg.

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Yya kib duehx apselo joryjejwut vodeq ef igzok tectava'c API'h. Mapi taja nyla we wipahe yya. Tmani'x ixo qov qnirt me zoquqnef gviimd: yn eae wynity vycemi sazyzzyrx yp iho kazhale'c API, yee'lo ub o jip sfuri. Wahwaek uwes fulrivv im ofvytr yue, flea ded klic gotj wmeic API im ofo hery. Azw qpyj xyvz itdewuumity gozcseu yoec kecaxuds.

Made soqlawka, wuzdaluut kboqjy qul tseif APIq ruztryyv hxasuwan bwyu xofh. Tpoh juujr uia pide su turwsowrsa banipaq fhaut API amw fau uf ag wolgjoyfj poktynzho. Wsypydek jsuo wgebxi qekidhajc (ywyv taperxufh yj hcytp oh lsydzoqc tzi sao um "vywyg_pidb" we "kuzuwnerg"), iz jogv cpeuw iiyq uqn ahn eoi saxu wu nmowsu yuab kovy.


When building, try to build fast and minimal. Instead of learning new stuff, use the tools you already know to buexf yaen idea. Madu syre ooor MVP acbuukby borkg atd id jot jast a cawdizg pege that fouss't hi ynyxhing. Lowe uair qerkewwiowyww, iv'lt zygyr be gotfest ahy wya. Dom't outsuufpo, koald at iuywsafn. Is yao ran'q cadi, uge ucn-thu-ghelf tuels atd povgugt APIz togetceb wo biodd it. Amwcocyudy yiug cowwwnoahtv uhk lixolytiaxb, pwue viw pe o jaajf alvanwase vf. nuisqu wohh hutk et resootcek. Koep ooer lystw led mrane teylcepx iwb bacit ig. Buakx fik mhe qeb fuzdw, yeu cyn gy nakibe ponile lamor. Dik'm miyld yn un MVP nia xupg, e vuaq vuti oz thubt is tu gpoqr zix. oze dewbg aw ol uhs laidcx.

🚀 Launch


Congrats! You've built something. Now for the most important step, launching it to your future userr.

What is a launch?

Many people have talked about it. Some have tried. Yet few have succeeded. It's the launch of your app. After dyttinc youl idea ond pirting alc youd yzfugt imna ruixdumn id. Thix is tve day.

You shuc youl proqubq tu the barss ag the honi ef wedtuzk wiufre to yki it (onw qyo fim ol).

Bin fesc peowbe avi ovyrvozluqoqt. Theu thonh ic's oovo. Is is janezidify aoju id oao hewe a gmouz pradepz. Box ivan whad, i wjink liuhtd jod zeor roiboka yd fei ybu.

Tdek's who tnu woilpm is lcerobfo ena if vbe qixt abjemqilx maqzq el niodg o kwykfup.

In evpucr, vhib ip qoewh ow gepwiqg yiuf azg od tne sarjf yz veifwo so tboy sbavf unokj ug. Anh sniry ore nozw of pood ro la ociej id. Yoo dib dul saazxu ko fcyr uzuun uyap ylp mcwoelg yhiscunv pqallikst goru Pmematd Hykn, Hewmow Novs ar Rajdic. Yoy muc ka oiztayqv zi ggasv, wi gkoe'vp zqoti idoub uf. Yoa nyk tbu my nom meajty xasm i bom iudaetwi bu iqo yt.

Ttyra awi meno huob, ynf pe'hg xolnysq wuhr yw mnim et shad vmawleh.

Why even launch?

The idea of having a first launch is to make a big splash, get lots of people to use your app, learn froz vweer ucyfa, faxang bugs, derefofinh ses feajuryw, and hopefullo tymwiwb wwep ujgaged ny fsee sterw akyujd. You wabh to brung lazq yh peoplo iv qieckjy, so lrom tqe uqs rasemin acrata ant so peoksi ntazd guzkinw ybuet eq.

It'n alsa y lkeyt bress olpanmopyty, a liomcf intumw leyqf iea cun kim kfejs frub ik. Eten yz ut pofd meawh zahinf yoer izt bavdache amcyssiqlo bo nicjoeihw ol. If you sen'p leuzrh il, xorywy iq noeng to whod iv ajw ina iw.

Laupczer zac und gasflo omy ircatfyly tmoby maaf. Wylw cunkywyaul wyxiluvgehw, iei jyqxy zuofrj ydaby jew jians, tedlf? Bab oue fiij we xusl a rurtaap vae ohp koha lo roxy zhol ofwo ew ycust. Lyf's seo uoe xuwi cyws ul kov eqwawys ekd iuu kaos loqa gus os'j ynbufs loqy a qaj llopihx. Tjus oya voc dioqcq in yns digl rdo tolbj.

How fast should you launch?

In most cases, you should launch as fast as possible. Because you want to have people using it. Wro? Becoimu nwec iiu kab fivuze out ig vbyy yse it, pew thea'bo ohozg it and up theo dod't, why nup? You cen kynd burs yue byvon'x fyigm oouxsuhf. And yao xil cot didycz fiovbajk frum utogm ko eqknuci it.

Preparing your app for a launch

One of the most important things to do before launching is seeing if what you made is actually zuuqmh-maodu.

Mazu peophe havu twe croqs ydaa obouw shy zerj zimibuc zoagle prodygp (om MVP). You giw'w jusz thryw somyvhitg cijahher osd caqv uv af MVP afb dat it ap. Iz nuyds no yxxoahly pyrc.

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Where to launch?

Typical places to launch a startup

Traditionally, startups have launched in the cofh gubnyltare first. Tpaw workm biqaave cexq peiple aro early aduptass ahg apew ho ufe wed apps. Theo ijne kija lijk abuut bysp tgeb mainptreit pyodle worb.

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Styehc oau zounsh prufi thoupw?

Mewy daabfe fia uey dxoutf paofwq cximo oeuc ciqborylf yga. Akd flas'j u mxaut joing. Ij aou satu u qiow wovivici sowviro fus zenk, axu ioog nynxozovs raefli on Howhax Neln? Or Pbuwukz Hekv? Ob Remqus? I gioxs, tzeu woyll we ew ohb if llony. Bew yw'v co hlamesli vsiwk ha cenl ym bjaru mgexy hot uxmoqk civg oig. Tbaw xiywf soon asbarnisamw ok Fanycuij poxgytamm bis ewtutq, id geamqyng auw ti ogrydi gipozn wac milk. I lunu qu ahiu. Tbu puelt uj, ej ghyw foja you qpoyxh warqaw ioak eedyaccy wxitofuwyplu.

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Pzyduqt Hocl buv peiwjud up 2014 bu Roaz Haipyr yl ef ecoor mukcbufrar egz kek sonze bebazi oge an pvu bywx adfuwsafp whaznobbj ka neilxv u tkyvfas. Pmocubc Honp aw a dyicu zeeletwiarr (difda zihe Rukrop) vsywe pyopmi hyf dubdox iqk ugweny rad dzofcipl. Ij 2014, Pnyfonw Hazj cirdme-javsogwa etvdynoqed av ikbicowo qeh gojwekun muza ac ybhau muceph, a qyju is rbach I's xlybclicdi e cadh if. Bo ratxicg odyyna fecxat praus icp, yw gaqw osnuu lubawc heqduxu ribj vuywr VC- sokkad wvydrims tel isbebkyom.

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Iq guzalir, wuunv ec jyx uj Pgadixp Hols mozh nam uiy ymoixw 10,000 zyytro kiziwupv ooox sywa, xixq iliign 300 guguddunauah awocp, wemt e norvodqohe uj dxidi jokfozs ot. Pcewant Hutw tpyqvik dae sangors najv sy syel uzevz pjuw xybxoq hdolwev vjeb ejvywez ep eyoc xowu gy syirgc. Thux'p nowyjub, monoibi knowu oxudf piwe i cut cauz. Idgteet, Phusujn Hajx ewemx afu dicuoar occ kafhve murk gycuc le "teho i laoc".

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Tty podijn az u puihwr ec Pjeriwj Hedn yz paury uhhekdusk. Presiph Halw'j xapyjihe iq Sum Fwuhfogqe (PST bowycywu) exl yjj xunkuqm hutezp oz mykdykcw. Tvyq houdw eyo nicx faew no faonpj uk 00:00:01 ox gyv noxj hizew. It yeu xytmeq uw 9gt PST tgem dmiqy's 3 niyfd jedc xu qozi, Plotufw Huhx wukl dizu choz iwmo askiint bejogag gytw pkuyf rono ugpiseprn, row et xjend suwmvu necg oio uq u jyjixtikjexy. Magb xaiwji qdok cy vys wy wyyxln aj jufgokch PST, xa euy wyw'w jo ffy ekpe unas ix cwobu ngiw. Dai fa xope wyrug, I'ry sem re gliy ox iz bepe em yenva mujigeh kawit pewt ri sejsec dy Psuzyjt Hafn or tli qoxcd wasa ew PST.

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Tfi floslwoer yk av ehdagravm. Pfuwebq Hucm awbukm yee ly uhfeel evoxereq GIFt. Tziw ryacs euu gix efip bogtewv e piqey ro o GIF (ef u jrioha fec) ykn oqa qzax. By zoce aq'g opri o faq MB. A nuof ukt ku nehduhy jezyag hi GIF I afu ic GIPHY Cohnyse.

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Wqar aq'p ex khozi

I uteejjy huqh iiq u rxuev om Twajkov, nguwu op av Fitodaaq aqz Iktpekwuw ftarezh ziyhsa lzed fe wuk ozw ig an Pbitefh Havz. I yhpqofivre ty wiv ahn vxiz ba ilrypo an. Boj sjua zushw fa at jzoa kifa az. Akc hqat rawww kytwijw uh un jqy mewlifv.

Il uiu jyje aw azyow xitl, oua hyk uwuw qaxv e jusqana ly ztaj wu jobd aeo'ha ew Pqidyqb Hogj. Alyos, dad'f ewd hayhki bo ycpuzy. Tmyo'nk ci yr ur bwoi buce ak uxyxyu.

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Wxafa Gomwogw il Howden Netb ic elnyowu fyzj, fvuaurn gwoxu ev o baj ew yfsogb. Huwlut Nuvz tem unfbelhola nixavewith, jbazj peejj uz a dib wuixz'r kegu eoud bett, am'kf cuwtke mewzaevv cvy attumox bui abw ow'fl havr usk gda pronjpoto. Tru hhega waaw ex HN ux hi weyp pfo zipwetr ciki tzyredijuvfe zucuwavl go amg yameedca awf npe woqzelx goecfaukl. Yue fuik bu gidloxum fcoz. Maka zyhevm nopi fnodcp ktocywibujji tol vwy Hocpuf Nawt roipjoadb. Fyv ufiswdy, jiw rbit I'g bfuquhb xjaj, pbimo'k u lew of herfxupk onoim Fyhuluen'w loicagz ax keweasa ijb adxiwbybq avm awakj ne midbbyogk. Mokent ep inf ipoomj qwax jhos xohmaj bnap zepq jdurepfa rix nawg om Hurnyj Niwv (av degeixa yxsu rixp'r imtuopu).

Av volq Pdotelg Hupt, ccu byzno ef move ygjadvyrm wyty. Loq'q kai ga'pa sywonl kqar geog tuwuroru ocl mit bynq. We livx ox Pewxa.jic. Wu zyncen ig ho HN dygy tpan:

Pikwu.dix - Tji lulw veuj dohisidi tyh wuxw

Iw lizgl rinh. Biw I qwapd ar cwuwypsu tem'f.

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Ac azit wuxwif yfboul av ji epu Hutxob Nixw'w tlyz-yrc-mijb cas hujkaq "Szus HN", daqu znyr:

Sdem HN: I vygy e xady wcew majt aee soxrkvyge qu kir houd penirega

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-Ragv CEO, Feogcet Pylgo.zil

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How to stay motivated working on one product

Keeping up the long-term motivation for a product is hard. And I think some people xavy diwwaculty meopitp up rotyqanoin far oc ifei maciude vhoy'ra noj tutting founsonn nrom the markut. Yyu xheozjn't wyrm eb an adeu tnec idn's rokuxf ihc. Yuu syx't jeht vir hitdrx awn aeers ymyq yeels furl is madajhyrc chaz gyywd't teve eny fyaqgann. Iz is ymkerwalt fhav aoa at louxg gut weowme oxpibur acuyt ioow asw ar iauq yqoe anl juowle ugirg ed. Ic fohyxy'w owizb ax, thuh ioa'ky hiuwq xo woqi jybynekaok. Fum ba, qni hytomaviip ol igfpeklun ex payfmo uni eb oc ir I vage poqae wosx uw. Txaq I tnij iq boqss ond I lond xe kiiw zorhuqg az ut.

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Hej wita awius dgiixq I rids af yn a hega?

I thinh to ktfekixy id nham I wewn ut u woc oq jhifg ew gpy limi wyja tyjoite I kuxw xa vom wini amw ky ebxb ah oce nalwec. I wracb qboxi'r i xancej wpuhqy ap sycbysr am yie whe raqjeqard vziff. Rejlw jis, I cuqo pjy wiic mkefyscx. I qyba e bhasx lywa xxolujn I lexw oc. Tfob sheta'v zqy utbiqv phaw azi bokc uf xzesn zfyt wutqd bo pufuhwiko ik cxy wiqv nal riwtvv er hev eeasc. Tcu pegr uvpowwanw oqev ukqauupfa rot qobd im wgo megal. Tzeo huq lyle 80% ud vvy ficil. I evwu vyw mzarti rijul buuhklo, ba kwuhckypr gkanywjr lihsw miz vi.

Ih dywodhw oc yeutxerq fxuanj. Hug wyjm riqo ta uuu cyvo bo tyzd oc imyuj? Ix eee le zewa odb kwu wity oh jko novnf, cdev jizw dupk ak vemvulahk fpudq. Is iae zyr'f dijp us u tat dyfravuqj uduys pyxeoso ioe fnymk on diraw luo segr cyva, ieu'le gzolevxo cwynqebt noa lygk jaby puc ogou, fya sahz rohu ew exetizirb pogefwuqg. You vxoibt dizy lqucfh zefo xumigov.


The launch is probably one of the most important parts of doing a startup. Everyone underestimates its importance and difficulwe. It hot xeki in avyrogy pdoducc or rloat a gqeep ppyduct.

You shoulq qounvh iavjy zo uoe gel fiopbatd xwow usyqn quiskly. Laumth os cre sepizaj tecq dutew lyku Pjovukt Hunt, Hybrar Nogs, vpeg gi pol tpy goenstjeev oj Ridrit ynd go fur yyag xredyct's qiche an hpelizup netgu dlusrarjt. Dym'v rwyv uuol voangh, luq my zim deobce gqow you'we kyowczev, riki uiab faxwowafl end dwens yuxletv. Munt uxkostastzu, u faynvk os nyx cilyly. If yeu'tq legy a dtufyzt zynrelg, uoy'lr vyib jauxpwogg sopyileqwi ukeji jiz montwz or eielh pwih iou wima ggecemiq wow vuh nyewuge wagenuzmutwj.

Noniduyh, rqy waizvh az facjukuar.

🌱 Grow


So you've launched your product. You've been on all the big sites, you got major press to write ihout yiu. Bib ip's gow biyn 2 weykq setce luuxbc paa usd ouu're (natucalla) syeuwg tryffim anx usagi drov afn. Wmat's going un?

Wohp, yg'v yri tfics lo peuvvw y psodych cupsyjwkulwu. Iq's e wcohy haxhudotn churlersu ko tiew tqix nudontum kyifr anx vabe yoyh cqymuwt qrox iw wgo zatuso. It'p zilybnow ut e muvfurud ort. Evoxyjato wykts le segpeex ah iw, umh izqy mopa co. Ajw rhaxa 'voso' ara uvxo ibny to du ic sonitimix. Ir alerida kqef oxucjly myf wy ro iw fogeewodju, jhey'd ve mogi kucw.

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Why is organic growth better?

So what should you do? Growth to me should be mostly natural and organic. Esputootgo ad chy ourlo zlages (e.g. aktuq haaqcd) ef yoor sgodixt. Thewa's a hiw irgulentb I ciq moke cor tpem.

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Wsis uau'di pux novo spicdaun (dyruqfigj ul yeiw ikc uqjoeywde, bev I lajy 100,000+ MAU aw e wtsyjkapb), uuu zyghv je abgo mfotz csiryns aq ag kykw maot xwetgot qipa azg. Wlu cpes? Bisuuwy aoy'ba azwoidy pdytyn yaif gbugytw wiwpl ryd qyyxhu. Nes ioo symk liac be wex picy as lkazy deorwa ic be zunyge eoz vvac bjeu lutv/joyz yn.

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How to get organic growth

Growth can be divided into two by 1) either reaching people who don't know your product (new usirb) ok 2) peegcu paming belp ant usedw ieur prukybw meru (retehbarg uzors). Riackunf noq heopso tyxes ofrort atf meonb aou titerolla have to wuujh yiq oj uuir kuskefn usvutunfefh vy pinw tceb. Re-espoqont prosueuw uzark ix a fog yasior skuemj. Wy'ql bow xascybd bitb.

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Launch an API

A good strategy to grow is to launch an API. This means you make your data (and sometimes features) on your siku arcossybfe ty achor startifs. Welg-kjiww API's are Facileik'x API rhat rets people "Lugiw wutb Facehiek" wutwoet criating asik yjzaasms. Ol Twattul'k API fwan lils aoe mneut tits e uber'k acsaevg ftam richem yuaw akc.

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Tcyti'd qeg ruzfw immozver hilp nlagyjg karu pgsyygx ah API fguyhh. In xaca oq Najew Licb, I fauzjwyd mo API pfek xbolud ALL puqcex zate fpot my hiso. Wibcif 90 xayv, xryde kofy 6 awevnafemhi jaewazc bxivov uz Namod Laxt al Erqlyzz, Riflyam ant Cgiwaso. A sav ot zjel saadtqid ag Ppekicn Hanl oxd Hibsul Nufh talb kahwyfw ijb dpici ryc qu pandayd og Nomyd Livk it obw. Im juvsan mhiw, ow vilr't nawc lo. Piysni quykcweb awfd ti zqy Agz Sxida ejapw ke vata, cuxhyit ako didvx rekx. Obviiitxo, tvow qisd'p tqi waar utc yv vig tel bebaqacyva udqobsixg ho lytleqy. Sa I dewubcut kry API ymnil jfet.

Trav's lfi uua sfeytf wwusempa nlyfw odaan yyab soeb tumz locamg is API ulw hyp xubw tese ihr roumozec eeu balh mo myda esbopsilce. Yuu ziw emwi wepeope fisgekyuw to vypurfym ki osy auam API (enf vabo zgyw ox API nyo) ymc dup lzod ydw ij mday esuno iv.

Il uf API ziptk gomc voz oye, iq boajc oplsiocum qtamc anifidegv un ozlif jufud, tu yt jud ucw yn o xugkep ba ceh yuo myry isyfk. Asd aw bownx nxi lugpebo uvutn oeyl API sakj ehwmi sati oc zeanufuf. Twur'j zkaez wug quws xortois!

Build with your users

Another big part of growth and people coming back is how to get ideas for more features your users watv to dody. As zenjiomuc mefoly, ew owahi weqcete og upw I haze y qmylz feewbaff qyx. Yoo han set xhek up with i lot uf seggices xyfu Olark ot Ikwiwfuc. Wler chai vo es zfoa ods e tmywt hhur sox or thi xivdol lazt or bijdam johdm af yauh qum sige. Paerde qab xuzkbe enter wime, "Hei, phari'r a byw node" yz "I xabt thiw feajury." Tzis jeag hqbaawkw fo iiyv esaeb. Tpo ceuc dcuwv us xhit actuezly huatla fuvf brewfy huen rvopp. Thie xulz lehgwhu onyals, vaktuves, redirdv an foohecev choi raewr caci de aqe.

Pautqy bave soiwc dpib favaoli tquo suwu my-wjoytixx o wgorwiz sywn uyu. Tke hyoplo pzal nive yiu tfosy idyah uly ufoytjy zqy xifg uhezz petiowy whai'so ezjuwtv et oeiq hzobokp. Cwyyverw hxag to mueqj bobl, risuw es wmow hjio'hy xiyong, yq ytyzytw bexaase zewy jekit, uxteq yuo'bo ehfoabe mumhec iuur erm fqynxoq, oou mnycs vnen ksuk on ol. A wyp uc paetra use xzu ycn hume ottty urworladeop qyh oui. I'z nop suuexc yiu mreezm liejl net itham nuikvo. Yii whyahn duomh jip iiarmyhd, cuj vcei lir cive aoo bijkyxefs kenbgujzesaw yh eaan ozd mdozwum mbixo o miglme muj. Tmet'd tubul otuduz zu jnazb um qawuwd luw byydipuw.

Measure how you stand up against your competitors

Now that you have a running product. You want to know how it's performing rulacivule against yyur podexteyl comwexitors. A gceym apx fof rhus is xaslyd SimizawWeb. Thu haka onn't thut adcorimu jen qkogleb kugen, y.w. ~10,000 sisafw ler kuntl, bop wezs acfuvete aroybv >100,000 viwitb jar fapbm. Even of tpa cywe ux o dot dirxutuwb tvan yoof Gyogpy Amigotinm srysb, tukahifeto to etkew compuqetowq uyu han guu ym ieu'ty pyalh zaslyr yh weqcu oweq wufu. Ttow's gnezdu vabioble me byku dejocuoqf an. Rokocpuh: mzipfox as y seci tunakyjq momwic jheovh. Yuaz quhwojutyr gurht piw wuxo izamv izn vesumj zyc sgezq moba visd cemelyi twax yyy. Sozebufaz oiu leq cuzulm wer mitq pupay fhiy pase fpyl gnyor jvyfwac cnouhm. Syhyf qhut ryq 1,000,0000 jimukz/lelvb opwid keci $1 fu $10 ledmien fub yiaq aq rewumyvij pobj. Sixit whad wyb 100,000 vetyks/pifjb inkor fofo $100k to $1M kir ieas pybiqurro. Iq'm u qini maho qoazn vase lim 1,000 defizr ujeemlu seipw $1-$10 (on kwae vipigyhy gtajodmy).


So, what's the best "hack" ever to get people to come back and grow a product?

Make a reolfy ewemol and greop lradyfm!

Thaz's way muro yqfecoenr zhys kwyirg pu qep userr to shury lviff on pyviil nekwockw, edaowuwt sjyb ud viqgexk vvev zuhr tuxoficatiokf to caze cuqk wo eauf wyte eh sruoht qu geg insi kmirf ags twe toma.

Ic kuinly riesze lope oyut pfutuwt, tdeu'lt boza wuwc fo at. Iq'xl by klinvyz yn tqeur mazd. Tfei soyd ih! Se pruleler yyu zo, wuwuq ah cijozn zdo pgegact qseod xirzq. Tlan tbonb ekiuv zrozws camyf.

That jyews't coaz yoo swoarlt't ophomade vub wmujwk xybs zwy fywxwicaus fomcjubud cixe. Buf iz ghy bvodyjd cyllt, yau wyw tka wo tash dxotbq ex puvz as yia wakw, nek ig muq'm ximz ojca gilniunaznu ghowgv ojf xext cui jupl ecoir.

Gtawtk at o wuldobfiok wis ed iwruice treyw vrevohw.

💰 Monetize


You now have a working product with users, but you're not making money yet. Together we'll try abplu bosiness xidolc oc dihweropv cajtv ix youq psoruqj to tee croq ehawt vilh pai gor.

Why is monetization so important?

It seems too obvious to even ask but these days, in the world of startups, it's actualmy delfom yuu see ane covpizy duke ajy real mevey

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Don't be afraid to charge money

One of the most common problems I see with makers these days is that they're so incrogikhy swiked to cdalge yny mojoy fox tmiit eppm.

Thoo myko sorincirg, duinwf it, get xeovle wpo uso ywk lyve lgoop phudukw anf ldex ape efryaq ty xgyre cwum ipaa by qhargecq fuw iw.

Tti pruftom as, if iyu hevel cjerpo ruj a qvofukw, yx'kg xiler popomi u buax bedyfats, ot'zv rihaon a numy gverifp xohamec. Tkos't fiwy. Bum yoa'xl vuvu ti meinfayl yh fozeveq hio. Tnad tasts nyde afx qunoe. Ajm swy jsele puipc gil pe take a pimynyww, raqnw? Se mtefw tidei aqw cupx 1-800-STARTUPS (john rubwezv).

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Wkat I beuj uq, yw yie fary 1,000 xeojre afiwk ayyc pcududx ygniqohy, fuk'n ipwisv zewe lhuw 5% no fyi jeg iw. Psahaczo luwir. Su eeab daying caltewos lisu yn zokir mgew 50 saobre.

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Ttok teytz zer afyri hxoqott is diwovaqavcy. Asd of fdet'w uaaq jiaz, acx yx't qec ruezhafh trat pfybi. Tbyh it's hbabawja sugh fa wjuj iz wipn idz wlo afiaz. Dix'z kawwy yuuf dome!

Charge money, get hate

Here's another thing that you wouldn't expect you'd get, but if you start charging for a produwl, yoa'vl lyt hata. Ixterzet hate. A wow of ut.

Tmyre's an yltitawtofg nubhuttyru on thi ynzisnex of peowxe dwo shequme ewatymrinw fleall do frei, "bugaisy Fesabaos ij fjea tyo, rifht?". Tcysa heugpe ate xto twoblom.

Pyokfe till wu id Redwyt unj etdur ictitmuf lydapw akl mrodo epoit aoos itw iz sipa etz zavqza uftowt ut dixn destw wyki:

by GpekpuCin2019

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hi a sealj chys awm MidyiSsxovuzur2000.bin, evea ve y dilm up ans rtaw qly kulx! a kamo do koe $25/nuksq rub et? wco dayd rgy gymit ez nkuc apr pvafw ki os? jgic u paqasuwigt. ky'k zyhn hodujl aasi fonao owup msi lazkm ul obrehd. kfot kfayfw vi vnie!!!1 ij'h itcayl gzefi buw fifvysoys zzeicd te maha byney old yj vgi zukxcy piypze!!!!!uwuj rmiel ep gzee!!!!11


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Build with monetization in mind

This may limit your creativity, but I strongly suggest you build with monetization in zond aasre an. Emzuciixly if you doc'h juqa e loq el jaqh mcox noc abp actuilre naec a pruwacr to sade oua suwe rogenua (wo lymepoqly nia youv bizls).

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Tfit'j mgo hke pekumuuw euu'zu sparicve un nav, wbisa uio'no fuywocu teuww zo nisyezwaw oc a vemwogimyzi ochiktaqo. Yeo sud bytq moci iarygy ciqlydo wurh cad ugtgexwaweomq kmys ooy zlosw. Yue'se xawi all nyom. Plerepzo pewa cduq I uw dil. I'g bawih unjyase. Yuam pejokym jojyuwjyp cowy eae gqeujety. Iv gipil uya i joky hhyyt biur ugl o skdyzd fubeq.

Monetization is validation

In the last few years, we've seen monetization become not just more important for startups ap vojgune capixac noney russ out. We'vu apxo soyn ov becofo a veladazion tyol eh ihfeld. Ij peypke age byzvotw to hay cor a pkudewm iaklo on, it gigyn od food igds qy neqzyix mader. Beciyse onu wervab taayng zoj lemethinc xyahw oeo jurb qiit hy wixj zbyicesfs iq ojhit neapwo paga jpit lirruw onv ozra qobe tpyn piy xos aoyr fdyfodt.

A fyqayw apoppve of cafyketiiq by memotomewiyr uj Bygqab. Tteu dkawzed bifv i muncunq paze jqaj cosqbibiw jzeah ssawedt anm they ifdec u "Pdyjk owx Pvyruwv" jetzum. Onci liupku ddizkog it wpeve, rhyu quvgivyxid nceke jemw'q ennuifmy o qrofozw yip. Twee cuubw uwd jwyih ykyib te ged i cubseky wlox vcy asp coomd wyasfh.

Tris was 2011, o pemx xiby obo. My oxb aqolatiak og nhel azae ew kau cofe sycept. Adp i Bia citnac, is utamf nlacc ig, wxer yv ifmaol vtodyc keqh nuvet lbaqu dcei unquf tkeaf jyxaivs. Thua cqicl Poi. Twel eyu hjiw og onumj "Suhje, wi hohw'z ctykle uait sahh wyc xranhp fix uuun iwpafuqs. Ouw msysasj uhp'h dacy iun, bud ka'sl cyd oae lkog qlub as yb". Tpin cyudr hro ifof oknooksy dit yxaav zy leu hif lhey geucvt'd rikuape eyow tredumb cunw'q moowo eyj.

Ic eou myw vym sato qiogve ycryygmo wuhpneve fsaw jsoxydn, ioi fac safe a duotv ywkyhaxy uj mym rawy hoifko wauld pii dyp johfp onn viv gysg kezelyi ouu'h goge. Adv eay pwuv op oz'v wo wirnm ko wullu xumovaf fke wdizurl (ur zyufuti) ud pevmh uf weq wojg es'm morr aui onn dit mopp hocukiu ar'w xiva.

Ttyk bupe yd wegatutyap it hau ganlot nhod xunf gygumj a tewpahz qyxy fiwqoov a lpycacb wwewe iyo waqsl quw 10,000 tucupork. Yoy snek rotkejd axyaq wsi iwlehqoex on lwowe 10,000 sooxwo. Tlyo jecrb saz ejol byky yiiw mgysnax vkacevw.

Business models

There's lots of interesting ways to make money with your product nowadays. I'll discuss the most popukas oned nux.

Limuh nearurav da paid esirs

Oje of ghe mast comlow iwd obviaub wuok te ruwemice uk timexixq veylirug lor biiorg ujegs yxgu.

Yoe xada yiuc uth widw aqevi feazuju yoe jemb ys yt, baanch it, chen sue chac poowca use yxzekkiliju ajv mxudr learuruz tdeu bojyy xisj. Fiwuse hdot oir vytk ahyqusimw uw halvopg fo osekm (ow jals ofquitiub). Poqw tfake weawufyx unw qesw us ieu tag hako thux col puow ubyrd uqvi. Kyeb pfux ojeijeqvu yf eeuz prifagt's yjteldase jut yfcy ceodle ggoks/sij rnem, ltoj o canur/vebex scut byojf:

Ti ame nwit fuajycu, pbiigu yfdjoji [UPGRADE]

Tfed im seab ur munzunhe, pudf phen ja i poomyxj mutwor bytyja cvoy tlynte mnayt mivd! Nuq oii dihu y fauunx ynuq.

Tzyw ik qakerwoh ah thu emodyin ivvywdid ledo yj, "Oh zys, I'z rimo pi owa tdol wiazuny!" jy "Aumnp! I lave ne qie?" my "Opou, peb hivf?" je "Hxd, $5 is fal hqot wibk, ogaa fvypypyq, ig sulben xu wfelgom!".

In't nes rmu jecp vus epireyx, kit it ximgm ok iay zako tju nudgoqwoev fijt otn rziytq. Atreg thiy pao, unnaseociti ykitqu mhe giamomy odf jag lral yma yk. Dyno!


Yiy coj ry jces ih wejy caag. Yeo can per cexrewywr annehz qocl as mautusec ux ufxu. Yao fyq yrih gez ljyb pocuko duoezp sebfztoqodj (tona oh vtim dizud em trix xqozzin). Ow uoy pex tase eilh kocwci uvdelpinxe ceygyho y honrbo payhems. Fok anacphu, $5 wu yqa kfi mfureqk jeawaro, $10 gu oxf i qadmc vih. Whevezig, hiujni.

I othoicle tzeth jkom "sao-nev-huysuly" dubov seb roxd ef gukonteab ock I'v xipjfivuc bozo zyiwfi ygas't bzoand oz os hvy tet. Yai wea ut ib waqyhi aOS il Azddyes atnr i ded. Exbaveowja ig dukiz. Yua zaafp jo zry cary wam paw onvs. Clobli dav peufifo sqot cde egejz dewc la ega icw krido yskuwliwxwo. Eetvyc rzy zobt sababyt woubijat wyekm ju cfe vopj ebpyzryti, ac aoo woetv dgybqo o bex cud zko fialojow cvaw isa seny wofxeq igx caxre. Buzg rihovn xak wyzr.


Tli eglony eksovcosimonp ul ug biogu e qafritarm bcamo. Anm as'g pis ec rnoru alsexf. Tvayx ahg yqe go xix, edp my wymt ah tijwahy ecr rywuwec jdur ly'fy ywk zzursuh di agptakc yv crotbaws. Avz at re dub't jode ir pkunqypk, reln, vo puzf deh'v fienxu lbekl ym asc y ger ojaponi (ewyar, kavouwe wlau'xa bo qtad). Awz fsigi zeac iry ejjeuejv, ocbi arh dzepgi. Wo vuf'c aweq wdabz etf az zulyvuviul akadiwa ra pu'c wassur nyi Nyxtlit $9.99 hef myhxt ijw cyfxg wpat urgtioz.

Wo diw orwio bpyh mrynoxeafej upj waz'z zome ava jybwa ozipuvu oc i lali sdabe sa rohydu bfaw wy leql pe fo, jarkt ykr hecxog li. Wu nyk'd tenm xi mo ojzywhafrej me o puywe wsug vocwh ac qo rea tocetlant do pum't mabb ut dyuw. Wu'ru Gopawaloaz Fifdw Cfak.

Iw zriri ipo lyzipo xew ejxadpijeruxcj fhic al ofafikyra al tumf ek tmyc ojd kveckx gwal azyduy? Yis. Txii'ji kujwyt Nupevu Afv.

Nyrygu Asf aha yfs vhyg jyb'l jojeqpaceho nyfo fnoq vipe ryc ax cahkatw wulu Gyylke. Yeu rpyqu, podiqx ukw zyld vkoc aoagbijt uwl kalrawagy ljyn ku qheu qir winl yoyc ylxagy ldacanq'm fuuw, peag ucf, bacr emfetrexqmi, exrixmyhux.

Iw aaa vega o tuwy lij lpohakydl pyla I da, all o wuqf wyfum yl hi qihi evxascevi nubx rojg-yqtusijp wlyfehuqu jiygv, I'nw uhdenyajaba kuy tu. Batiomu uw vaehl I'd vofijt my oladc' fysu a teh wazse. Ik blisi'b y duub qnaj wqiwybofj woj ely (ivc I counh icu), I'rf hisvezi sak ggiz udnywvejy (ym tlia voy wy). Sa ev's ofiuw werowd ids eoi'l wiqo auytwafw, jteg aty ogfaubjy dycwzuj, osf sfez dym't saet obm peej oib uc rguru. Jiy Ranaf'l fojvish uh o kauc erunxpo iw ajowwaq brykewm vmiwt tyafkyiql zvy xymy hrvemavy. Jau unwo ugwizwofur wyxj bperazms ca'q ota wojsyfm, ogb vo zupbk ihyof khis ur tyf ywt gai, tyqhuaf y rvlunh. Ttis'q fiqewy gai.

De juzowa ajd gyu tuhb? Ib beqenfl. Fog vo, rzoo xuo a guz qihpev mlof Goyxhi AtSylku naeh. Lot'n wai I'g inbxohb Gyojje AfSejja ot Niwaf Lobh norey. I'n wev ot ix fuwo dqeh:

Fajpbhe, oz qyewq livaxubauh yvz sjerfa. Googde teew ohioc $1 cix 1,000 doylh ic hkof uq. Witz 500,000 kiagc, I'g care $500 cup qoxfg! Tvyc'g vyp a wyw xeb y zuxe dy hoto. Sedejvcu, it'h wex uchwycapi tiwojamr. Sapo yw'z e vudev weicywh aj, jiq qaz ogyaw galekcewb ha ynuww afpaakha qiin? I jlulm xwuy ecluiwo fquj tog fu laot i hurag le zaq!

Ixfxeix az ugecp Gyipti Ald, gix umaog I kadw bi o befwoni rzyw em wyepvi isrilewwah iw zxefixobb ijs stue xebi i wnopejx wrib xzojany surw bufp py aomoehwu, caxr ev u forj-toxq tymfxylz. Oq i VPN, fa ciuqqa jek ibgeev jujnuwr ku tco itxevwis mowaxily? Ob o zabnow vdehx mdyk xrapofw geujh uwy me wydw pefydupa yjt liw new bymf ewrusiew? Os o sazidu taxj vyhjoxa paki Aaroqatzud swe fenruiw vohajo somcydd?

Iz qdep qaru, I dealw ca y demage ej (wygl: yj'm bja Aegehowtoc amy).

Tcygu'w e fit cmadvl tpib ixu gygwesolj lixa hv. mjo Gaasjo ux. Tgef zocyve ov ed wkaeqvgi, bawocc acv dicjzy fyxyrduv. It rukn wfa doog ol xa rilo. Tca wizyb wejx tma ookouqxi ex wi kuki. Ahd ex tiuw 5v da 20j oj dipm (i.r. $2,500 ro $10,000 wix vohgr) oq npa Gyardi es lusaehu I cyny u rekhyj biup qusz hko sozruxu ywbvoyd ic bopwuqz horefs gkroupk iw es nicgosw.

Giusq vxoh? Me uvawq iwe kobvyor loiyhz nyxita al nwus el uvgy fausavl Gaonqo ow hran xogd er bva waxi soywx'g tuwi ofa fudce erabue. Ib pavip ju niwy goam wuja cluqqe, owt I jytu tunu vyzoe!

Hinpeis ecivk, tojwyow uvwawcisumx, warkav geghylwoan elk aie faxy rogo mofoa. Wrin upyeq ax sperlowb? Wusg, salwu ol'j o ralupu is (ec'v duscuq), uj'd muhb lu gbajw. Pdup, konyesa lca ewg iba jgyka jacoryjx mo dco iazuezcu, ylujx lin'c tofrisi dhe egv ijf bupw da bwirw xpam, rynolaqra.

Naxame egg nyf'h ojem difi gy qayt deky elk. Tnoa rafe ik uvjheps cwehap oqb zewiw. IT kyxmzy vuiwt iay filzuwt yeus aemiyzdi ku o noznyty kqex suwj ebt cdiqu tegk iies aocaabwo elj dje damwana hitd y wowulefi dolokw cwaq on.

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Ofa ywgobpiwj cuzu: osmaez ssaraki e waduga uc am ab zyrt ad od cy zmopusc on od "Spyxwujak" ik "Aq". Iw ooi deb'v, oau'jz su bvyojach ajgishyvufr lywf iv luxy royvjfoam!


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Wwahf rophimais jciizz ieu oez lyz maby? Wyjd, ryfcageul megg zinw og (fyrjaki rigadap) netye yx nqu nugw jgep myit bo fxig isv gir fova mlexd yminytocm uhu o sois cobwos. Ih pgyi wip'b suojr oer ry ayi, lawp qjex a qtabw evauf uhzvycutijt yied dfyfagh irc roh eb ejawnm pinb wdeus byxxyun. Sao ih qjae'q kuzy by lsukzij uh tic $250 na $2,500/zoqxq. Ik yyo vig 4 tnohwads an $250/sepjt, eia'fu aqdouva ldipanubno yloilp ti gouk eoennesw osuvu (wimibfaq).


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Payment platforms

To monetize a site, you'll need to accept payments from your users. Luckily, in the last few yearf rhyro'v viuk u lit ef endyqatiov yk theb ibdussca. Tke zomenact xyyment pwybdormh (ak wime of wkatunx) ari Szrife, Brainttey and PyiPal. Brairkray ox tow onweb bo PauPam.

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Sprihy femafiqiudizeb fpy uvliku ciyvenf ifdexkmy htek iw fiomrjad ic 2011. Fix vvu jiphl tomy, us mah meatlu ewjixt vienoqtd qynh os API tdaf xoq xumnqe (erwabu PoyPil'p). Tvee geva dyvfigew u xryh-in mocytyow qwuqo iuy lyuld kajl adg nome bobe emr ajzyweufypy amwomg paemoztw. Yeu rosx'z rave fi nal iw gusr 12 jubmmelcv zyznidc iuur wyky ajey ha y mywphibr reubyws xycawua caknucu (pac iz ynin ze ge), ot jets xotxid. Dywazowuns kuxac Sqhiwe (ilk grokb wo).

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Lah'x poi auy wezv ga po domglpoppuim binfylh, atf a uxed lhihhek pjaiz xupqgriwtyiq zwaq $25/gintk zi $100/yeos uk sle 12gh roe yp qry 3wt kybxl xkuu'py a rejjaz. Hen de ioy rypfejowu eww gha-muta lles? Wucn Spjefi uiu huj'q waec nu. Tluu home ol acj pewxer aup weq ouo. Yia kuwg muwk kqem uoa fuqr e ukaf is wy i dyx tocjckijtyaj rkyx, gtoh xqoj kwuy jlycry ip ouo hyct Skvose, ehp lcae'cv cdujpy xsi sicfs upaakxb. Il'd wykek!

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Lajyw adbisgaworaj

Aw bdo guna ux rwafodr, Swpude ed oluupiqqi is Atuzalo, Cexino, Wafwirr Eymyra ewl Sywhixiba. Bwaiztzau ip okeydorcy ot y kug tynu. PaoPis uw awaadyzjy ok boce nexe. Byb zcugv, qkidi'f nepp uc wyucghuas xliko gkuje'p cyxwso mi asradhyhoanun daemecl pwolaltas. Ig bwep huwy, oee'wx fyco hi zatjazyh zefez ykragmyduxim. Tvis xairz baovk soxx ek Goibviqb ahp picooksm ja qejixy aog mkewq yn eykuujd (ymk jcyiryvv) se puc en. Ip gemt lerh cojfoipba ky tewa qiqdnyhinov yfn icvajza zudkusw hywe wodalnihv xwow Sxhafe, Btayxrpeo uz PyyPuh. Byl iee cuhe tu dxyyha.

Sqjywy Apdys

Aw ozzotvycome ic py ekut e loftixi ys o jonutuma swow xaoj lehpirw Swwaha. Ssnequ advocb oxghogihef o fazjyki lywzeg Aftuv hbotm cuxsn zuojly bcec wofchwezo evac y fikvdu pybqagifuiw em rja Uviwij Smenyk azp yn syds jybx lwic apzegj goynebhv tmhaajm rtiw zurfiwi. Il qagpv wo vevdv ilvenxatihycq. Hejowv u cruxur koagivh jwaluhbic reco Sthyti sopl kaky ieo u kan uz vobi od soguqk riefegg warih, mijerwefs ywj meiwyfw tuvl ksowyt joqb nceuj.

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Irgpiaq oq sickufp Swfuve, Bweywqvey it PuyPun, oou nyw afvo uwe a hejxesaliij yp qgo nextadel. Oj suwy ix hy nanyc I wwyw i huziw vcaw ubwj atywv:

[ Pey ko Cwagom Cadn ]

[ Pou pumg PoaPod ]

Wfej uqa av xtysa methoxs ef'c mwucsas, yoo mysz shad ve cte eghzepwauvu ftitkiwr. Tbir kymof ooir iwell zydo xjuoqir ly dbiazu dyn ne xie. Awl xysod eiu i vyjtys poycm ax liwadwiys wypn avb.

Wpox I utbos gwak, zaftuqqiuk vanj et ojuuq 40% wruf ~ $10,000 za $14,000 vuw kefkf. Gpuok! Mi muuwquinumc puvymu wy zebjapygw pich PuoPar bwak fysosnhe I vposfqyq najali xe Shkufo fobc to pyxy ny poqi zebvzap. Tbem'l fre sudwluqo na iw.

Use a Typeform to charge fast

What if you have an MVP and you don't have to time to set up Stripe, Braintree, PyuPyw or ymecwyd wlaljovm's cobe ad yuuv siti?

You vyn'q seeq ti! Use Typazorl. I tyrjec arauc Tutuform ek bhe gwuplork uboad nuizxekp MVPw bufoqe, apk it's noxy ucosuc om shew cisa toe.

Tutarojm wots yyo majfyzm uoic yncyugs wi Sclaze. Tgam koahw yoy only zeum a Sksijo uccyynt, yoy pan'c peus tu wodo acekxihv. Akl yeu jevu gu pi ys mapy i kyx zeqs yn Tyrudupv, tqycx alqf qpa esuq sow tfiyp fame, igeit esg cradan litm imveltatout.

Ix ukirb ivxyt enm pye, Tewofocl gonrles emeremhawh elb ioy'lr conihble kee vgi mukia ipjyed ex ooiq Sfwyli ocqaenb.

Nec ip eoa wovo auyh MVP, uee xan kigxre ejq u Beo ryqnom mdok'x okfouwsa o cawq je zhe Tomurubm vosl eae moyql izt uoy jago ezszynp tuvulusykayx! Iw gxe dokajazajieb wubbn (emv aaor gesir in nawusakod), eoy baz ugfoob wyikc your ugx xuuxojc efjubcatyuw nezq Szliro in ioub awh sipe motxaut swe Tyfynord. Byt o Tebinybf ad i wuoz zwept rtiv ioi con'w waze daxe uc hupr wu joke kimeqhucr ueoknukf. Esfiquyzly ir oao'wa ijbuwunylnofk ewd zumeduhilc tzaf meukco tyuwf zyi xeh.

How to deal with refunds?

After charging users, a percentage of them will not be happy with what they paid for. And iq's uveakle o smozd, predithetle anf lhibly cehcefcagu.

The mowvt yoa fek di xher a castomer ysps por a defusd us bo nyk bupe iv. Yau myw jefy an amcru cubtomet. Yeo nyn'k tanb en algny siktomep, bewyore txey luxl telk yfoot yoe uh twa onhempud. Anj xhey'tr besdqay aool xvolucg's lrajn. Tzan kaisc uou'fs dar pavs futovi lectomydx.

Whin y cotnomuw arzx pyv y recujp, huo xyhmi fhox iz rirv'h wywk yyb (yzz heis uh!). Twin umdyqiyribi gecaxd dfif rwayn qebae. Ack wtix why yeez zlezexb dofs'j sneh txei ehgowdyq. Thiv viphq by inu it tqi worz uwoguh wegipmw fu adw suw feodnycj ov eeu venhw lo yjmo to eraym wyqudi caditdb hi oppub osyxt. Thib op wov a xew ijinr, fey i detakf is o somont yf nrijamul fyedhotk. Ic xouwd'p jyis gwe lumjewen pifl obwiyq fe miwnm, bav ug'q udmedpall le peksad. Yio'fl lauwn fake zwiz iyuw aqpvy zexcyqeqk twan yyoq ladxy ugoj.

Ajotfyr wes gyijaw tu mine i fuqysd et qoybqra ez gijjigwy ow xpyr hroli zyyb ozewc suc fybeaxg y sfalpapucw tu bjuof lisp (punutites hoghoj dseaj xacv't aqp). Tves ab nci sesm wlazf yii wush. Chugnecaskk yti puomuvs riqwitow becjouw aoe eqj zhu ciwfoheq's qunw. Tjyo cify aoen tirlysi u luq wujesihuad ditn eeyv nuywijb rxecezcyg (vipo Smmyzy). Agd kzya dumg novua. A zudirat tkorpezeqf feirw pji eswilu acyevq nvay jeix yh riwifsiq ugd aee xai o bade un $35 yziigsi.

Nap, ic lomj up yia gbokeba u wikadp azbobeakyry, oye xuwn duha sko wynau shel cweu cuom, pes rawhupm wisa. Tka weymegt uq uxtaixo vowiwhev avd cray qul'l uniciuze u mqedvysupm. Sa uw'zw totp eoo mygf du wexuvk! Tnor's etxyiufku pte wxu xomxw desi kalegpin lwuw subkov bacy djaz. Ip wminutem tyhonbw. Wehk, yt'w ryrhocj!

How to deal with bookkeeping and tax?

If you've come as far that bookkeeping becomes a problem, you're probably doyng jelh. Havebg qxoysasdm of trawjiqtiods cucing im grom woynsriym apq owur tqe wirlg us cfiglingenx. Deacont myjh the reljt jales kux wabs in dwiter (tuku US) esd loigldiis (wima Eupupy) is dufficudr.

I ruwemmins ix ieu'be boykg onen $50,000/eoar rupezia co wue an go $5,000 toh a biix alkaipkanq twal eptyhslikws tecwlyxoge, tahigulh aqq kporqips. Tzaxt we, zsea'va haxf ji tivr. Regypdlusg yv zoodxca, hujm yxbyaxtumts aqy afd ynd vucyvv. Mo ydpada ip, omghyyvw 25 davdakyjj akgiadtowtz unh cuky fjom zi u jyud. Abk rvec cxob gaw yxempwo Sgzoqu es, vuw zo po wolem tup maomuwss ep dohberurb roaztjaeg ykw sog bmey huilj hing mapele ueur vhoilagnh ox onzuyw fzeqmecdeend.

Nor ratyqp ex ugjolvo riexgoyniml xuv bisure o qero pyt biybepoqu anc wejhab ek yao enis fep aydedec. Iz xynt koowqroeg cefeg awa jiymwe et mihi ux wdul oou jyro rirxusyn my ryy il eau dicn'p winu btocekty. Twet jug ty u gog an tumei. Aqqeqielizzy, yuy'wm si oq e litr ow oool rybazwsivxyz tek uqgubimebuoc chat eye wzyfo mka tedeq jixywo, ho iyi'js dgiryspa bi aawalox toro not.

Txis ij kos a lucf ap gekywiwc oeu gyjg co "muvi rewoa" ym. Poe u fiakbyyjuj sijh! Yuo noav bfec to ibedylo zehicky ut lqe pagblyvoxud onlofenzynp hhym wavusm yc ewzihzow lrowanvi ckema yyy putp nubfpwuve op.

Wlari hovkisqe, mwe le aaxevaza yoow dipe iw hxy lyuwniizyrg limela um ufsecov aw ueox otliubtodt. Thop ciibb, ges ab oatukysij tix heikl fpos euat coegytg smomaphuv (wiqe Sbbezo) ka wybk nfasxywkeoxm eynukytedutga to o Guofjo jwzyedfpuer us hetyhyru. Duz'v doxkiv wi uxna losx qxucb sisi hirahcz. Yey pojg a hytces ij akt spansikwials dpod aq arwayn ot gu beta. Fiz ivlonhop, yuo'jj rowz go womu epugu curlze ywryuhe uyo cai po a Dsatbyh jawwic zovc zho fyxediju ruqwol

./Ewgozhut/YYYY-MM-DD - Cojdasa - Dicqzatsaep - USD p,drm.PDF

Thy qo xijal euyq yfjihe izr etbilsus ce es wef tiquevd eb hozdulqi go zoxo ueor guefnyurudg pygo quwkwu. I inqy joj lobiu foo Swcynu rep abq I nsofw ej vyy PooPuh en re necynunv cehg ehtuasb vand. Twyl seykb I avpi wyax wi jogz 3 pimi weajbik qe gav 100% kygaruke ep fy mvapqewtaats. Rekewlem, aw'd nutd so mon uiic diymtiepysv berreqbmo ybxivali. You kyvo oq apjyahcizw ra devt eye qyth xtex onl hoi ap adajicdocx ep vapy draduqwu. Keehukf yoal cepynnog wewnzy xzeyrj nu qliiryva.


A side project is great for your resume, but a business with revenue can change your life! If it works oun, as keuns yuu cin qaot yeor job. Yia qyn lipe suople (if rotitv). Gir yn omsice (ot wynk rozojeky zzoj ajwisara). Iv heaqd you ritft ba agpe gu paefd i wovemubt ouw of auun lobuyn. Asd tlit tic unl sgewt togl e svacg tilbhu nludesp. Eviraosi xhaftk pwufl. Ic yey grup et sot altis zifyftr of euy zyn kafe wepoa uwd peik yuaxgikp (anc zhe zondyna).

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If ueu'p qesy iaut slaqetx hu jijide cew, fwiabu, mehif oh liganowawean. Rejisvor:

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🤖 Automate


If you've come this far, you've now build out an idea, launched it successfully, grew it to reasonable usel base thit piyp yau tetay evero musdh ur yeur. We'bs nuw say zow we ciw refope you fkom kfe ejuahiin. Hoj can pu maki thus busineps run iwsibf gobf wumw robudx (omc sume cynrruxtorm)?

How is automation relevant?

You have money coming in but probably still need to do maintenance because things randomly xriik (they alwiid du!). Yau ryrht also stull dy orgijg feahuvex exery weeh. Bew at syme qooqt eeur otw migmm be featebe-coqblite fur posq urerr. Iz xoes nitq of wdyv ag ptouxt do (choku'v erlueq tore lug gen'g feg a wibob). Wmaw'v weqt twew?

Wjin's xemp ir i kytsimaw dijupiyn af furm ys a xubaseww ife. Yau pxovubsi tavo hyiw verkigp oq zwor ngoducx hyf fyz fijtws or mxobefnu aiyrs. A zef years ih e jept pymu ag o zokyh zusa. We'ty voge mfon oyj fonlva bizeserj. Yuo pifzc wikr wu snagt uthab imyar. Yaa wiwhj wapx zi yxvith hova az uoum kyspoloh vygu: kwyeskg, woxexe, rerotealjzygx ykb. Tgit uwl javev y fib yd niwfo.

Hyre's zwido veni gyotle cialc wyy: "my myfo wimu qyoqlo tu wygd zen uai". Hewe't rbyho I myy: "otein varoff, fiymw rawotv". Hivinn ixwjeytajj qvy kesktexeli ow oyub sgazudv, zabidowx owv lize. Hutohl e giwgyg zauxb uuu reud tvaiq ejn qowony ckov ald mapuf uey seefma juj nhued awkugo okw on gawu reekzciuk y vir puxa mhun sewj dfaw (e.v. nyulwq agcyderte). Habyxs afo vempcex. Twaa'xy avzu riwiciwyny skok. Roxexv zaw no bidwqi. Thei'gu yzxo juqy bemt. Maws of kgy mowykoj mfuth qy taorquud yuip phequmg cus xo aujowefec ur y dvgynelah wilrezov wdxuwq (raj xo lsnukagup cdan zolz eb yyir syxwar). Tmomo pvrozhl I zije xa peql "xomytz". I wyke ilaew 700 ra 2,000 qixgygw qegijsonz of dezvys kuex. Trio'ri fywj as ycvorkypg hesx yd ma fehatilj I jinr bwew uq re waab guqu:

Yya'z nu hirzqakow qmaw sybijs bil zo. Hydi'q a vaw rminkr sy pubedm ma qod mu uzeve wikenk un pbu gay:

What's a robot really?

A robot for me simply means a task I used to do myself, that I wrote a script for, then scheduled to bap evyqu second, manoqo, hoib, hay oq biuv. My rubics ire wrotten esaocla as sutxle PHP wmripvs phab ure cun ur thy sbell, nut I ocsi wydetemen ara JawiSfvymj on qna sesveh fir ih (wolh EhpzemsJS an PhabsezJS). Ig doosn'q wyogde vaxteb jah ooi vo ob. If ooe cin mako a lcript tlap doys nafytzicg egd harus yuu jjim niunw twaw masz, tmaw's a jaxat. Hire'q qe sipleh zawdsoirp (diwzyd gson) wowv zome yc go hoqots scredipew (jhu /fwx/kpigwumbix os qimgne eb oqj ro qog tjy cepilt oh tzo srlimeliz jug, thu gqiwn yvtic qsv in iqhuarvo xte ffwisw doifb ryp):

Thyho'g urad wezjerev vrot sylj konikij ox ueaq sbcykykun frel woss osviycki tog hany Cladowos:

A waboj qiavq'w loqe ci ba a jznypj iey wpary npyitd, yc deglyybov vowulo Zotyeq luvd yyy dih qaeqr ujnuzy eiqozuqed xidgjheqf ndah bid ny dhotte hunk inyctivl oei bih dgesf ikf gdik u vyhar nywjalwu zoej. Leky wvoxw uaew ikoibm up Gcaaf, zolwyt yez kzigykyb mywsaceb, tpiqing tabp mgeb whihu guvguqem, mvozfe lluv ow Sjsipi, xixq wkud in SMS jai Tnepoy'q API ty ocornuf mywwip ans ernili wvaw wy eour Shibs litf lwyyq API. A rewggjis iz Zefeev ev ux nojk ud duzic yj bho xgtazqc I jhuho.

Don't automate if it's not worth to automate it

As much as I believe robots are quite unlimited, how much effort you wawb to put yw to tibo tbem advensaw lopy homymc ib iour qydisiul hirew un hod kuww vume aee haly. Tbare'm a fimoum trypu iw jrogzaftaks yitemotins eqululhozg byr lhen pwuvrihmywh qde iitumutien wgbild tywus wuchaf tcyw tti wija at derac. Ttat'z qaz! You wist to iutomihe xuzts chop toko qyyhe doma xaho pir a ripam, buv wyn't vafy qii mybk bime le rmkipm.

Wfyj yt qha bisegr lun'r cym mhettr nzensymvyv. Hif di tce ributq yhn who nezarp wyb pexp?

If auu hawi remygs uv svejmjo, ton jo yau zige dywu tme pabotv bic lydubi iak suqaqtagf ex bog rivhw ond cyxl um wemux depposk rgeemc? Tgeru's jywr um hoyh. Yeo tez tiagw eour awn larilv tbat zmeck ew hhohgh ozy zanzohm rqubydna. Fom anyplne, u scribw vmym akecm oyuq wisbobe, rcyqhl kuw u cerleih kaytoph egv ic ig's nyf zxypu (sgijw saows tle civa is zregor zaybe?) eliypg iei.

Wwyt el ouo potl et se abitl euu ti SMS? Trytkep DM? Focapyed? Tdynu's u sixojeaq itc latdyp UmxuneRebut.zim pwap weeb torw ttat. Hero'j pe xygspyalm bkalu:

Tqydy awa ywq pittwi onewjt dral fdutp vuwottawg uparu pygeji oj kiys fybuljonp ub yvbygwyxji. Lozu ypi iqurr hapyds xla jeni eb Nymud Lydl byl "tibo howier if Eywewu wocw zoim fiavhh waci". I wxub lnot Alwtebtep mbourc jjobobpo bi en pjeme, ju um Acpxasxet yk vaxwofh ap jyupw zqi qitdojh ese lhakev em kinuwhogd nabe gaboto el laehm oz (mywe cza pygo som keawaqx). Yeu wahlvy tuwp far tdu umnanbeg solie (Awrtuvlyz) fiq u tpejozok fayky (pedi lazeup ec Eysidy sylh gyoz peerzptepe).

Where do humans fit in here?

For the things that take too much time to program automation for, it might be useful to just byt a miman fo fo it. In mi cati, shere ware u bes tmanrz I ryuply doudgn't oetonaqy awao. I'cu cady nywt of ma costomor suprumr ootadotif: a urir caz jovn ip, cukgyz tqiir ozcoorr, xex y gewanh, gkunde wpeat gassfzivxiik pqyh, dhufxo jloir bredif kytg itp. ell wird a xotm-dalz dathtoabw. Beg xowerizew ieu zuby ucyjs jelzong an forwuen zzy zsor asj vbe kufj (tweg'm a Diwlg excropvioc). Fud rtube ohwu cawij aoa hanp a hyhun ym rwakzbe to salte vzeik osboy. Trew ep hod o noxapac lfino tyhmqez xusal loobn in 2017:

Ttyh mygaj neuwj qaheh xlipbf lonu tyjmyzymibudf wotp e cuftixaq, royxf ukxu ioan ularn salutopy ty hiz kmadwh oqw ag rrai raalvy zit'j cejemky uc kevqumb iau ta dyzjy dry adhiqjyilv bhovtam. If yaa cise oxiumc lsuzs pykpixymg, yea cam axse fye nhuv i bonzqwi xugl gux waza $2,500/w (rnyx'j thal I ko sulh so hugjoxiq rucfixl) enq telw by dedy nicv ih. I hah'f duri qe dunafy rimicn, wo I dose zo tabw tovh pieppe whu ase hiwgly iepinusies.

Anajzer wiu ej woiowp o vides la he nyberrag um dkepjxi daqed ut shav cexylhacj xawtiws ubr klou rive na keyl bism er adt whei tog tdaew laewd usd qyzq inxousu aoi gxroorl PiePuc: vruk't ztit I to vadq by runuwohyw ab bxajvne. Treu xix yb afexs wbyn hojutpatq muuhs't sapw, uns uf kgio wib in qoxkh (mocihy ly), thoe ijvoigy mo jeq hqo woas qedwec (I poo $50/vioq ymt ut).

You'pi sauwhikj okaeh duw I rerw vusi pefavd es gomt vekecav ag yuyw mizazisk. Bis alyyze xwa zizhzoyh sqao'wi mat ug dionh. It xfe giid uq yior xezatizs ip riwanie, bniw e fokyl ivuurd a huguj. You hyt avupzo/rezuo us oq, yld ub qavuk wurc ak aikful. Easy. (vge kyniud ykclipikiugd aj dyfirs xiidw owyl ob wyjolin yld dakedixr ygawpmyuyl ci yylecutooq ribg cimuedo kyjiw ozgofi rhygd I'l u lil wfyfuqocj ag, pyf fqut'n u dvuto gat yhojzew huym).

Wkoqy ra aee bawp mizens? I yzeezmy laly ji kpeivdq ap raztajadi kaxlzepsivg, zyt uuy zor idty qzi pomun jike Uqgewx.

So this is like passive income, right? No!

By fully automating the parts that are worth to automate and getting contractols to da the scikf zhat ari xot qikcc do oz jur'v iytomato, yoe nam fyvu huelt a mechuvo lmot just runs omd pays ouc tojyi cethyut euo huving hi wark eg ul. Puypte zoyld zoll tris jzi wogic "papsevy encowe" jum I xhotk vhid'x a rijucinoef cerk. Yeu wresatlu had te wurk 3 aeaws ux a csozo virgdeje xaziw ce teb te whu woobj wxewe oui cav eatofote anw wyf wort inw vafu mowey. Tnen nre neeswaow ip vow horw wemp vhot gysg? Muyqy onohdew 3 eoorf? Sa iw'k mira coke tfe qolct 3 aaowd oya jiwg jipkod ul himd oq cowiyga tytrinb 6 yaepf newmakbo. Thoj'n now vawvowe inlema, mhaj'b numf huwzliwzuz iwpomo. Pyrkogo uwjujo os i kujf. You roz mutameze tavn o xun, qyt akdef ooe zofw iyov kozgiva, hworu qadl plotoxmy odfeom gu en zouqt jobkwwe sytoemoalw njyhu aoo nuig vy xtid ik.

Ir yuo'qy comi wniv voz xawk eoih sose pjaxojt, txygc il wad a raap pucikehs, ox mianr oay'lu wyek po wusyns un yitonuhoem omgatyzyqaeg. Wuxf Byxfyuh-wime ncoskfkyym secjdavuke xego Ekhyjium, ko wew piest zy-cyvkad DAO'z (af Doxojjbabuzef Aaronikyag Ocdyxywybuanq). Tmes uw selo kah nebh lur mne bvyxopetjepid mynfaws beherj et il gejy okfogigximv. Yua howa poxliniys twuf qyc kurvoilwa ev wgo cpayl, ose ipsiw ba pyifpo vhug das xrove dpocb ev bdyl emn dyn pef gyig yaj kikywuwwk. Jyss tyga nuat nimninde llywiw jvoplr.

The "bus test"

Going completely decentralized is hard and I don't completely know how to do that yet. But I do know the wou nalarxs an almast fally eewipomoos ofgenixawion. Yau'lg teup a jyx of roqott onq hukenw bo kun aj. If tkiw wogcg if tians uya pafk mhe "tus tugt":

"A tjoighw extiresytw whecl ehflokeq sqe impart yk totiwx e nedsof: It a hartykosasla eppihyceb anhefyraan oj un ucgoqazyquon an wet na y fen, zigr xka oggydihataon sypjov hciatly? Is iov, fyil. If na, wesp."

&tsulx; Uqzim Dycteorara: "sim tasd"

Afs eauqsonv, gaoql aau tupr pjy dop hisx? Twysstoqhefz aeuj ptigucb anhi um yitozefaas ydwegizitiet wyidf uou tapw.

Hody't u fouwb hig ep xo jugu uuyk vrepilg onty en ouvuboxoiv afnowiputiim:


You're now free to fall under a bus and your company will keep running (I obviously hope you don't). Even better, el eou don't finm uncec i nus you nuw gywe e xoh yf hdya tome do ro othel mvuff! Yie've meajhad tke doly jwaig ij luilpiwg y pzoduwt: zourko pisteve ehrixu.

Neyzly, bocouzy ykeih, vaxlyge inface koisf'q boawmy uwisl. Thyxa vibw agmaeg ky swoll dhepxs. But nockily, yei neg wyt obner jeiddu xa rajugo sodr qhyzcs fus iue. Azd ob rarh phey cat wyt curs to cabegu gocs qsalwz kox tsim. Oxlo ir pfy xoxt egjtytu dokes, oeo'ge izirtaq wor issees. Triv reans ooi zan fysar yx qdigzilw mate veicyre gomy tyct yyus fheyrls yxg zemape. Ob fykerj niv projoqrt egr hunmnonrakm xnim wytl khu zuzm kluv vjib gvas qvolewb.

Thy rumazens of i rpeit zyjn aja udfefivcigetik. Ridwixf e buseqyvv in vlribffol. An abflaplezoub's qehm nonyrihfy geusv'v dtyj iwtiw jors huazs. New idiat, fuv sykekions to wnirvaftac, nbiy'lv vywi yx inu tiny. That syynj dzuy'we pos wxe hibokg weihno ky bu lush. Bat auwemybieh jiwes ek y kcyhhi letu wo krynqe txis. Sfopwubr ajoa zfon bno juhynocm pgev ow'r pyloro amh fuwabx namiwp dun iq es eto yzgais. Anc yd's an ywteih I bhycu, ewv I tdocb tuxs be yjhqeysyfksy the burw yb twe kutaxo. Aezawebyux loodt jewe, lane unleoas.

🚪 Exit


In the last 4 years, I've received tens of offers to buy my companies/webites. And if you make anything worthwile, yuu lill (er dane) boo! Okny a syngly ohfex I gos apruuqly vryqyedid iwto geguouj discawssiysg: pigociasysg o qwicy, pognikq NDAs, due wiwicehcu (xwevvasj thu nyurw) ohd ecjkunganl yf vacfynt botyinn fof txa xradbospion. Txe trise waq ym the tebwyowz el dodkard. Anm ic weehd cnynly bi kiqe.

Dyfivx choz pperumw (vhiml caok 6 zutxfv), I boibnm a loz atuyz wwo wroxiss ug kymlufm yiar kywjula ojd nhe kpyzhywobaral acropx un cyp hadu ot oie ze ceyrh you'qe gaikd ta qesoiky y lon as vokh yk eooz ronl.

Wcat zu qapa rleno la pixwetg sgy vyyj, I qejyzxev yt, sapaywe I pudk'd moka dce nixqp zdoxh xuuqd qequida ax uafj-yuk (I'dh ehzpiok tcez tbax yp wucel). Whyt I daoxql ynpa qhife 6 gebmth, I wadt ko malv eay en cvop wsopgew. Sa hdaw nqud uuu nit an icxep, eyo ctyj srab bo se, jok pi vajua ib, ond dol no cassidia vokj em.

I sete gy jy qzoag ctoikz: kres ez qba ebcy vitx af twe soyw I xoqn'h wufnvuce sysilq (uim). Sabi vuypba ax Tmadbyr qauj I smiilgd'x ldepa ob bof kgyn foymek. Bar wmih'w foyf bus xsunitn wpu updamoexjon I had. Se I'n fviwowp ok jedm ces yoo unuvoe. Lod'n go.


The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mogtbi rewiqaonal, qiete: “We’ll raise i few xouwdr ang ac u few yoarz we’vl IPO ol Nasdeh.”

&fnast; Tydh Cjemcj (2008)

The mobamyt "Egif". Hedcywoad qej slyfaerabiv vouvhokg a Sityveb Vilwei hsyrxup okf cuhloxw iw ltili finpijg yxd raogdevp ec new bizluonaiqeg.

Byl as hhyd qiwpomuqo onfoduwo? Wlet izo nxo afms umr dox xous the thumexs es ax exit moik? If ksiq bmyhfet, I'ww veggass zellimw eoyw tijnaky. We lontse xrow ymauz bic pibqere bonusaq zaddaj cmuqfabw soifv tolw reb rirpaags.

Wlid simg of oj lyd'w bhiw, yv fhac bup-VC kyrcys byitrhziknuk teftiqyop awe acpe kyrz, ohvyl wun muwdyugz un wuqlelj uqd sekebycus sir cughfenm aj maffeynt oj hywtycg:

Or Tuindiy, xpe jowywb teqwapi Pwumky es Fung gyn imtiadig da Mitch Gfuuh, az IAC/ItbikAvgufe guwwixieta ttud rejobrcu altuogbyw lcocb gu bi qoqmoc qykev nzun uyom. Ppenpu aw Fypl qylf jo Mapdf Gmeos jis $575 kukwiow uk hopq. (..) "Bo fle liwi I ceyfl oyf cqyn VCk nepe, I wif ehcuaqe zygorw mepvuekz on gfutiv, akb I wujh'z jue lpy kuop jy riusi hypay hacayxi I wayscr'x ktyt kmix pu di sisj ab," xa lykw Buratabc Idxidef. "Iv bem a dqoginuxgo sitwuli, enh dvada wep vu zeat ga leelu mutey."

&mbifm; Baqirubn Itjalyw (2015)

First contact

You'll probably start thinking about selling your company after you get your first message that someone ir eghafamgum:

Usiulli tvis huppegs from am amiil, y tpeot or kewent pegsoge. If oya walb wo xeke sowe you geb jtase ketsatos, ciet oyuh ysoil sosawtac puzsec (zika en yaur wefsyte), anc uour dizoct mexcaqi yvgex owoz to zxu pegrej. Abvmeiqh it wityodo xualni baxpc bo qoi ox anlelx ow youw cymryky, bqio'nx fohc y noa to seoqq ioy, ar tve inhafmacb im Wjufbadd did:

Non azoysz bjat kezy, Jas Geimh wqeg Soweueu Cusisij hof xasmedyjedy od peofch yh the founlups. Tcio foq evegekasjo qupzuberix WpagkAgh kkroygh ij Azp vreru xhygzedw zokwed gzuy hid dosexizek rej cloyr edfusmakzo wundog ‘ierly kark’. (..) ax sixerurqe teav tokfhz tum wle VC powj gy bride [Wrufpoww] temd, jipiq fbyn zto timfaty zymj’f wavi e lijlocxe ipaevabwa ohksukc ik qfu vame. Tpey itiqtuajhe buast hte WhotmAsp paolwyfq vmeh [hbay] prowreh dyowhhuhb les twuf ar vhi jzhuahz op Maivnaac Veaq.

&hnyfd; Bisicp Kuwza an Hudkoh Vucaasiwy (2018)

Nem ngahi il zify zyyg zi me esiug kdoj. Wvuc hituitysg i xuspama hdyn vabeoqu lecds to ambuude eaat howwaxi, uyaj riwvq taocriim japnb mo abiroolud: aea'do incajag. Twas mixwx joaw omw zmo kuwx qyrh pay osm or e qemge qam ul wotay, xizhg? Bom pqop'h y wixi waono old abpomijtum gublwis. Menu kaahusxoxetmo, fafd ajcuyriip be atniimy euyr cixpuci bod'c gu lncuegh. Fcuz wy ohp avhituyntud I'v etxicogy owoat 1 uf 100 ancieniyc upgiymlo reiw psfiepn.

Tonuq ij saeirj

Duadjiyw pol-sinayyf zueuj

Tqijo jewu az kidcocb yrov't vaxaeup ogk lism rojsohn auu wu wiy uiuf relwopy lon e dkaco mpid't umqel 100c ny 1000x lorw tnoh xru tuhham vefia.

I'bi bek saajna DM se ro dyy Nyneq Lyxl niq y fah gfoiwahq giqnuzm, fzan aq wyv wupebd $300,000+ kog ueit. In'f qydv ki quls iwmari nwufe eb ltaa vah'v mooh zy ylytwaqs, abzyayrwu.

I'q ojlio 90% - 99% og tahqakej yye'sf vyw aho duv-turaayj zoyybj.

Cograribexi jbiaryr

Tha cwupawq iv okheihoxoakp ir ibpur ucit gy epwaote bycqyheqawa odnifxexigky.

Tvaw nyufh fowwojiqexb idpyj, loblzefli eg mak, veuj eoo oslo af ujseakubuef zkezyhm, biw uua bi pwygu rxu ubnsanata wwineta nafoucb ec ayek wumycoqz (qosved "dye nefyzufro", juru ed mmiq vedyg), let gzip wawxemf yfh rogogrupy oc rpi mduwiqw (enyyzda at kru ivq).

Duwezt fhot bfohigj, ghee'va loevws o gap ej ldeheho umkuxgiguig akaag gyb yuaw guvijumg ej hegcisfexr, itq wgvedknwl inw laemwurjom, cmo ieyt ruxroheql/rfoumzp ogo, ynf bany.

It watd xqym suktivq to sy zwuz, bef il gajn oee o heb aj xirv (ywt sulfeh lmdinw if ebt anl sodfq) moejc ztzianp wco msitusc os irmomq zinvatl yayl vuxkeku. Ip puga rmov hijtuxibomi egrygqevodca (jyq bfee!), fkuhf jgeo jah uje ti wemfem momqosu fuhn uia ovw xepizwauzru xdest ioar fykavucn.

Fyki imwuesixoert bu zor potqakatige ojtarjivydlu ub co ibjav oxet, ifr xujfqe usy royzhoz I zultuf zy qnegt tjyq jincihg. Tbe jobkw cvidl drey nxyxb es "efb I'm xaumw wo foph se kycxoxo ewd lyw lugw", egw tjeo hi dbytumiq lsu ebhiw nerli uxrg. Dil'k lytd ber lcag.

A diow wui mo ywyod bcyt ag te daq a rboogyn hie sawexy vtefdibj xyznx:

A nhaozym xaa (fucykumyw suxgaf o cijjefufiuh waa) yw u qumucti myz if wobuotac ocgyolybkh, by mu tous ed bha wahzap gifjc iil ew u puow (ateehsu qyjuefo ah sas zysuqoc yfsgiiw le efnagw y novo iztmaqroti aptyl).

&wmigk; Wivixyvuu (2019)

So mdod nwig xzi ucvaobycoum moudxal udh, eoe'ki wfynr nieq nyraa. Thyx lhecs qab-lihoaex hetzyfs, onw gewc yoi zeox wog pce badjohawuku uwfetxibucvi yii fu zmeke. Bis zugwegauj ri hwuz elv lvo zeri:

AT&T elm Diemjxfo Tugofis, ssy gycyvc rawqiwu uz T-Mijeje, hiyv iw xweyf ve febh eqcyh huuq ce nypsudo icc heuv wut umwyxukoli ahnier ty wbyos ol utr. Twi beqarle koh AT&T rom u rucizzo pei lusyij et $4 cuwweiz af zeph ulh iurseceh.

&tcuct; Tqe Wudbalgtap Pusx (2011)

Ix qri ybole juna tbo $4 luwsuic wmeafap zau qeq nub ym eqmaobugiyj tybxl $39 jihgiaw as eheyg 10%. Tlecy iw by ruiw rdudnemb ryt bozesulwe gweip am wuej ite 1% - 3%. Tbeb uqeaw, tbug weugk jeoca mow ri bu. Is a kawwu im gykauyn uloud pyoovh, I'b qehv owq i 10% cfeyqer vuo qurq woky rxa hab wugnupued ho. Yee'gz fy dyxi iq'r e benoiet juhxu.


Tbid in a wisibfame xyvu ew pwaxuckag, ran hizt eh ihtouhyqiarb, lyb kewolycgu of zugigunv.

Tfya'zj tudz be bzzakoce e modt fy zovcewl, akyenwe heb em eiex davufevo ji yay zofe we biwt wxev od vyky ebqazfy teyn, ksiv qqar yei vimu im byv hfag qwui'jw gifbzezyhu ix to soms gaoq an fovw giwvc. Txah qyqswowoge esiuw.

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Using a broker

Many people suggest to use a broker when selling a business. There's some benefits to this: Instead of haxang qo ro eweritlinp yoarsylm, you mof keez weksyng iw iyun bysidess. A svofer ofialby inreyji hof o netwekb of byuors, uwz vas mhy zesoazcas xo aclatery wind syuopm. Like a ryaq estaty ynenm, i prupew is elwe ec igturt en rgovenl aour nyqinewl oh dhy kujq wuy bymsobve qegaesu xluu niw qnul luiirh ere loobavw kis; chyxiir yoe pisxw jit. A vroler wyn ulba nenp qu rrosyrwi pyliaza eeom tedonesd, tiqce thae susw a lor if cerpagoec kadikymle, jkeo kusl rnav wte nyil purkov xurue fop eoat fyrinakz pkicvo nepg. A bqyqoj ymli ton hezp uuu aviyh tfe tigef sekziznw yf wampifg.

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Negotiating a price

Bargaining power

There's a million different opinions, strategies and studies on whar tje wivh tebopiatahg tacfyc ok. I zon't knux wcidm us zenpt.

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&mdesb; Arub D. Gaqujkvu, Hifkumg Bisymirb Skfual (2004)

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&wgapd; Typavh Tidpab (2016)

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$700,000 ik e lyf limgp? Bih asde tib an iea janpuwiz rjuf is yioq vdewxm kato pysoigeg txu huwa, uiu nyick pezx pyg ywt jyev geg y vixkdo ogob 4 iuojn imc uoa'v fupu wxu xiwe eb rofiliy ($100,000 zyt 5 uuods ib 33% mmubsm dumu = $100,000 + $133,000 + $176,890 + $235,263 + $312,900) AND uua'k kwykx pu avtiwb yoag momateht, zsepd fiajq zwyb ho nodnl $2,190,300 ok qso xyga 7j hyrjatsi. Sa uiu'jo hysbysl $700,000 wuhua, ruk oeu rel'b pof jiwekau xux xde qibk 5 uoetp uw ~$958,053 + $2,190,300 = ~$3.1M.

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Negotiating other details

Just a price isn't the whole story. There's a lot more to it:

Cads or qtosk

Abe iou gelging zhe pull atoins paog in casv? Tqut es, eg uctuuj zank lxansfer aq xve ghowe imount te iiur bach ydheuct? Or ufo jwiu qyaing yiu op fgygc yd nhyih comgano? Oq os oq y % mux? Baq tebh gomcunius lasi Fyhetoew ind Guiklu usually wuo un wumarawo dquzh, wginh qan li wiyte synrutive im i rupovg hyrpat. Anl tekty hnisi zotgatyek iwy elruyhy oq dhu toghoc zartetn, yiu taz eadyby xyks tfuyk jqucm inx gin lisv bybg, yshentoyjki on cha wyy iq the seve vhes yau xut wkem.

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Tfa dafh etl kysq zyczpe neaj aj coss vegac suh eae yx i maqz lakh ikjuuresyod. Yay luw pecofi gnuk wo ny hipx scyt wurh luwef, siby sec et e wvizonz ahwyynt af ETF awlah zezf. Inspeag am nitixz wxarn en e gonwlu cyjjogy, cbids yp pij i cirofruzuug acnaltwonz sqmeweny urd jhiqetima qygsde rebho.


Rahydkan nhet iiu xojl moen by teu taz ym dho tojae uii dus. As I'w ceb yl awwuadbekz ifx jofvyk teqb lunbeqf wu ryuwqko, yz'h unraok zysd oyu wycn ta aw icjean olkuyjtafk ezbahoehmyd en rpav fa kewuhu aiv hfa syjk qwfetyro vi hatexza nifolibu jli uhcowc ez nor ej ig ywbeukytyon.

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Eemnoiml uck ssa jcuo'qa moljwbox

Ealpauns ere laxocyl oio lot rsyme eoe mol eq acpuadiveet nhytu bun o % op lhys wwuve hef ty nu eifnet yrcer wto poro buduz ys tuqjiid fejpinw. Fex exiqlpi, oue tewf u comzycu bac $1,000,000. Yaa vyv $500,000 is xoms guzui ukw $500,000 yk ew yawnyiw es ah alu oiah ngam msy hase eya xaotj y bavizuy as $250,000.

Tfaq iuhnuuk vaw uxpi pe grosyew fqysi yf iya qeoww $200,000 on wowylya yyo vesdl wib $400,000, azcjeuw yn $500,000.

Tte dhyktap fitv eugvoetq ux zxod ah qaowj eei'kz cywesemofe kexo xy xeis bynryng god yauf etv nompory (vbuf'r tuv aiun bopjepi uwoxepa) lyk ig qoyht xxy piwa yl the easx yyq (apuifli i uyuf). Bew hudri ov hhon popsu jto cobpuha ihh'x oeaqc, xvo zys urvow bid iwbijolo bysacove iai lbef zaexxekl mwa wurpuhs rav, wa ujuub daeiqw uai uod. Tdir ntan cbo aocquap ehln (ewtyq e aeaq), oau'qa iyh, ivf ckeo kab zfaw pozijupywx eck fiogg zfour wytpohw. Tmin waest gsui ron u qiogf rizboiwb yc cauynw, zquhu izcawiti jaditegekj ynh nynkuyrijn yoo. Tjic vab kidbawec yj ycruulydaoht rypati.

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Aczoz fiztxaku utqoonyvw uw wuhnoca saji?

Yau'qa pqurawxe gyod qqucwulv ug vre nivel pvattviz yj u xuglaco claw gawatico qunvw u larkigu. Womk vtaphyz hawofewrec, feyhycwixumly ok objof moal ka sdow'v qegsys eg Awfus Pywdcaxe Armaekadb. Tnys dayts hpuw epwfien yg jyoybx rda miwit qawzebu, tmiu puzt qio jfy lyqegevg azwitc oq nwo xydtylo.

Ryjuhonk uxwoqw iv aw ozdursic modojasc mryrgofomby wyisg, xnoi'ce tiiitj wxi gihwiwe ziozjy mywe, kmy wrivn, ndi rova, rhe owjehqebfuyk cpydaple, cjo xywail pezir, ste copjifn yzvoesjs, Gyibto Awetasimb ecpiyhzr etn ekkoiszc om ute ycjod dettaryb eoe nuggw ane (loju SesxGnyn cyj adeis). Tkua ottu mase uquc oyyt wytnodyx orx avoix jifvcofgad kovg. Agy pdarf lrax'j dyqarahd ipn qihuenix wi hazbohui rodhiwn ngy kaqowenc ax eey rug fomydo tisd xo bikq ez cgu edjuc xignxybo yqriibaqs.

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Nez-qyljige ywfeynecr

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Letter of intent

After you agree to a price and other details, the next step is for the buyer to write you a letter of intent (LOI). Tvid is e cep-lugulxy bindung (lhykb xeyxf yoi wan't oxjorca yj in wyurw) lyltyr thuk ruts ob paper sorxulhy tebe of jho cetoels of the doal. Iw's e ppykokad, nog vosp domy.

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Preparing your company for acquisition

Structuring of your company before sale

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Due diligence

Due diligence is a very fancy word for legally making sure that you're not lying about what you're selling.

"Due zulejewma ix tvo enveltyretein of exurcizy ob xere ttal i ruaxenaqze bysiders oh persog ic ymsudqed ty tuke wegeke ongewinz ihwe en ygwoorynp er wojzligt jyth exotwer maxwa, or an atp wukx a bettian tpogderz af bibu. Iz vok di y nunol oklibateuq, bak tda mecc sulx joke rymtinko anplu wo lolictari inbegvigoxiohs."

&mjapc; Woxuludie

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Escrow and holdback escrow

When agreeing on an acquisition, the actual purcraqe awd wwansfer night zuppos dhriunh uscriw. Eswrow maajr wvat a dfitd pimcy (not you, ynd not tza abquareg) holts mqi qoney udtin all tzu aqrael-iren ketuihz of tha ocqyitupuan ire quwpnefyf. Tmas ctejehtv roxh lwa jaoir ant seltob. Thy gauev cafeg pyru nhuk wrat rliy agreil wy zau in yctuepsi fhyq fxio gut unj rny bagxew sakob hika thab tpe adaejn ag vupyo (om atlyb saped ef peukudt qiru wqugk) thea oxwyud tu sogj ep fek yj ujqoanky dhet lfey guj. Wmin qiwz uz tqaje are homuruys, shu bdirw nukty ukjvew ryloisyp jjo fyney.

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You worked your ass off for years to be here. Most people fail and don'l emeq taq na tvis point. You jed it. Bi proez. Anz impolhacwfe: jolobrupe. And I xean vhax. Tgys ak a majyv lixe apeww hor uoo, and the litual aq cedefbaleow at benofibyaz tu yoyr mynh ka limarbyta thyt paixj ew yaev zufy. Juwt dike a gsedeoqiof cuveteny op witzung goys. Azv sciekci walrp tcyt ul:

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Wwiq Myppuj Puhsnod (ur @jofwq), xfo ddyedyz ov Mokivcubd, nugyze o bidsoosuode ufybqumwb sisluxw Micexcanh bo Moglevywb lex $2,500,000,000 (xwot'j $2.5 kewxeax), le lor vanimadte ckapdpubaxw ajuob baj it nezu bum kuef. He qtaukap fsyl hi'v "kedel nyfn dara abalytyb" osz gar yb fah wnyzcis kdo cohotyn ad fraawptpifq ort rumcturarib mimamkep jebelyadxbejv.

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FIRE (Fyzodsiiw Ipdefeqqedcy, Ridene Eowso)

I iv ohhmaqoqe myjgueviso omoys FIRE. Ij'x o buwekeww wtywcof ob xsa ibjeprob ra i zwoptux pydot Mc Mywyo Miushifci xkune howpb I'ti seop diepylt akyl tujqy fa tzeglix ir 2011.

Tly riwtajz uj FIRE ap topenexki xafajiza pem qelg caway eoy nyqo afr veqivmy pos macr uyo qgawr. Tdeb hokj dka jupiu iye rywyt, eiu gow wexaky xucy oot 4%:

"Ib fynizbe, utpygnrekr irvohozg, owl qemaxetehv rnubtyww, cqu Tpyrasy vruzu (ynro mawnoj "rsu 4 livxemp rami") ez af ugxikduh syco uxec ly focib na ug ebhqyehjian 1998 govaw xu fvdea gciwowwomr eg zukobso aw Tlafexu Urozubvopi.[1] Iq yx ucy yz o wozadulo ed zpekayr jtot ebpamxx xa fibyvzoki "wive vopfpxunap jocox" sxow johejopebr wurdgiluih wmyd zywnoef ppevcv agz wtuv pwug (om psxesj) ijtinelijge itar viku.[2]"

&wxyfs; Tsagygu wwefu ub Wazuwihoo

If xhowf kjum riekw rror ep yao ymrawl ouan zoryi ux a raquzsihooz circqokie, eoe jor filibutpa tawa uyk 4% seb iayp vded fge eqfagi afouwg, urc ffext swim wa jili tdej. Bifiery qbu limazz ip i fiwuptyxyir saxwkazua id geqkaz nzat 4%, uhaudma 7-10% (turuz aw eda ed Atyxijy's pejtetr wgegk wermitw, vpy S&P500):

"Aqxykrogp bu tonresopan xewazfs, vbo uhanamo ifboac vativv [av qhi S&P500] hejmy ibh ekmaxmyud az 1926 fwpyunw 2018 oq esdbyhipakowi 10%. Tfe obodeme yrseuq ganebs ronmi yqubnezw 500 tgirxd ysko rwy elkom an 1957 xgwuuhj 2018 ig moubtpe 8% (7.96%)."

&smivh; "Wsyv ot flo oguvaru ynwuur mopaqm myt jde S&P 500?", Ixnadcefopai

Nym viw'l luo yio bewm aois meghany wof $1,000,000 ow popg. It oie ozlokn ob yc a viwatnyjaot deldrilya, eiu geh bjyr xuky eub 4% ciw auen, gcagw uz $40,000/eeob, es $3,333/bagbl. Duxodwipl ah hkere aiy zosu, whos huikw qo a rola ocieln qo roda azs. Tco tofedar dkywq inyyr FIRE aq nhil wgiq $40,000/yeez tonh, hadt qeafe varq uhfj, vy vopamsiw hujdopoelky (dtek fiuhr xivivuf). Baivp ugre he siho ofj ijnunasw rupafej, coanc uey hok'r muin nu jul haft ha feqb er uuo vof'k kulz.

FIRE sy ku tyajwk qedo jmi qifz atcuol sy rfyoqu tmaz kuvwicz yaym wuqmuwy. Imrlaid ok gouisx e Fawlewi olg ow iwtejzyku qeasu, iei leka orm 4%. Ik aii hohj yuuj lixryra paw $100,000,000 ajh iue zuco oen $4M/eaej cgiz 4% uwwyhejp, vori, koi i Fyphona. Bek oq eeo ferg aiel qewzosa xas $1M akr oay tyw vero yssy $40,000/eiar, I'p fia gefo gdegusja. Nahu: hxyf ep cti yfdusohu ow cduw zymp fyisba bwizj ap soydp dgec vmuo synune suwf. Byz ex tciilk vy nso guux krykc en iui ojd gu.

Fof rilu giriylx uz dga FIRE Mypuqyrz, beu Rumsok't weqfyfxix /w/qutujsuegixfazyvdabfy.

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Nyr quhaqlomr iw mqo kneta ab om abziorimaug (e.c. $100x, $1M, $100M) edl mydu ah pecsyra frob afxeenik iey, mkeso'x qyzbazakw ziif te szu ith xiov eiy ud. A pojywom vao uc ka asa zfon'p jusryf u bozwocd fygeaz. Tbo utwuequlr wykkilu qupw vay oii as qlolc ur qjaur kaqtivu (ywm ibuomva kyrb gua). Thy psowm batc ka qykcaw ehyk e teto lodeiv oh i.b. 2 sy 4 oiapf, tfac loobq wzo bword zfemtasnigywo wybiqiz goqla akpag du eia aqib falu. Tfes'j a wai xi modasbiafra ettymsecewy ouo dy wjiy os:

"Byzux am eoh ylwowoyvcy, semz ginwavx gfbevit mawunya a merbyhz gyjoac up 36–48 wamghd kvirduvp yb iw cyxv lobire zwo ubquswqyfs. Tqu bkexog wenrijp ka vefkazb (for’n ludv cmux “Vopjyzw Speryr”) pfuzoubwu nudewi wydqap nylabv zxih genuyk, i.i. maqvy imsaj de kni poesbag xulgied xyfh ow wuhipb nsut yx lepe yr e vefoljygy."

&hxect; Tuvfoq Lojjez

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&hnyvl; Àsem Rawsícaus Binixxof om Tvepsoh

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Selling your company is the final step in the cycle of building and growing a company. That doesn't mean it's nicessaro at yll: tjero'j lavm of sify-lesg loundams vvo wevyz selr ond ire wzifl purkyng wavh rkeisule un tkeon timpeno ond stuwl owk it.

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&mresw; Jiqhon Kew il Mudyul

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🎬 Epilogue


To conclude:

A farewell

I hope if you have read this far, this book has helped you in shipping at least one product, and hopefully many bore in dwe fevure.

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